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Text messages and nudes have taken over relationships and we, as it seems, have bypassed chivalry or even just decency. Cute long paragraphs and roses used to distract from unapologetically hideous actions.
Because of my love, I'll stay by your side So it's only fair, that you'll stay by mine Though they speak badly, only you truly know me How could I repay the kindness you've shown me
Because I love you Bump bump You were that constant feeling in my chest that Bump bump You kept me going Made me happy
Because I love you I have many tears, Because I love you i have joy, Because i love you i jealousy, Because I love you I am happy, Because I love you I am mad, All of my emotions tangled up like rope,
I love you like no other, When I'm around you I stutter, My heart starts to race,  You can see it on my face, That I genuinely care about you.   I give my all to you and you do the same,
I'm giving you something that matters deeply to me: My last fry. It is a symbol of selflessness and loyalty, I'm giving it to you because I love you.  
My hands began to shake and tremble as I read the message you sent, nothing but silence filled the air as my relationship just disappeared. We were us and now we are; you and me,
Beauty forgave the beast for his aggressive tendencies because of validation. If it’s any consolation He loved her. And she loved him, Like a moth draw to a flame, She is not to blame,
Because I love you, I'm going to leave blemishes of crimson and purple that cant be explained away.Because I love you, I know your every move; you can't leave unless I say.Because I love you, I'm going to make everything you've done seem small.Bec
Because I love you I wrote your name on the walls of my heart, opened the door, and welcomed you in. I didnt wear my heart on my sleeve, I gave it to you willingly. 
It’s the little things…. Like the way you play with my hair to ease me to sleep, Or how you brush it out of my face, look into my eyes, with yours so full of joy, before you kiss me.
I remember when i was younger. Back when everyone and everything seemed so happy. So complacent. So content. I don’t know what home is anymore,
The simple things The pitter patter of rain on the roof  The bright smile with the sweet scent of hot chocolate on his breath The often sweet surprises hidden underneath The simple things
Love is like a dove That soars up above When a storm rumbles It doesnt tremble it remains perched It doesn’t easily get scorched And try to besmirch To love someone
People started using “I love you” as abusing Abusing their own friendship That turns into a hardship. It slides into a hideous thing
He played you like piano keys but you loved the melody it made Clash Clash Clash But those didn’t matter to you because, just like the sustain, it wouldn’t last.
Because I love you I want to see you to succeed I want to build you up high enough to reach the brightest star I will be your shoulder to cry on Because I love you I hope my name brings you joy
I hate being alone I hate knowing you’re not alone I hate being stuck with myself I hate knowing you’re sticking to somebody else   I hate that feeling in me
  Possibly honest, honestly How can I love you if I don’t trust you? Untrue words make for great swords.
I'm listening to a love song today. It's sweet and gentle and tells me to stay. The melody is slow, yet exciting and whole It rhymes with my heart beat and flows with my soul.  
I would often ask my father why he hit my mom. He always replied saying that he loved her. I went and hit my sister that evening because I loved her. I would often ask my mother why she stayed with my dad.
I know you love me when you're here when I need you. I know you love me the way you say, "I love you, too" I know you love when you forgot my past. I know you love me when you tell me we'll last.
Your eyes spoke to me. So many hellos and so many good-byes.  It only took a single look. A smile here a smile there, you always seemed to care.  We started to talk, we laughed a lot,
Love is a gift That could be as swift As holding her hand Or having matching bands
Drink from me until there is nothing left. Once my waters were crystaline, so clear in the sunshine. The many secrets you kept, turned water to ice. I became a monster only plotting your demise.
Because I Love You By: Miranda York   Everyone always wants to know why. Why does he hurt me? Why does she leave me? They don't understand like you do.
Because I love you.  The moment you were introduced to this world, your mother held you in her arms.  She wraps you in a warm blanket and puts a big smile on her face.
Never shall my heart race when she's behind me clutching a knife She's evermore guarding me with her life Even though everyone has befallen my destruction Her eyes will eternally hold admiration
What is love? It is an Idea?  a thought? a feeling? Is it the filling of a void that has long been missing? Is it the acknowledgent of another? Love can be all of these things and more,
If I were to describe all of the reasons I love you, It would start with the first time we met, And, even though I wanted nothing to do with you For the longest time,
Oh Modest take my roaring hollow from my chest, Fill  my void with wonders of a kindled soul set ablaze, A shuttered glimpse into your eyes clears past grievance, How gently you remove vile veils from my sight,
If I were to describe all of the reasons I love you, It would start with the first time we met, And, even though I wanted nothing to do with you For the longest time,
My love, you have always been fire and marble— Intense, eyes flashing, passion written across your body like a fiery Apollo.
