Poems about Health

Dear Anger, You tear away at the best of me Cloud my eyes and all I see is you
Dear YOU, I know you hear what they say about you, it is hard not to listen.
They say depression is a literal black cloud leaching the light out of our pure white souls  
I feel the weight of the world on my chest Slowly crushing me Tearing me down  
I hear you talking about me not realizing your words carry. And they cut open my soul.  
In a land far, far away. In a galaxy long ago In the future. In the past  
In the real world You keep telling me this As if the last 18 years Are nothing but a free pass  
I'm just a paper girl Fake & flat No more than a mask   I 'm just a paper girl
I hear your empty words The I understands littered about With we need to get helps tossed in for good measure  
Infinite Earths Infinite Possibilities Infinite Chances Infinite versions of me