Poems about Health

Is it worth it, For people to only know me by my "shyness", My looks,  My sarcasm, 
My dear friend Sickness,  
Dear Sleep Paralysis,   I felt it last night. That was you, wasn’t it? They were your slender fingers
Dear everyone who has left I still look outside to see if it's you who's blowing smoke outside my window.
Dear Pencil Sharpener,  
I tend to  remember moments where everything felt infinite. My worries, my struggles, my fears all seem to dissipate and I am left there.
I feel I do, I swear. I feel pain and sadness, also despair. I feel lonely and tired Empty and cold
Dear You The one who makes me smile to the point of exhaustion
Dear Jahnyri,   The young and fearful Jahnyri, The anxious Jahnyri,