Poems about Immigration

  Land To Land  I Flown To A Place Unknown A Place Of Blue Skies Of Many Lights
From day one, boys are taught to treat women with respect.
Red white and blue, oh my how I miss the real you.    These lands wail with the voices of our ancestors 
“Is everyone in the car a legal American citizen?” Passing, time passing Voices exchanging in the air passing
Oh say can’t you see Ms. Liberty? You should be bending down on your knees, bending over backwards,  
The wall is up. The barbed fence stands A barrier to the Promised Land. The guards do watch and seek a fight.
Why are we turning back? Was the scar from the trail of tears not deep enough?
Oh beautiful for spacious skies For those born in thee For any folk who now wander here
The land we live in is the “land of the free,” built on equality, a progressive mindset and a strong democracy but deep in this country l
Diversity is what makes america great Each culture threaded in the american fabric like clockwork