Poems about Health

A little girl, I watch fade away The red in her hair and the teeny tiny scars on her wrist remind me so much of myself
Days seem like ages when minutes turn into hours. How long this stage is, only decisions will tell.
I sit there staring at the flames Thinking back at the time When everything was sane. In one fleeting moment
hush your lips and you will be okay keep them stiched and youll live another day
Slipping into the darkness Where I never wanted to be My whole body is numb Trying so hard not to give up
I feel the light in my heart, the light that comes from the fire,
Toe dipped in cool refreshing ripples this watery grave created from mine eyes.
I talk about you like a cancer for the tongue. I reminisce of our nights where my fingers
You have no idea what I want to do. You’re my best friend and I –want- to help you.
because science and religion won’t mix. Rope burns hands more slowly than necks, which were made