Poems about Health

Because I love you, I am the best wrestler I can be  
Because I love you, I will be your best friend first, and your significant other second.
You are my best friend, the one I love, my favorite human being, But you are not my possession,
You know my flaws and still you stay You held me through all my breakdowns
Because I love you, I will build you up I will let your feelings be spoke Because I love you, I will give you my trust 
They always told me no one would love me beause i was big.  I never said a word of disagrement because they were right.
Because I am a young adult I will reach out to you whenever you are in need. Because I am kind, I will give you endless mercy.
I’m dead inside at least thats how it feels, I’m much to numb to finish any meals,
I'm a bit crazy, you see Yet somehow you deal with me My ups and downs My ins and outs
Everything I felt came rushing back. It was like suicide. My thoughts hung me. My emotions shot me.