Poems about Health

When Auntie Mal passed, young Brian Rose tried to sleep forever. He lay in the gray bathtub 
Once upon a time Cinderella committed a crime. She worked so hard,and finally found her prince.
Why cry for help, when no one will listen? How do you fight, when the battle's within?
  Bound   Acts 10:38 
The echoing halls are ringing with the forgotten cries comming from a raw throat.
Little did you know I didn't sleep well last night, cause I told you it was fine. Truth be told,
I hear the piercing tick-tock. I stare at the clock. Thinking of nothing but the time
Bags under my eyes. Tired, so I look to the sky. I turn into the sun
I hated that I had given up on everything. Wasting everyone's time on me.
I walk through the norrow halls of my mind  what I see on the walls that creep to the floor if I can only reach the door