Poems about Health

Circles turn into squares and yells turn in to whishpers you start shaking losing the control you thought you had
I can't get upNothing is ever enoughBut I'm smartAnd that's all that matters  
Guns, Bombs, Air raids.   I watch in awe as the laughtr fades. One dead body,
Heavy breath Sweaty palms
The smoke engulfs your body
I lay here Upon my bed
Heads pounding Whispers growing They keep coming back    Haunting The voices breaking from Hiding
Nothing ever matters in the summertime The sun melts our minds and dries our throats We need something to drink - but what? Last year, we
Here I go again. The inner battle, the constant struggle to block my thoughts. The same feeling of loneliness and having no one to help.
It started off as an escape An honest distraction, Just to reshape