Poetry Writing Tips

Words are weapons. Your words can change the way people look at the world and our guides will help you improve.

Good news: You already are!

It's one of the oldest holidays in the world — starting all the way back with the famously passionate Romans in 496 AD, when the Pope se

Power Poetry is the world's first and largest poetry community for teens — there are tens of thousands of poems in our community.

Writing about unhealthy relationships can be tough.

Everybody has characteristics about themselves that they feel insecure about (physical and/or emotional) and often find them difficult t

Can you remember the first time you were asked to write a poem for class?

Sometimes one of the most exciting and challenging things you can do as a writer is embody someone or something else in order to tell a

Public speaking can be intimidating, especially if you've never shared your personal work with an audience or at a particular venue.

Feminism can be defined as an advocacy for achieving an all-encompassing equality amongst genders.

"Language is social art" -Willard Van Orman Quine