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I have been a plumber who ran around a kingdom bopping villains on their head, and defeated a fire breathing turtle no not gamera the oth
23 hours 15 min ago
In my mind I have never been a hero
23 hours 18 min ago
What has not been said?  Love? I love you. Truly, deeply, madly.   
23 hours 20 min ago
Knock knock. whose there? Your OCD coming back to make you think negatively again.  
23 hours 24 min ago
When i was younger i feared nothing.  
23 hours 26 min ago
Music has a way of speaking to us.
23 hours 28 min ago
A fist meets my face the clashing of bones makes a terrible sound, blood splatters all over the arena,  The crowd howls in delight, My bo
23 hours 35 min ago
What does it mean to live?
23 hours 39 min ago
I wrote this poem it’s about Surviving SA …: The lost girl….
1 day 6 hours ago
The wind drowns me I'm gasping for a breath of fresh air wheezing 
1 day 8 hours ago