Poems about Health

Down here in this place so deep This mountain never seemed so steep Smiling faces all around seem
Ever wonder what it's like to feel totally out of control?
Why don't you bring back the milkman? Return him to his pride and glory? All dressed in white and ready for the day
Our dreams are not like hers.
It started slow, Like a bruise you didn't know you had,
Seeing you go would kill us too. I truly don’t know what we would do without you. Your heart would make you go
A flooded tub stands in the center of An illuminated chamber Filthy, ink water covers the upper surface of the tub
Just standing there. The room seems to boil And the world begins to spin. Breathing escapes me,
Hey you, smile! The world is beautiful it's full of love and peace you just can't see it.
It always starts with a person being born, and then ends with a death to mourn.