Poems about Immigration

I remember when my grandmother used to bathe me in her pink granite 90s bathtub
America, a country baptized in blood and built on the backs of those who wouldn't know the freedom she promised until far after her compl
Born and raised the American way, A proud patriot with no shame. The stars and stripes will never go away,
My hair is long I don't care I don't go to the assemblies  I'm not scared yea
America is the new China I was built up like The great wall of china I am strong, powerful, impenetrable,
Who is to say?Who is to blame?We are losing faithIn America the Great"Dude, America's so lame"
The Young Man
Hello, desperate, dirty immigrant!We regret to inform you that thisSuperpower Countryhas no space, nor resources to take you! However, le
I was told a story  about a man a man who we will call david. we will call him david because
  America The Great American the Great America the great