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‘Tis a tea carpet Stained in vermillion Furrow — layers upon rest
3 days 8 hours ago
Oh! brother — Laid upon sighs — It resides — The Selfsame sky! 
3 days 8 hours ago
For what I hold the knob! To what my gaze explores!  To whom I forgot to count — It must be who had flown. 
3 days 8 hours ago
So who “I” have been —  Whom do you know — How do “I” summon — None can ever sow!   
3 days 8 hours ago
Will it forever be this way?  Will rebels ever be able to —  If to mind — were play! 
3 days 8 hours ago
Death ever faithful in spite of the glee Holding our place
3 days 20 hours ago
Where fire’s rage no flame unfanned The cinch retightened no also ran
3 days 21 hours ago
You died half a year ago tonight and I had to say goodbye.It was six months ago when I watched you die.
3 days 23 hours ago
Disappear for a while and allow yourself to remember who you are,
4 days 16 min ago
You saw me You wanted me You searched for me You found me You loved me You mistreated me
4 days 1 hour ago