Slam for Civil Rights

February is Black History Month and we want to hear from you. We want to hear your version of history in these poems, so tell us what historical figure has most inspired you, or what event you believe to be the most important in the Civil Rights movement. Be honest and creative.

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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
I keep hearing its noise at every turn on my bed They always seem to be on the move
2 days 17 hours ago
The promises will never be. It will never be over. This character flaw they possess. They will only bring us to more ruin.
2 days 17 hours ago
Injustice all around me Jesus your nailed Scared hands to care Of them You what wouldn't be right
6 days 20 hours ago
Smile at the Russian man who talks kindly of his home landLaugh with the German girl who walks wit
1 week 15 hours ago
Voices of women speak loudly, And have courage to seek justice Reveal the darkness in society,
1 week 2 days ago