Government Corruption

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pseudo platitudes smolder flames while ennui cultures detract radical love, void -tradition -extradition
We gotta make this world a better place, been looking for a better space. They looking for a place in space. We looking high even though they hit us low. Change trying to come but it's slow. In this world it's filthy.
Over 300 years of incarceration. Today we still got our people living in incarceration. We were the ones who built this nation. Because of our skin color hard to find an occupation.
somewhere hidden behind closed doors. somewhere in the midst of reality, there lies deceptions and propaganda to sway the mimds of the young the poor and the weak.
They say this is the land of the free, but how can that be when the police are shooting black people like me.
Every day I see not the land of the free Not here where children on the streets unkind beg for scraps Our government, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, giving the illusion of help
Corruption, Corruption everywhere Want to know more, just ask the Blairs Not in power anymore, still alot to answer for. IRAQ WAR !
Head in the clouds, I see skyscrapers below, the ocean seemed crystal clear, so i search the deep blue waters and, everything is submerged into a blur I saw junk, rust, metal scraps and corpses
  Prophets. These prophets are profiting from our consciousness. These prophets are extincting our autonomous
Chem trails make me feel like I'm trapped in hell They're from a plan of the government that still hasn't failed They're slowly making us sick while we wonder how The time for them to be exposed has come to now
“We the People” The government likes to say Pretend they’re on your side But they’ll betray you any day The officials say they “protect you” But that’s not really true They’ll throw you under the bus
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