Because I love you, you should let me undress you Because I love you, you should trust my word against theirs Because I love you, show me your phone, give me your password Because I love you, spend time with me, not them
Do you really love me?like love me love menot for what I haveor what I can do for youbutfor me the real methe me that is affectionate, considerate, sincereandable to be loved
Don't look at her, you love me right? You always pay for me, becuase you love me! OMG look at that diamond! He must love you! I need a glass of wine, right lovey?  Yes dear, I love you.  That's my lovey.
Because you love me, you don't let me go out alone. Because you love me, you know all my passwords. Because you love me, I can't wear that outfit.  Because you love me,
Because I love you The thought of losing you is difficult when you're away, it feels lonely  it's as if you are a part of me, my one and only  because I love you  I stray from arguing 
Just as a boa constrictor, an unhealthy relationship suffocates those caught within its coil. Smaller and smaller, the world is slowly constricting, Gasping for breath, an eye-opening realization comes to mind.
Because i love you I have to have you Because i love you You need to hangout with me more Because i love you You need to sit by me Because i love you You need to switch classes
Love is something undefined There are no actions that are considered right when you feel it But when I fall inlove with you my actions have no limit
Because I love you. Because I love you, I will be kind in the face of rudeness. I will forgive even if the world says I shouldn't.   Because I love you, If you are hungry and ask me for food
he slides his arms around my hips, we sway softly, lips to lips - the words come quiet in the cold, but we are warm, and we are home.  
Because I Love You… I will help you reach your goals Obtainable or not I will give you support And never put you down Because I Love You… I will show you how much By cooking breakfast
Emotional highs and lows Unpredictable, like assuming which way the wind blows Fits and phases When all of a sudden you explode Over and over, "I''m Sorry"
My life is the ocean; relentelss, salty, and blue. A beast full of rage and seeing red am I, but when I see you I become a sunflower instead.   I am as yellow as the daffodils grow,
Because I love you I do my best Because you showed me all the rest But soon I'll have to leave the nest And be my own man A figure stout and strong you see That he was a model for me 
Because I love you…Anything goes and I’ll stayRespect: a mutualUnderstanding youIsn’t too di
Because I love you                  I want you to be happy. Because I love you                  I want you to trust me. Becaue I love you                 I want us to talk about it. Because I love you
Because I love you                I want you to be happy. Because I love you                  I want you to trust me. Because I love you                  I want us to talk about it. Because I love you
Because  A sun rises, oxygen flows, gravity remains, is how I can love you  A society of addiction to screens and us unsocial misfits is how we met each other  I 
  The stars are bright, But you’re my only light Through night and day, you guide my way
Walk in the room and look at you standing there with that drunken smile   You stare back at me like I'm a stranger terrified of you them I see the pile    The mess you made 
Love is when two people support each other and build each other up. Love is two people being loyal to one another. Love is when a person is compassionate to your feelings.
They often ask me what is a healthy relationship to you? I find myself dwindling on the topic see to me its that open range of communication the easy flowing of silk words to one another
Because I am a young adult I will reach out to you whenever you are in need. Because I am kind, I will give you endless mercy. Because I am a rose who grew from concrete, I will empathize with you.
i will always catch your tears. and i will never disappear.  i will take your scars,  make them my own, and when i walk you home, i will hold your umbrella while you sing to
A quotation by Democritus, “Old men were once young, but it is uncertain if young men will reach old age.” They warned me about things that will bring agony to me The drugs that will captivate my life
"Because I Love You," my sister would always say to me.  Because she loved me, she never let me go Because she loved me, she held my hand while we walked in crowds  Because she loved me, she didn't wipe away my tears
I ask about your day because I love you I motivate you because I love you I support you because I love you I tell you to drive safetely  because I love you I make sure you get home okay 
I ask about your day because I love you I motivate you because I love you I support you because I love you I tell you to drive safetely  because I love you I make sure you get home okay 
Text me when you get home safe (because I love you) You know you can talk to me about anything (because I love you) I heard this and thought of you, so I had to share
         Her eyes, brown, like dirt and ridgid with anger and pain    her hands bruised and torn She let the fire engulf her in its flames   No one would think that him, with eyes so gray and dull and callous 
Because I love You You have to love yourself  Because I love you  You have to remain strong  Love for the truth Stay for the laughs  Love yourself  More than you love me
When you can fight freely knowing that you will get through this. When you can play and wrestle like children over the smallest things. When you can support each other, sometimes like a house of cards,
What is a healthy relationship That is something that I would like to know Love these days is something that is thrown around, becoming more meaningless everyday
Even when you cry Even when you’re afraid to try Even when you stress Even when you don’t feel blessed Even when you’re late,
Because I Love You I'll travel through stormy seas to see you Because I Love You  You'll hold me tight in your arms Because I Love You  I'll fight against the protest against us Because I Love You 
The flame flares, I see it reflected in your eyes  Or is it mischief? You take my hand and pull me Onto the dance floor as we Shift and sway to the beat, My hand in yours, trembling.
