Poems about Health

We cry adieu, the red-haired vulturecrys not a tear, for all is spentits heart is rent, all hidden treasure
Dear Future Me, I hope you got things figured out/ Maybe got that big 6 figure house/ But have you really grown/
Circling 'round and 'round again Circling 'round to see you again Thought I'd been away so long
If you appeared daily in the majority of my life why does it feel as if I’ve lived ten without you?
I haven’t forgiven you I don’t think you understand
I see them staring back at me, their eyes piercing me with their discontent. My mind
Stop twitching every time you mumble those around you worrythey wonder what you
'Dear No One, This Is Your Love Song'... HA...
Dear Ex,
dear past, present, and future self, you fall in love at thirteen