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Only the nightingale sings the melody of constancy, With the falling of last light, her notes welcome me To the darkness of the night, the brightness of the stars.
Because I love you, I have no words to say Why? and How? I do. I only know the way.   I love you like the oceans Roaring beneath the sky. Like the waves, my heart motions
 In the house around the corner I hear the offkey ramble. In the house a street down from that house held a couple with the love purer than earth's water or a mother's love that is everlasting.
We both stepped onto the platform, allowing nooses to be tied around our necks. Our eyes were wide and filled with naivety and hope. We were reckless. We were addicted to feeling that rush of invincibility through our veins.
You're the light to my darkness,  The shiver up my spine. You're the reason I'm not heartless, And for that our love will never unbind.   My heart goes out to you because you are always there,
August brought shouting, crying, and shoving each other into hurtful words. Why? "Because I love you." October brought screaming, cursing, and biting my tounge to avoid angering you. Why? "Because I love you."
Traveller [ Inspired by the story "Going Places" by A. R. Barton ]
Love me for as long as you can stand to love me for love is not supposed to be stagnant It ebbs and flows and if you are willing to change with me I will gladly take your hand
Love is not fleeting. Love is patient; It doesn’t take less than a day to like what you see. Love grows, flourishes once you get to know him. Love is not implanted like seeds within our soil.
You fucked me up Bad. You saw me. Saw my soul. Clean and fresh And perfectly ripe. You set your sights
The wind dominates the air Biting my frigid cold nose Trees dance with their colored leaves The long path is curved and paved The blue birds’ song becomes rare
I put on my rose-colored lens The day I met him   When the “I love you’s” and “You’re my everything’s” Were clouds covering a dark storm  
“Don’t leave me like this.” “I have to go.” “No, you don’t.” “Yea, I do.” “No, you don’t.” “Yes damn it, you know that I do.” “No, damn it yourself, I don’t.” “Stop being so stupid,
You came unto me Because you love me   And because I love you I will protect you    And because you love me You will defend me at every opportunity   And because I love you
Yeah I found the light so now I begin my dream chasingOnce your on this path I promise you that there’s no escaping
This is the time of our lives that everything changes inside. Left is now right, day becomes night I feel it inside that I am not alright. Save me now, save me now take me down the right path, of endless glory that I will never give back.
New light shines in the blue sky No confines No clouds that cry   But soon they come Unknown where from Beginning the storm
You know you're in love when: she is the reason that roses smell sweeter leaves, snowflakes, rain, and petals aren't the only things that fall now you also trip over the deep brown, contorted roots of her hair
Love is a way of life. Multidefinitive by way of perception, always definitive by means of perfection. Energy focused on spiritual growth for both and all qualified to learn the lessons with sincere intent.
i loved a boy who hated everything sweet. i made him a cake but didn't add any sugar, yet he still said it was too sweet. i bought him candies but made sure only the sour,
I once gazed at black stallions, bridled Standing poised on the white snow. In the wind I heard hoof sounds on the go As if galloping unbridled.
Why is it when I want to shout and scream  and howl and roar until my lungs and throat burn as if I had just breathed out fire that only a mighty dragon could breathe nobody hears me  
If possible  I want to survive on your exhales breathe in your anxieties your adrenaline and sobs.  I want to be your morning coffee making each sunrise a little easier
Love is an uphill climb Filled with trials and tribulations We hold on to one another and push forwards Only whispering to each other four words;
If you love me, you won't plung my canvas underwater. If you love me, you won't let my paint peel, rise, nor fall apart. And you won't wash your hands, For they will be consumed with colors that flourish me.
The sidewalk you were always siting on  the way that no one talked to you  got me thinking  of whats wrong  taking the spot next to you  able to find the holes that you have  sharing my holes finding our similar holes brought upon trust built over
Because I love you,I would do anything to see your gorgeous view.
Because I love you, I will smile when you apologize. Because I love you, I will never question who that is behind those stormy eyes.
