Poems about Health

I'm looking for a girl that was once young. Someone very beautiful and oh so sweet.
Today's the day when things change. Feelings grow or they may fade. Tomorrow will be different, yesterday is the past.
In Her world, Monsters do not hide in her closet or under her bed.
I know of those days.
I'm writing this all down to hold onto the feelings, to maintain that rush, that high that they give me.
The shuffling crowds Close in Push for the door Grasp for a handle Drowning Longing for air
I am from the darkness that arose in my father's heart, I am from the pain and misery, Of every human being,
I do not cherish the time Between head hitting pillow And peach-colored sunrise, When thoughts go rampant
I hope you enjoy. To my capos
They say confidence is what makes a man, but where does it come from? Is it a gift from God? Grace that only certain men can taste?