Poems about Health

Appreciate your family and friends. Be humble and respectful. Create good moments. Do your best.
Crickets chirping, light off suddenly she's in the dark.Heart pounding, mind racing, just her & her thoughts.
I don't want you to think it's over This is just the beginning
As it eats you alive, you feel hopeless.  You sit there wondering how this could have happened.
I tried to stop the anxiety.
I fell too hard and I hit the ground.  Nothing can save me now. He's in my head and I'm spinning dizzy now.
Dear Clock, With each tick you seem to remind me that time is always racing ahead
Because I love you  I can too much about your health than mine  Beacause I love you 
When I want to express my emotions, I end up just laughing. If society knew they would deem me insane.