Because I love you, I will smile when you apologize. Because I love you, I will never question who that is behind those stormy eyes.
  tell me about what you love tell me about your dreams tell me about what makes you giddy let me see your eyes light up 
I got tangled in the streets of a girl Where red eyed wolves drank honey She tried to capture herself in a necklace But she didn't have enough money So instead she bought November
I can feel you slipping through my fingers What we once had was so solid I could grip it. At times, it was all I could hold on to. Now - you are falling, falling, falling... Dripping away.
"Last night I took a L and I didn't bounce back."I received some news that had repeated itself last year. Why can't I be happy with my lover in peace. Yeah we aren't out there but sometimes I forget it that we are exclusive. Does it hurt?
Because I love you I take notice of the precious moles on your nose and lips. I see small flowers Sprouting against the odds through grey concrete And imagine threading them through your silken hair.
It was the entrance into a new world, like an ancient paradise. Moods, wishes never felt before at last came alive.   In those moments I first saw his face, a part of me became intertwined
Dear high schools across America I just wanted you to see my perfectly round, slender shoulder
You will always be my favorite constellation. Every night I wander searching for your embrace. But we are humans, To travel at the speed of light like stars is to die.
Our first kiss felt like a supernova, explosive and iridescent, scattering my universe with cosmic dust.
One-way roads Make it harder to go back from where you came You take side streets, round-a-bouts An illegal turn here or there.   And sure you get back to where you came from
I stared starward when sleep had let me be, Being again alone in bed thinking of you. Under night bright I thought yesterday's thought of how therewas no you, and just my bed. These two ideas danced within my head,
Dear grandmother,   Promise I will never get tired of loving Every petal and thorn of Your worn out body.
Passion pink dripping from your words only changes shades to stain memories with something sweet, never bitter. In conflict, forgiveness is a muse.   Contempt lies awake each night,
Important  Single-minded desire To feel value  To be of value  Counting every flaw Every little thing To tell myself  I'm not worth anything Is it delusions?  Is it lies? 
Because I love you,   You are the thoughts that overturn my need for sleep And the thoughts that substitute my morning coffee You are the mind that gladly indulges in mine, Taking my thoughts in large gulps
The Seas And the Skies The color In his eyes Your hue makes me warm You’re a thunderstorm He holds the moon dear
Sitting here beside you, I feel safe and warm. Though we are not talking, I hear your every word. I know you would make time, To truly hear my heart, Should I have anything to say.  
Because I love you I will always find happiness in you, I will encounter joy in every little thing we do and comfort in every smile given to me. Because yo te amo
We have a lot of mountains That seem too hard to climb. We try to solve our problems And then run out of time. We've been checkmated so often That the game's out of our hands,
What is love?   Love is carrying a baby for nine months knowing the sacrifice it takes Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours because of their sake
you love her as sun-kissed skin loves the first swell of water tinted blue, scattered crystalline fragments of memory. the first time you confessed was
I lay with my lethargy under night skies,in cool, blue grass with dew settling to sleep around me.
There is a piece of you that lives inside me. I know it is there because I can feel it Along the ridges of my spine
Unspoken it is, Fluent it will forever be Everlasting in its nature, Wholesome and kind Human in its difference, It's difficulty To love
What is Love? Love has many different meanings You could love a thing, a place, even a person Love is friendship, family, relationships Love could heal you or break you Can warm your heart or break your soul
All clouds are only water and air Beyond my mind, I am blank Circling thoughts are mere casualties Dust fills my lungs and dances Everlasting ideas create a gentle emptiness
A hockey team skates slowly over thin ice. Lonely but not alone, the goalie stands, Guarding a meaningless area That has been assigned temporary meaning. Her head held high, she takes the puck,
"Don't set yourself on fire to make others warm." Yet I carry matches in my right pocket at all times.
I'm not as traditional as the all American apple pie. More like that burnt bun cake that's been left in too long. Beauty from afar, so much damage inside. Longing for something to change, 
He drives his Lincoln fast down those dirt roads. Too fast sometimes. He isn’t suicidal, or maybe he is. He wouldn’t mind if the car flipped, it was exhilarating, to say the least.
