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Sounds written by a victim of Misophonia Sounds Prevent me from eating dinner with my family. Sounds
I'm sorry who I am is not who you want me to be! My brain is messed up, but all I know is I am worth less than flea. Who gives a crap if I die? Certainly not you.
Why do you want to cause me so much pain? You say that you love me, you say that you care. I am worthless, with no value, completely lame. You whisper in my ear. They all think, That I am up in the night,
Why is it that the more recovered I think I am, The happier I seem, The more I smile, The more open I am... Why is it that, inside, things might just be getting worse? It's a trick,
I wish I was deaf. To stop from all the pain it causes me. 
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