Poems about Health

I saw sadness clearly. She was hunched over with a broken smile With short, ginger hair.
Today, the world was crying with me. She misses her, too.
Was there ever a place the storm had not been? The storm shrouded everything. 
We are the kids who sit in the corner alone, listen to our music too loud, and wear all black.
After all this time of being      one of the broken, I know how to handle and       distribute my pieces.
Dissension. Internal and external eruptions of the rotting remains of what
Hello old friend, we meet again.I will let you, Darkness, settle in.It's been too long, don't you think?
  Don’t tell me that you understand how I feel when we both know that’s a lie
Explaining Depression to my Jamaican Mother I tell my mom “I am depressed”
1 Corinthians 10:13