I planted my roots so deeply into us. I begged for your love, your attention, your affection. But why, why was I so afraid to lose you? A lesson learned. Someone who loves you, will give you all of these things.
And so I guess that’s what it means to be in love Not that we never fight, or that I love everything about you  
And so I guess that’s what it means to be in love Not that we never fight, or that I love everything about you  
I could buy you the finest jewels struck from the deepest viens of the most tattered stones I could buy you the most beautiful flowers freshy picked from the fields and bushes of Paris
Because I love you I wake up smiling every morning to your sweet messages. Your face, the first that I picture.   Because I love you
Because I love you, I can compromise. My true thoughts and feelings never have to be disguised. I don't let doubts about you cloud my eyes. We're honest with each other, so we avoid telling lies.  
Because I Love You; I'll let you know,  whether it's gloomy  or fixing to snow. Because I Love You; I won't let you fall,  I won't let you down,
I come to your basketball games because I was the one to show you how to shoot. - little brother   We'll cook dinner together, I would you even help you clean, I am here for you.  - oh dear, mother
A bridge among barricades A bird among bears Love is free, love is peace Trust from a tired heart Energy from an exhausted mind Love connects, love supports
Because I love you, in the world of love I no longer come from a place of fear & doubt,   A place of wondering if my devotion & compassion would ever be reciprocated.      Because I love you, I never question if I love too suddenly or inte
It's the way your hair falls in your face Because you refuse to get it cut And the glimmer in your eyes Every morning when we wake up It's the little things that make you perfect
Who knew that love could be so sweet?Until you, I always saw it differently.I thought I saw it in my father’s eyesWhen he made up stories and liesTo keep my mother from her family.I thought love was obsession,
  You hurt me I cry You cry I apologize   “Dinner's on me” turns into passive aggression After the third time
I stare deeply into your beautiful brown eyes as they gleam in the bright moonlight and I soak in every little detail. The way your eyes grow soft as we make eye contact melts my heart completely.
I used to believe was in the little moments. In the late night talks, And the early morning secrets. But those sweet moments were just bait, And like a lamb to slaughter I accepted.
Because I love you, I saw past your flaws. Even when the relationship was toxic, I still managed to give you my all. Relationships are supposed to be built off honesty and trust,
Some people use this phrase to ease the mind Some people use this phrase to get what they want Some people use this phrase to seek what they want to find While some people use this phrase to flaunt
 Seven reasons I have loved you: One. I see the God in you radiating at all times.Two. My skin is sacred to you and left untouched.Three. Your words reach me in places your hands can not possibly travel.Four.
Sacrifice I'm willing to do. Pain I'm willing to bare. Hate I'm willing to take. Happiness Is all I feel. Working day and night Is not a problem. Giving my time
Because I LOVE you I stand beside you, Because I LOVE you I protect you, Because I LOVE you I am there for you, Because I TRULY LOVE you I LISTEN.
Hush little one, please don't cry, the one you love didn't mean to hurt you. Hush little one, please don't scream, he's only trying to help. Hush little one, please don't shake, he's coming back to you.
When I was 15 my mother told me I was not the daughter she raised. No good household of hers was going to be equipped with a dyke.
You should know what makes me selfish, Why am I angry and reclusive? The emotions that I fish, I should be the only one exclusive, I'm a greedy troll, One that doesn't live under the bridge,
As I was heading out to work, My lunch bag in my hand, I heard a voice behind me say, “You’re doing all you can” Stirred in my heart the confidence To face the weary day And I approached my office
Because I love you communication should be said, So our friendship doesn't end. Because I love you I will respect you, And your secerets and privacy too. Because I love you I trust you my friend,
We're stuck like glue because I love you.  When I need someone you're always there. You always see right through me when no one else can. Others will lie and hurt 
Love is something everyone craves. Once you get it, various things can make your day. Even a single person. I ask myself how we ended up like this, but I guess that is just how love works.
I gave you my heart  I trust and support you  Because I Love You
Each time you leave I watch your taillights dissappear And hear your exhaust fade. I wait in my room Fighting off sleep waiting for that text that lets me know you got home safe.  
Because I love you, I leave the lights on for you, Even when I know you won't come home.
For the days of my life, we by as the tide. the hours I loved you were a never ending story, but why have you forsaken thy, Willing to love and lay down my life for you,  Day and night I thought about you,
"What do you see, When you look at me? " Black, lust, rage, watch.  Headaches, flowers, debt.  Broken doors, long nights.    "What do you feel, When you think about me?"
    "What do you see, When you look at me? " Black, lust, rage, watch.  Headaches, flowers, debt.  Broken doors, long nights.    "What do you feel, When you think about me?"
