Poems About the Environment

Look twice, save a life they said, I thought once, considering the instruction;
Ezra E. Ohly 165 East Street Wellington, Oh 44090  
Paper is good plain as the rain.  Made from wood a poor tree's pain.  Creations that could
Street UniversityMath’s- money making ability
Bastard son, raised by the streets with Thugs, Drugs and Guns Writing Poetry to paint a picture of my life
You and I originate from the same place Seen the hungry and the poor Close to touching death's face
I forever hold a piece of memory A single film that brings me back I said to the sun Show me your light
Whispers from the Abyß     Posted on November 11, 2017 Opera Rülë Zërœ A Modassic Classic
I believe that maturity is not an outgrowing, but a growing up: that an adult is not a dead child, but a child who survived.