Poems about Health

1 John 3:21 
I remember when I first met you, We had this instant connection, But I should have known that it would turn sour.
When moods would come and go And you could never really know What was happening, why you were crying
The allure Of failure Pulls close;   Or surrender? What difference Makes nothing.  
You can be strong You can live long You can fight  You are right Its not over Not anymore
From the tears we shed to the soldiers plead to a drunkards cry to those holding on to life to those giving up the right from tears of sh
Love is such a beautiful thing Something to be marveled at Such a rare bloom
I am courages, a lioness roaring in search of peace, sanity that can't solve the puzzle of this maze, yet I consider my options when oppo
Hard to be healthy Health is for the wealthy Relationships are hard to find Love has become a lie
"Look at me beautiful," you say gently, as you wipe away my tears, or hold my shaking hands.