The days can be long The afternoons, longer I can forget who I am sometimes And at times, the doubts can get stronger  But your name on my screen And your voice on the phone Are enough to reel me back in This, I'll always know  You remind me I'm s
Because I Love You, I will be patient, I will be caring, I will be understanding, I will be forgiving.   My heart, My desires, My thoughts, My passion.  
Love is like a flower. It can grow or it can wilt. With the perfect love and care, it will blossom into a beautiful being that gives joy to the people who pass it.
My dearest Natalie,  Because I love you I tell to change I tell you that you are too fat I tell you that you need to starveI tell you that you will never, ever, be good enough,But it's only because I love you.  Because I love you I make you lie Th
Because I loved you I thought she didn’t matter. Her feelings weren’t real, It was just you and me. When you left me strained  In an unfamiliar train station  I was scared.
Maybe she’ll stop crying Maybe he’ll stop yelling Maybe she’ll tell him she loves him Maybe he’ll tell her he’s sorry Maybe they won’t tear each other down   Maybe he’ll set a good example
Because I love you I wish that you believed In your self the way I do Because I love you I wish you saw the beauty That your spirit holds Because I love you I want you to speak
Love,You areThe butterflies that I swallowed down each time I spokeI let a few flutter out when I was assured you weren't lookingIf you had seen them,
Because I love you, isn't an excuse for abuse. It isn't a reason to forgive a cheater, or bless a sinner. Because I love you, isn't why you should love them back. Because I love you, are the reasons you love them.
he didn't trust me because he loved me and because he loved me he isolated me because he loved me he convinced me that he was all i ever needed because he loved me he cheated
One breezy summer day -  the smell of fresh-cut grass staining the air - you're running late to class I'm walking out of class and just like that: CRASH! The fateful encounter - 
Blushing cheeks, Smiles bright, Nothing meek, No violent fights.   Hugs and compassion, Pleasant talks, No fatal attraction, or obsessive stalks.   Feelings of love,
Because I Love You, I’ll laugh at any joke. Even when they’re horrible and cuckoo, I’ll laugh until I get a stroke. Because I love You like my best friend, You can tell me anything.
Let's make love. the kind where I hold your hands and I get the butterflies  just like when we did when we were twelve. Let's make love,  the kind where the only words you hear 
Because I love you, I want to give you everything I can. Because I love you, I want to help you with anything. Because I love you, you have my heart forever.  Because I love you, I cry when you're with that guy.
I want to be near you because I love you. I give you space because I love you.   I am always available because I love you.
Love is holding your heart in the palm of my hand And you holding mine in yours It’s the thought that we could easily crush each other But the belief that we won’t  
Moderation. A healthy relationship means that everything should be in moderation. A wise woman once said that the perfect is the enemy of the good. She was right.
"The waves crash, Into my fragile walls. Howling wind,Scatters broken thoughts. A once calm sea,Rages through the night. I fall,Sink,Into the waves. The only sound,Is the stutter 
Becasue I love you Isn’t an an answer To the bruise blossoming on his face. To the broken bones in his fingers, To the fractured self.
I know I shouldn’t ask but curiosity got the best of me As if rhetorical questions were meant to have answers I’m not one to judge I’m not perfect, I’m human
Because I Love You   I wake up next to you every day Press my nose between your shoulder blades Kiss your warm flesh and breathe you in Because I love you
My mom told me That I should always be a friend Little did I know What place that would end   You called me your friend And I called you mine Our friendship however
"Look at me beautiful," you say gently, as you wipe away my tears, or hold my shaking hands. I look up to meet your eyes           flooding with love           flooding with concern
When you smile everything moves in slow motion It’s like the world is telling me to savor this moment Cuz you don’t come by beauty this often God you’re beautiful
Because I love her, I can see a clear future for myself. Because I love her, I know what steps I need to take To be with her and make sure She doesn't want for anything In life.
Fall When I fall, you pick me up When I cry, you cheer me numb When it stings, you heal it all And when I break, you catch my pulse.
I pray for you everyday  I give you my shoulder to lean on  My silence for all the secrets you tell me My honesty when you need advice And a piece of my heart in trade of yours  Because I love you  
To my mother: We have walked the landmines embedding scars into the soul, While God cheated on you I was the one there to console. Her name was Love; she broke your heart,
“Because I love you, you have to get rid of the toxic people you call friends… because I love you, you need to back off and give me space… “ I wish I could go back to that day.
Let me love you Let me respect you Let me trust you Let me support you Let me promote you Let me make you happy Let me be your biggest fan   Don't patronize me Don't resent me
If there is one thing I know, If there is one thing I know, It’s that everything is changing. If you look outside can you really
A healthy relationship is coming home from a hard day of work or school, Grabbing your arm, And diving onto the couch just so I can hold you, Taking a moment to breathe while knowing you are right there for me,
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