Bed of thorns, vacant flowerbeds, Flowers plucked and torn, your loyalties shed. Flower crown of spikes, flower crown of thorns, Wicked wicker-weaved words swarm.    I'm selling secrets a dozen a bundle
Just as a boa constrictor, an unhealthy relationship suffocates those caught within its coil. Smaller and smaller, the world is slowly constricting, Gasping for breath, an eye-opening realization comes to mind.
The Everlasting, Tentacled Heart   What a wonderfully lovely little girl she was With her long hair flowing behind her juvenile face
Every breath consumes old habits, You spoke to me in possibilities, It’s you who broke me away from sins committed, Erased the ties that bound me.   No longer must I dance for him,
Alone. Dazed and confused I stared at nothing in particular. I felt small and insignificant. I was young and inexperienced. My breath came shallow and rapid. What would happen? I did not know.
A Beautiful Life   treading water My lungs thirsty for air… I fought and I fought hard but I am sinking in a quicksand of constant expectation
I Will.   I will lift you from the ground when you fall, Be at your side with even just one call,
It's this weird feeling like someone just gave you a sip of water  after a life long drought like seeing the sun set for the first time after years of being blind love is something like that 
The ground beneath my feet is firm,yet I can spread and curl my toesin the forgiving soil of his support.
Because I Love You As a child, those were the words I never understood.  Mom, why do you give me consequences or get mad when you cant find me in the grocery store? "Because I Love You" 
Soon you will learn That there's so much to learn, That life is much more Than the books you return To a library you hide in And can't ever protect you Like the loving arms
A star, Twinkling, Spinning, Sparkling Out of reach.   Winter sets in. You climb a mountain, And jump. But a Twinkling, Spinning, Sparkling
I turn away, from the beauty of the falling sun, hoping I can turn away from you.
You stained my existance, smeared my heart, and left a masterpiece of a mess behind.
Let's talk about love. Let's talk about young love, new love old love & blue love. Let's talk about butterflies and blueberry pies. Let's talk about practicality and obligation. Let's talk about pain and indignation. Call me mature to say love
The sounds of blameless sounds rang upon my ears and every things went wrapping against, At different interflows were the unintended collusions of bleeding leaves crying sweet red,
A life with you is like a rose. It is beautiful to look at, It may have some rough edges. But those rough edges are healthy. You are you and I am me. Like a rose, our relationship grows.  
Another day, Another problem. Usually things would be fine, I’d press on with a smile. But today… Today… I can’t keep it off my face, I can’t stop it from bringing me down. I…
"GFV" As he landed on this rich land that is covered with dirt,the old man said 'shit' when it literally means to shoot.I was asked to jump out of the building because I misheard it,I asked "from which floor?'Maybe just alittle brain will do, they
ask me again why the wounds hold me here like clots & bruises of another ruined sky with its sharp edges & its palette of blackbirds its long reach
Once upon a time, No. Let’s flash forward. This is the real story.   North China constantly
I am sorry but I am not.You were the most stable thing in my life, but since the moment you walked in you took the form of a pesticide. The label reads that it will help protect your plants, but says nothing about the negative side effects.Of cour
Jumping out on limbs because you lost all your branches.Branchless because your roots have rotten.At what point do you stop being a tree?Does a tree need branches? Need roots?Or have I simply become a sickened stump?
the discomfort  my request to keep my youth must i be blessed? the intoxication drunk on sweat to bleed with pride another day dry.
The fairy tales that the fairies always fail to tell are the truest of them all. These "once upon a times" only happen once every so often, which begs the question of what is happening the rest of time?  In between these instances of happy moments
Once upon a time there was a happy girl. She danced around smiled and saw the beauty in minute detail.  She saw color in everything, even on the worst days. But then she began to grow.
