Poems About the Environment

I often took walks down the long, open road To savor and cherish the nature I saw
The day begins,  at the base. Lomming above the majestic  mountain, A glorified
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As the sun greets her face every morning, she say a prayer. A prayer ensuring her that she'll make it safely.
Lets get crazy, lets get loud it time to impress the screaming crowd show no weakness show no pride
As I turn on the tv all I see is pain I can't stop the hurt nor the insane
Closed up in a case My little friend lies there To be picked up and played Just wait, I know that she was made
My heart is like a little bird, Light, free, and undisturbed. You can hear me sing my song
The coolness of the breeze at sea, Brought me to peace and harmony. Here on the shore I felt at peace,