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We say we say so much and we do so little just juicing people hears with the lies that
13 hours 8 min ago
Stressed, depressed,alone, Locked up in a room in an informal settlement
13 hours 35 min ago
I wish one day I would wake up when everyone is minding their own business, Being determined with profit not loss,
14 hours 35 min ago
What's happiness? Each of you will have your definition , your feeling and so on.....
16 hours 35 min ago
A Dark Love Affair
17 hours 1 min ago
A World in Chaos
17 hours 25 min ago
  Female entities that prey on emotional weak men, stealing their souls by lust, claiming semen.
19 hours 30 min ago
A smile is the most potent weapon you have That neutralizes even your harshest critics
20 hours 7 min ago
Windows up, as all airs out; Can't close the trap, for broken valves. But go ahead, press the cap.
20 hours 21 min ago
Rose from a grave, wrapped in sheets; White, like from days of summer’s heat. Burnt through the soul, as you can tell.
20 hours 32 min ago