Poems about Health

Some men are born with the heart of a tank, Some man achieve this as they rise through the rank,
  Streams of watermelon juice dampen my cheeks
the discomfort  my request to keep my youth must i be blessed? the intoxication drunk on sweat
I thought you loved me that we would finally get to know each other
Once upon a time, There lived a snobby princess The princess may have been beautiful On the outside,
Bricks are problems.
  A swan’s purity for his mother's health That is what the man had asked for But not any swan
One pill to be big, one pill to be small Another pill to feel absolutely nothing at all  
Rapunzel’s captor Kept her From joy From wonder From curiosity   Rapunzel’s captor
Boys and girls of every age Wouldn’t you like to read something strange? The tale that began with a rabbit hole