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  The spiritual quest to explore, the theory of mind and its score. Parallels of circumstance,
1 hour 4 min ago
I looked through the glass Inside the lens of the world
5 hours 18 min ago
A call from Ray Never met the man before, well, maybe once long ago, a vision in my head.  
5 hours 30 min ago
Break Up's-
7 hours 38 min ago
Sometimes in life people just don't understand your passion of your dedication every moment is the dedication I'm always on this grind ne
13 hours 11 min ago
A marriage between God and creation: Intimacy, truly God’s plan.
18 hours 37 min ago
Peace and blessings 🙏🏾Mr MVP Show-Prayers up for Israel 🇮🇱 
19 hours 20 min ago
High School- 
20 hours 40 min ago
Why are prisoners not allowed to have sex with their mates of the opposite-sex?
21 hours 10 min ago
  Once in old Persia a Carpet maker, was known for his unique craft caretaker. Precisions in velvet landscape,
23 hours 31 min ago