Poems about Animals

  How could you dare eat that meat? Animals have feelings too; just like us
Cat. A domesticated housepet. Kitty-cat. A precious animal. Feline. A mysterious creature.
I write for the lost souls dead and alive The ones that don't know how to express themselves
Like any other person, I carry commonly found items.
What is this pain that tears at my heart with the rath of a million demons,
We have the gaudy flamingos, the noisy chimpanzees, the untamed geese and the proud lions.  
As I look out my window, I see their eyes watching they seem to be looking and wandering around my backyard
  Something seductive in violence, almost unique to women.
You and Me togetherNEVER torn apart,When we left each otherWe NEVER grew apart.I Will ALWAYS LOVE You,
I want someone who looks at me like that shelter dog As if they look away for a moment, I'll disappear With eyes so full of thoughts wait