Said the grandmother to the girl: Listen child Your stories are full of princesses, cold stone towers, emerald scaled dragons with piercing eyes and flames for breath. But you know not of the stars
Memories wrapped around clots and strands Of hair oft described as gold, by those forgetting Its bearer led a life Best described as wing-clipped.   Thigh-length, some days shining, others matted
Rapunzel, Rapunzel had a lot of hair So thick, so dense No stylist would dare   She stayed in a tower In the middle of town Combing and spraying Detangling and braiding  
there was a princess who didn't get her perfect ending. the blanket shielding happy eyes is still casted by the faux story of a princess who didn't get her ending.
Oh, they say there is a beast,  who lives up the way. In a house three stories tall, and soon to crumble any day.   But I've seen whose song haunts the halls,
Three Billy Goats wish to cross a bridge, Where the water laps violently Under a ridge.   The bridge is quite dangerous, It is guarded by a troll.
     In a world, larger then life, walks many experiences and paths meant to be crossed. Every second of every day will play out due to the choices made years ago.
He had eyes green as lily pads, And a heart, large as the pond outside his grandad’s house Where we splashed and squealed as children.
  Shadows surround I make not a sound, Through the trees, I see, not one child, but three My belly thunders as I watch them toddle in wonder My eyes glint Perchance giving them hint
That Sun day You crack the egg onto the frying pan You watch it bubble and sizzle You grab the fried tortilla and slides the egg on top  
That Sun day You crack the egg onto the frying pan You watch it bubble and sizzle You grab the fried tortilla and slides the egg on top  
Life is a journey For where will it take you next? I cannot begin to explain What it is like to play in the adventure That is Life
The Future of Abbie Chris Lane As I watch, Patiently waiting on the water, I see the one, Skin becomes cold, My body melts into the lake,
White, black, brown, yellow. It‘s the few Colors that make our world colorful It makes our world seems happier and Less dull, cheerful, and calm. All skin colors are beautiful in the light
We've all heard the story of wolf the one we are told blew his roof but what we dont know and what they dont show is the wolf was feeling a bit low   he walked all day shared some hay with his bae
A hint of realism to know we're still on Earth   Topping the tables with jewels and crowns so that all princes have their choice
She lay in the ashes, cold and fair, With light eyelashes and golden hair. Cinders, sisters, spinsters, blisters, Haunted the dreams of the working girl, A tangle in a palace of curls.   
Trees all I see are treesTrees that help me breath that ease the pain in my feet 
Golden gallows, I fell under Neglected sorrow, created thunder I discarded you so promptly In fear you would continue to hang my body Cessation of my sorrow, you manifested into suicide, not so much a gallow
Chained to the sea  oppressed by its waves and torturous tides to conform or be prepared to die that's the decision the Little Mermaid must make  there is more than just her life at stake
Pretty little beauty defiled by poisonous thoughts Disintegrating smile her time is running out  slaughtered by the envy wicked as the wind  candy coated apple  this beauty's most prominent sin
Slow I walk none to talk passing by  gazing at the sky It's been a while since I last seen the water doesn't bother me none it'd mean my very slaughter the name's Moana I have no daughter
A blonde beauty Trapped by fearFeathers floating farther Falling from wingsThis beauty can no longer flyA blonde beauty Succumbs to love Leaving lies left to dieRight and wrong on the side
his eyes were mine,they held the sea and the sun.making my heart explode his eyes never showed me lovebecause they were in love with another.
Soul of Darkness Eyes don't lie Heart filled with hurt Mind filled with dirt Lips always curled into a smile Mouth filled with laughter Dimples are always showing She says she's happy
I am a collection of the mistakes and dreams of those that I've loved A mind that never stops moving, accompanied by a heart that feels every beat and every tear A soul like mine is fortunate for love
"So this is love..."   The thought echoes off the caverns of my mind,as cold and empty as the darkened motel room in whichI am grateful I cannot see  
Pinnocchio was the first, Geppetto and Geppetta's Happy Accident No one talks about Geppetta that much anymore 'Cuz she doesn't come around that much anymore  She was a good Wife and a good Mom
My bare feet crunch on the leaves nestled on a dirt path as I walk through a  distorted truth about my past.  
What I was expecting, was not her at all, My heart beating until it falls.  The hole that was held for many years in between, Has finally opened with her chasing the Hare for his ring.  
