Poems about Health

Don't ever hate you for being you without you there is nothing that is true This worlds in need of you
We’ve stated concerns about the fears of violence in our halls, then waited silently as we burn.
Mayhem on your mind. When you find peace, then we’ll be. Earn back what is yours.
My stomach is growling, My head is pounding, My breath is shaky; But it is satisfying.  
The old world is the same as its always been;
Words By Lilia Ping   Words are our most powerful weapon.
breathe,  press me against your lips, wrap them around me, inhale me. I will take you away,
Is it finally time to talk about it? Have enough children died that we can finally talk about it?
What am I? a balloon, stretched taut over a fauct and filled til bulging then filled and filled some more
the best part of the norovirus is that while it robs you of your breath,