Poems about Animals

  Who am I?  Who would know, but me? Then again, do even I know?
I cannot speak I just want to be loved I hate being weak Being shoved Being pushed Having no hugs
Cold, wet, and alone I don't know when I will eat Praying for a home
I hurt I cry, but You can't see the Depression in my Heart because of the Broken heart you see
1793 was the year I was born and brought into America.
I can't write It's not working No matter how big or small The words aren't coming off My tongue
The 5th grade Was my first time My first time writting my own poem A poem starting with I am a student
I am falling Like autumn leaves with no real pattern Just aimlessly to the ground will I too be forgotten?
I searched and sought and nosed about, I could not find my little trout. He wasn’t on my sisters bed,
Sweet angelic child, With the eyes of a doe, Satiny chocolate brown hair, And a heart of gold.