A flowering brush silently drips and perspires under the regulation of the dawn. Bees spawn amongst the first lit blooms, humoring the early bird.
Once upon a time, as every story goes, There's a beautiful maiden that everybody knows. Her voice was never heard, although she had much to say, Yet continued to be gentle and kind throughout the days.
The fires of hell raged until noon I opened my eyes to see a red moon The last thing I remembered was a left turn But it was hard to think with this slow burn   To my left and right were cooking cadavers
I wanted to thank people But was unable to explain What it means to have a friend To share life's joys and life's pains It's good to know our friendship Is one of endless devoting
Slip, over moss and leaves, Over the land that breathes, I am the Serpent,
"I love you," he said. He did not.     "I love you," she said. She did not.     However, all was not for naught,For both received what they sought.  
I'm leaving home for the first time. And it's kinda scary, I don't know what I'm up against. There's a future I can call mine, Out in a great big world Where I'm on my own, without friends.  
I. Heavens flicker and take fire. The Earth takes its final breath Trembling, Stained, Defiled. Dreams gained with certain loss
I left my heart wedged between your door, sealed, shut, in fear and a cheap envelope.   With an even cheaper excuse.
When I was just a little child I began to see I had a special family Who is always there for me. A family that stands by you No matter what you've done; Who picks you up and dries your tears
It's my destiny To fall asleep,  But I lie here wide awake.   My head ablaze But my body still Silently awaiting my fate.   For I cannot sleep, How hard I try,
An outbreak of an illness may cause several people harm to those who surround the infected. The case began with students on a campus who visited the informatory at the same time, as these students suspected
  Ok. So maybe there were never 7 and a pretty girl.   Just one. Just her. And they were all pieces of her mind
Emotions are strong   Emotions are dangerous   Emotions are to be feared  
My heart was thunder in my chest Upon my shoulders A mountain pressed  My shredded dress Blew in the wind She took my hand, The sorceress. Time froze like ice Her cool blue eyes
The closet is a social construct.   A construct built out of our fears.   And my closet is covered in rainbow tears.   My closet holds my past.  
  August 7, 2017 Tomas Vazquez   Once Upon A Time Scholarship
"I wake up everyday looking upon the creations as they build. I see that they are smart and I receive chills.
Once upon a time There was a princess. And then one day  she finds her prince in an instance. And in the end they both live Happily Ever After.   There goes a beautiful fairytale.
The Open Cage The cage door remains flung wide Yet the bird remains inside, Trapped by the wide open door, Blue like the world he won’t tour. Refusing to walk away
Onions   In a movie, an ugly, smelly ogre helped us find our layers.     -Nicholas Hardy  
All of a sudden-my life is very comedic, Once upon a time..., It's funny how it's funny to all the kids who read it, It's funny how the bunny who was running got defeated,
Once Upon A Time…. A fair princess was born. And all the land adored, The little babe adorned. How soon would she be betrothed…
"The mind is a box And truth its key, A music box full of Unique melodies. It plays for those Who wish to hear, Its sorrows and woes Of many a year. You may also chance
No one asked why No one asked how.. No one even asked what Chicken Little wasn’t a boy She wasn’t a kid She wasn’t crazy And her sky was falling But what was her sky ?
Your voice is one of the most powerful instruments you are born with, It has both ended wars and started them all with a flick of a tongue. It conveys our emotions and sings our songs.
Once upon a time there were Cinderella’s in the world A Cinderella’s love was stellar Full of confidence she glowed But glowing out of gloom she folds
Do you remember the night that guy told you that you were the eighth wonder of the world? Why can’t you see yourself like that? Why do you insist on repeating the words of the past in your head countless times a day?
