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"I wake up everyday looking upon the creations as they build. I see that they are smart and I receive chills.
Water fell from my eyes Thoughts of hope actons of needy Crown on my head is the prize Eating every word of God, not reedy Consume my life with your works Baptized in spirit an righteousnss
Is what I see through my eyes the truth, or just simply lies, Is what I see just what one wants me to believe, Is what I see merely Imaginary, Is the canvas in which I stand on just a hologram,
You probably wonder why I put you through all of these things
I am meA human being, he made me beIn this world I play the game of lifeNot as easy as the board game, but that's alright 
I've been an exception from the day I was born  coming out- one more being native American- one more  the head doesn't work without the pills- one more nobody told us that the declaration had a clause 
I remember hearing stories of a Country wherein the citizens were free To love and believe in whoever they So desired, but that was in the past.
When I was born the stars told me that I was going to be everything I wanted to be. They spoke so soft ad kind I knew that discovering myself would be hard to find.
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