Anything everything lust life pain sin regrets hurt love lost forgotten

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The rainThe wavesThe temporary feeling of blissThe cigarette pressed between his lips"I'll take you to a place with a view and we'll have the time of our lives"
 Dark night sky whisper.              She moans an alluring sound.                 What a lovely sight.
I’m rolling my eyes into the back of my head and I’m in a club I’m breaking my teeth on each other but they won’t stop chattering about old memories with a girl I once built
you are staring and I can feel it in the back of my head boring holes trying to get to my brain but the music is too loud and I know you can’t hear my thoughts
I’m sitting here I am fizzled and I am tired of being nineteen I want to be 8 again   and I want to build sandcastles and pretend I don’t know who I am until the sun burns up
always smoking pot by the back door sometimes with people but mostly myself   and it smells like loneliness in the simplest way and there’s always people here but not for me
I don’t know whatever attracts me to boysor menhowever you perceive them I don’t know why I sometimes feelboiled bloodsomewhere southof my chest
he tasted likeashtrays,stale alcohol, and a guilty pleasureI knew I shouldn’t havewanted so badly
I’m thinkingof peoplethat don’t careabout me and I’m notsure if I care for themor if I’m boredand justwouldn’t minda mouth tomake out with
when you whisper, “do you ever miss me?”in your drunken state,it puts me in a difficult position becausemissing you was adefault setting I neverwanted to admit to having
The feeling of loneliness, and abandonment. Feeling like everything is a loss. The feeling of walking around inside not knowing where you are or why you're there, you just are.
As your whispered words silence every demon trying to overtake me your projected voice arouses an untamable feeling that overwhelms my being Every now and then I seem to disappear in my head
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