Poems about Animals

Today Bobby already ate his oats. ---Already ate my oats Moms...
Like many people I write for comfort, To pen my only hopes and dreams, So that they are never lost,
Fur of orange and paws of black, my favorite animal is a fox. Pointed nose, pointed ears, pointed whiskers, pointed tail.
Soaring elation
My one true call to nature, to life, to existence I love the sound of Opera and someday you’ll hear me singing it
You love the land, The forest during the night when everything is a dark gray,
Bark! I wish I had friends But I am alone On this lonely road
Though my skin is dark and my hair is thick Though my eyes are brown and my nose is wide I am white
There are so few places left. Sanctuaries for all of life’s creatures to rejuvenate.
Like a caged animal No rights No freedom Trapped No say in what goes on