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Because I love you I call you when I wake. Because I love you I give you your space. Because I love you I am there for you when you cry And I stay when you yell. I don't ever leave When I know things are unwell.
Even when you're not yourself, feeling depressed, or not even wanting to have a conversation, I'll always be right beside you.
I said goodbye I let you go I stepped away Because I love you   You took it hard You yelled and cried
Blushing cheeks, Smiles bright, Nothing meek, No violent fights.   Hugs and compassion, Pleasant talks, No fatal attraction, or obsessive stalks.   Feelings of love,
Past relationships came with some complexity/ But helped bring out the best in me/ Helped me realize Love was more than sex to me/ I wanted you next to me/ But every word you said to me/
Love is holding your heart in the palm of my hand And you holding mine in yours It’s the thought that we could easily crush each other But the belief that we won’t  
My mom told me That I should always be a friend Little did I know What place that would end   You called me your friend And I called you mine Our friendship however
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