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With-in the preceptor,perception. The periscope mind, one can render, Peri-copacetic comparison, equal to Peri.
2 days 16 hours ago
There is no freedom from it Even in white lilies and organ music
2 days 22 hours ago
You suffer the dark so you might provide light what you give, tenebrous monarch, to the creatures of the night
2 days 22 hours ago
Sitting here thinking  about the past regret for time mislaid   
3 days 7 hours ago
Chapter 9:  Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Friendship & Mentoring  
3 days 10 hours ago
Kwitnący rumianek, Fiołkowe pola pełne fioletu, Czerwień na ustach Twych Zanurzonych w głębi moich,
3 days 15 hours ago
stepping onto an elevator and hitting close time seems to pass slowly even if its story five 
3 days 22 hours ago
1,2,3 another day passes by quickly,  1,2,3 tomorrow is already almost here 
3 days 22 hours ago
Through the looking glass,  I can see the body,  Oh, it’s mine, is it?
3 days 22 hours ago
After all these years shall we meet under the sea of stars
3 days 22 hours ago