Poems about Health

Embark on a journey to nowhere and find it easily. Now look up the side of a mountain and be blinded
Shots fired Lives lost Defeated and tired At what cost Hard to move Long we stand As we prove
When I was a little girl My mother taught me That my value does not lie in the face of the men who have wronged me
I reach out for you But I know it is usless You are gone I wonder if you watch me
Ever sense that day, all anyone can say is "How are you doing?" I respond with the simple and basic answer
Is love enough Love cannot stop a man from moving It cannot change a person, place or thing
poetry. it used to be what we read in school; harsh lines for more educated, eloquent, and sheltered minds.
A pale body curled in a ball. Iron bars stand tightly, no way past the wall.  
Watery tear-filled eyesgaze upon her lifeless bodylying in the bathtubpills she droppedon the floor
She stares at the blade in her right hand the red lines covering her legs and both arms