Poems about Immigration

The american dream, making the united states seem like paradise Some die trying to make their way to the united states
Hundred different footsteps echo in the streets Thunder! Lightning! Rain! all silenced by their heart beats
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Hand over heart, The other at his side Tightly clutching a small flag. Dreams dance above--
The time has come, time to say good bye. I'll be leaving sad.
It wasn't always like that, the place where i stayed that night,
i am the terrorist and the cowboy; the farmer and the capitalist. i am the fat man and the emaciated child.
So much hate No need to fear The color of skin They just don't understand We're all the same
A picture I took while in Canada, just thinking about how many people have come and went in this world.
This poem isn't made up to help others. It's from personal experience to help you all understand.