Poems About the Environment

My DNA is filled with millionsHard life and killed civiliansThey dont want us in the streets We just tryna blend in...But we aint chamele
America Land of the taken, home of the cover it all up and don't say shit
I still remember the stars that filled the sky
People say once uopn a... to start a story why because it allows us to wonder while wondering do you dream a dream?
“By stumbling over the things which you’ve claimed not to do, whilst in reality you do such ‘dishonest deeds,’ you’ve become bl
“Fire in the eyes and the taste of bitterness in the soul.
“Being fearful of one’s own reflection is distasteful, indeed.
"I wake up everyday looking upon the creations as they build.
The total imeersion of errtaic behaviour within me  Is sometimes a relief of sorts to me to ackowledge
  This a story of my past I could reminisce on that