Poems about Health

I witnessed the sun Shone upon dying leaves and mistook them flowers. (Reminded me: Story's not over)
Wouldn't you know Just how low I look at myself Not so good health So many different battles
Don’t ask me why, I sit here and cry. Do not question me when I laugh at a joke, Or why I said the word I spoke.
The harp sings for me tonight, The witch plays its gentle melody no more for I believe they have felt their pain, Revenge not fully satis
Feeling so cloudy, Too cloudy to bear, Abandon the room, So afraid of their care,
I came into this world formless Surrounded by petrified consciousness Invisible signals surveyed the terrain
Everyone thought we were crazy, dangerous, and strange The joke is on them
Why do I miss my feelings? They used to be so vibrant, so intense. Now I am not who I used to be, So who am I?
I can see the approaching clouds, They roll along, almost lurking, Forcing you to wait in anticipation.
This is not something that I’m used to Allowing people to see me Because that’s when I outright get emotionally greedy