Poems about Health

Columbine, Parkland, Boston Races; So many lost, too many faces. How long must this last?
There are some things, people do, When they can only feel blue. They take the silver, make it rust,
I'm your pretty standard emo, I have cuts all down my arms. I wear all black a lot,
he says, "you wouldn't want to be in my head..."
Sometimes I think life would be easier to go through if I had that "Ride or Die" by my side.
Why do I struggle to remain with my brain unstifled?
Do not tell me Do not tell me to go to sleep That is was just a nightmare
Why do I want to be someone, anyone else? I am me, my own person I say. Why can I not find any love for myself?
They heard my muffled crying and told me it would be alright.   
The fingers that I type withand the eyes with which you readare both, just now, quite filled with life -