Poems About the Environment

The wolf crossed the woods silently, For he was stealthy to capture his prey.
As we grow older. Life takes us to the battlefield Where we have to combat to survive. As we go through life
Why don't you bring back the milkman? Return him to his pride and glory? All dressed in white and ready for the day
Mr. never really had a real thrill for lies despite the tries leave u stuck-without a motive... 
Strong winds tear it all down. Mother Nature lashes out and so it now unfolds. In awe we stand
(poems go here) Blurry eyes of too many men In cars and trains they travel far We fill our tanks how we were taught
Mother Nature I am the wind that howls in the night. I am the annihilator when not taken care of.
When I love,I care When I care,I get hurt When I get hurt,I become afraid When I become afraid,I hide
"Realizing The Truth" People yet to forget love, forget joy forget peace
Leaping through the air Pieces fly all around Vastly hitting the ground