Poems about Health

There is a moment before death that one realizes they are dying
For many years have teenagers been considered to be the new tomorrow.
You ask God whyYou have no clue what to doNot sure how to tell your familyIt isn't just the flu
I sit in silence waiting for the sound I hear the rushing of cars, the cries of the town
The crackling bricks of the terrorized wallsremain standing simply by default.For they cannot stand not to stand.
It swells in the pit of your stomach It burns at the back of your eyes Your whole body aches on the edge of implotion
Although I may seem like an aspiring student to you, on the inside my brain is being fucked.
What is health? It's more than just self wealth It may be seem hard and be out of sight
Tear after tear, Shed by this weeping Willow All over the thoughts of my past All because of certain fellows.
  In essence, memory is a pastime for those disengaged with the future.