Poems About the Environment

Dear Mr Oak TreeI've Been Watching You LatelyYou've Been Kind To MeYou Remind Me of Someone I Lost Years AgoWho Stayed By My Side And Nev
With desire to fulfill the Dream I can't ignore Memorial Hall* grandly greets me with open arms.
Yet rough and callous My home island was a spa South was jet steamed rocks   An outdoor sauna
A fresh new tooth juts from the EarthHeralding a wind to cools our bodiesAnd the whole world knows it's mirthIn the country it embodies. 
Flying birds through the sky, Warning me of others nearby, Though I know they may be friends,
The fresh morning dew, Brings new happiness and hope, And begins my day.
During every season, I see you standing tall
Through the shrouded environment, I feel my feet sinking into the fragmented pieces below me
What I can’t live without? That’s a simple question with many implications. I could say I can’t live without air,
Breeze gently blowing   Flowers Sway from side to side   Sweet scents twirl on by