Poems about Health

Love isn't free  trust me I know it. I was the same one who was paying for it.
Glancing out the window there,
  People say I'm gifted I just actin like I missed it Cuz I'm usually a giver 
Sometimes when I’m alone, I’m not alone at all. I’m surrounded by People, places, and a body of water
Canvas primed and ready Tools and colors all around  Create the beauty.
Nobody can even start to imagine how kept in the dark I feel. My heart feels heavy
Card games, dominos, raspberry bushes and bright birthday boxes. These are what I like to remember.  
No matter how deep the sadness, No matter how wide the pain, I vow to live, For a brighter day will come again.
Feeling beside myself looking inside myself tryna write a rhyme thinking "hey maybe getting high will help"