Poems about Bullying

Let me tell you my life story. I was left.
Alone. Drowned in silence.  The razor pressed against her wrist.  Hesitation and full of tears. 
The differences thats what brings me to your side Your teenage bully  
Seeing the bully walk around the school probably thinking that she is very cool Makes me want to run and hide
I pray to God each and every day that the bullies will soon go away. Pushing and shoving me through the halls
Bullies are terrible Teasing you, making fun of you Because of your race Because of your gender
With a sharp tongue and leering eyes pain and laughter fills the sky you smack me down 
                                                                              THE TRUTH “I can’t change
They mock me with every step I take. They take away my light. They are the nightmares that keep me awake.
I am me. Take it for what you will. Sticks and stones May break my bones But words