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I take a knee In solidarity With my oppressed brothers and sisters For I am not free
You insist this is America You insist we speak American Honey, have you looked at a map lately?
Indians, they smell like curry,  they move their heads when they talk. Chinese people are good at maths, Muslim people are all terrorists. American people are all fat, Doesn't anyone understand?
Dear U.S residents, Why? Why hate when you can love? Why scream when you can sing?  
Dear Harvey Milk,   The "Milk"y Way   Each day he woke and mourned, and underlying consistent struggle, of not wanting to be who he was born, a lifelong internal trouble.  
You call yourself a nation You call yourself one We are supposed to fight Side by side Fighting the outside forces Bringing us down.
Dear Government, Thank you for protecting usIn times of need,But really, can you describe yourself as marvelous?If that’s your only good deed?Power,You possess itYou grasp it With every fiber of your existenceYou abuse it Twist it and turn it arou
I see them, my parents The effort they put into everything, working hard. Working hard for me They endured hardships that I could not imagine Without them, I would be nothing.
Who may sing America? They sing America Without ridicule Without judgement Because their skin is without color  They sing America  And are praised  And are admired
My Overalls by Jasmine Exinia   Dark blue jeans Minnie on the pocket Skechers lighting up when she stomps Little girl in overalls just having fun
When I was young all I wanted to be was a baller. In the streets I learned how to be a shotcaller. Working on my handles with the steel to be a hitman. Working on my handles, coach put me as a big man.
I grew up with many friends. White, black, Spanish, Asian. Color didn't matter But things started to change when we played Cops and Robbers and I was always considered the latter
The land of brave The land of the free The land to be. We stand here in awww as if we didn't vote for this change As if we didn't cast ballets agreeeing to the terms of this contract.
America, oh, America, So full of pride and "hope", America, oh, America,  Your promise of freedom is a joke.   You claim to want diversity,
Waving flag; Burning flag Freedom Equality Justice For all Let your voice be heard Protest Disobey
When did we get thrown back in time to when discrimination was praised,  to when racism was the fad,  to when we had to hide who we are,  to when life was the last concern. 
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