Poems about Animals

(poems go here) you can bet you see what you get i don't prtend i say this with a grim feel free
I look at you as you sit there with tears flowing down your face.
Little crying antelope  Is there something that you need? I can return you to the forest
I bury my face in tufts of soft golden hair
Don't play with me like play dough! Im not blue, pink, yellow or GREEN!
You did not Know Me but yet you still touched me You did not know me
  Who am I?  Who would know, but me? Then again, do even I know?
I cannot speak I just want to be loved I hate being weak Being shoved Being pushed Having no hugs
Cold, wet, and alone I don't know when I will eat Praying for a home
I hurt I cry, but You can't see the Depression in my Heart because of the Broken heart you see