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When I am feeling your loss I look for sunsets Not any sunsets, Just the ones with pink and purple
10 hours 15 min ago
11 hours 32 min ago
Money, girls/life.
13 hours 21 min ago
                       Isn’t it enough                The beauty of a sunrise or sunset,
13 hours 54 min ago
Nature made all colours, black and white too. black is the opposite of white; therefore both is good.
14 hours 33 min ago
i am a 10th grader my names lexi i am 16 i have lots of friends i am crazy    
16 hours 50 min ago
Never play checkers with the world playing chess   Complexity knighted --not more and not less  
17 hours 55 min ago
I make money that is not real.I love to make counterfeit bills.
18 hours 5 min ago
A wayward youth went slumming  In a dark, foreboding land, Where evil winked at passersby,
19 hours 34 min ago
Jeremiah 19:5 New English Translation
23 hours 13 min ago