Poems about Health

In which the darkness may surround,  a single soul, yet be found. It whimpers for the warmth of being,
I felt as if my mind was a cage, like I couldn't speak my true feelings to anyone, i was stuck in this rage.
What is this feeling inside? This tiredness never seams to end? Why is it my body is acting this way?
"Hey baby" you said as I came in Running to tackle-hug you in the green velvety lounge chair
The capacity to love anything attractive,  however fragile it might be,is a hallmark of psychological health. 
I'm trapped in muddy eddies. Brown swirling round my feet All I see for miles Is fog with biting teeth.
Stay Strong.  Look at yourself and think.....I made it this far, I can keep going.  Maybe you will change the world when you come out of
I am so sorry...
When you look in my eyes Tell me what you see Is it something extravagent? Colorful, like a deep blue sea?
a person can have all the strength in the world the phscial strength that is, but the real test of strength doesn't include dumbell and p