Poems about Health

I wake up, ready to die
             What's Important To You              by: Kiethly03 I lay up in bed
I lay up in bed Pass midnight, my alarm clock says Thoughts are jumbled around in my head
My beloved she waits for me Amidst a thund’rous roaring sea
Tiny fingers rolled up in clay or twisted curly hairs, naughtiness in her feet but
Her hand reaches out As his pulls away Grasping air Grasping nothing
We were kids turning pages, in a couple year long love story and it ended pages ripped, i'm sorry.   
Happiness, home, comfort My life gets flipped into a twilight scape
To write about happiness is unmarked territory and I wonder what it's like over there. I wonder what it's like
Well...I have written all the letters. So I guess this is goodbye forever, or at least until I am better.