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My gender identity is not a cry for help.
1 day 19 hours ago
Clothes eat away at my skin.Clothes push and pull me in.My body is screaming at me no.But I just can’t let it go.The scars of your touch
1 day 19 hours ago
I feel strangely empty and have this feeling of my head about to burst, but I'll just keep up the facade that this has always been my lif
1 day 20 hours ago
A friend is like a flower, A rose to be exact, Or maybe like a brand new gate That never comes unlatched,
1 day 22 hours ago
speak less, listen more      say less, do more  worry less, work more      ride less, walk more
1 day 23 hours ago
I looked up and there you are The man who saw threw my smile and laughs at work You asked why I hide myself
2 days 1 hour ago
I see the color but don't hear the sound I feel the beat threw my body but yet no sound reaches my ears
2 days 1 hour ago
One day as I slept in my car before work You pulled up next to me And walked into my car I was taking a nap
2 days 1 hour ago
To yearn To see other people live there lives To see people exist in spring time To always be smiling
2 days 2 hours ago
Going threw a roller coaster of emotions Not wanting to look around Wanting to fix what I knew would be lost
2 days 2 hours ago