Poems about Immigration

Every single day without fail a voice would blare out the words to an anthem that we loyally repeated,
1992marks the yearmy grandmotherfinallymade it to the United States. 2017marks the year she becamea citizen. somewhere in betweenthose ye
I spoke to a woman about America The greatest country on earth (Or so I'd always been told).
O’America By: Anab Aden   O’ America, the land of the opportunities
America is a puzzle. The people are the pieces. Pieces that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
America- Land of the free And home of the brave But how free can you be
I breathe, I bleed but so does the rest of America. All of us bleeding red, all of us containing the same skeleton within.
The red white and blue Seem to mock the brown hues of our skin
From Healthcare to Crime Unemployment and homelessness Oh, America the greatest country
My parents marched to the land of the free in hopes of a better future for their children