Poems about Health

There is always light at the end of the tunnel There is always a hole in the end of a funnel
Walking down the street of "Empty dreams" Realizing there is nothing left of me. Every step I take
There is a perfect silence A symphonic harmony of solitude There is no sound but whiteness Even thoughts go unheard
I am fight against myself. My mind, it... It tricks me. A gasp of air, a cry of pain. Horrified,
Keep your anxiety away from me. I feel your feelings. They’re haunting me. If you’re good or you’re bad,
Taking a deep breath Inhaling the turbid air Though believing I'm in good health
I sit and wait for you to be there Sometimes I wonder if you even care? I sit and I cry waiting for the end
What do you call it when all you feel is pain? When your loved ones look at you and all you feel is shame?
When will I stop torturing myself? I have myself convinced This world is my living hell
Appreciate art and the provider. Understand. Dreams become imaginable, felt, dreamt, painted, and written into a form of reality.