Was it the way you said my name?   Or could it be the tender touch Of strong, masculine hands Gently caressing the dull locks Of my hair?   Average feels like a death sentence
Once upon a time, when life was a dream and life was on the line, with a train losing steam, being lost wasn't fine, yelling "I don't know what's mine" rather lose track than lose my mind, 
One time, Sometime, There was a non-magical building In an even more non-magical town, Where pumpkins and mice Were as plain as they sound.   There were no Great Stone Dragons
Once upon a time our hearts were synchronized  but fairytales lie 
Sometimes We don't know how to show our emotions Sometimes we shine like how the sunshine The sun can be orange,red, or yellow Like our emotions can be happy,sad,or angry When it rains we sad
Once upon a time there was a girl Who fell in love with a hero He swept her away to another world 
When the heart is oppressed the mind screams for release and searches for compassion to compensate for the pain that it is tortured long for peace but all that encompasse  about you is the desire for rhetribution of the one love which promi
Why do we fear thunder? Thunder can’t hurt you It’s just a sound.   Why do we fear gunshots? Gunshots can’t hurt you They’re just a sound.   Why do we fear screaming?
Was there ever a place the storm had not been? The storm shrouded everything.  The sea's azure peaks and emerald valleys  Always smothered by an array of greys.   
Once upon a time I was here or was I there that's when I seen him,  my story teller, the one who would write and direct this movie I live in   Once upon a time he was sweet
Fairy Tales Are written about princesses With magic and love. But people forget about those who don’t get happy endings.
The truth behind Beauty and the Beast By Alex Dix  
i cry and i get nostalgic scrolling through old facebook photos each click opens an old wound every comment a shatter of the heart because i miss the girl i used to be. Long hair and a smile
i wish death on powerful men selling off dime store head ruthless inhibition restless intuition hurry along and flourish no more sleepy sounds will fog your head hope for humanity has been less
          Blocked were the truths, Revealed were the lies. Insulted were the innocents, Praised were the corrupted. Publicized was the fakeness, Hidden were the  realities.
I am the weight of the cross I am the nails in your hands I am the soldier's laugh I am loved by you!   I am the thorns on your head I am the point of the spear I am the insults of the crowd
Not one could conceive Such incapable instant Merely just a fair boy Average as the corner store Which not a shining soul laid eyes upon
Puppet Boy    strings lace my hands, they hang above my head. skin pale and bruised. eyes practically dead.   i am their puppet boy.  
 Here the boy sat writing for his future. He'd hoped it would all work out  yet the standards have been set by the the past. For the boy was not the magnificent Walt or Dickens himself. Yet he still pushed himself, 
I find myself looking out over a thousand hollow heads Sitting like bitter underripe fruit on top of hollow, senseless bodies Packed and pressed and neatly gift wrapped
You see….This key can open many doorsBoth physically and mentally Maybe you can't see what I see in this KeyAnd maybe it's not meant for everybody But we can be agree this key can opens many doors   It can open doors of dreams and hopes Leading to
You see… If I were hit with a baseball bat, I’d probably have a pretty black and blue mark, That would look like someone had tried to color the galaxy on me. The black sky would fade to blue,
Your sweetness, tender words, are kisses on my dissected heart.   Scarlet with my idiocy, a crown of shame.   Fool's fool, parading in saint's mask and desire's cloak.  
It’s a tale of lost potential, The Fisherman and his Wife Friends with a heavenly being, neither could help but be filled with strife Trying to please a greedy wife, the fisherman endured her ridiculous rants
The song has yet to be sungWhich can harmonize my affectionTo a voiceElegantly enough for you—You who haveRepeatedly untangled my spiritFrom where it lay spilt on the concrete.
Fair maiden blue and lonely, sitting in a tower, isolation a cloud around her, a single visitor every evening. Her mother or so she'd been decieved. The woman would leave again in the morning,
My mother had adopted the myth of the black cat crossing the road is bad luck, and when a cat would begin to cross the road, my grandmother would hold her tight into her arms, so she'd see nothing but the print on her clothing.
This winter is cold and heavy, The frost nipping at my toes, But I know someone with a bigger bite, I cannot escape.   The red snow follows every step, Little red, Little red,
The bed springs creak as the mattress bounces, Faking pleasured noises, I glance up to the sky, A pure white ceiling furnishes my vision, If I squint hard enough, the water stains appear,
a modern day jungle we're all in a bundle the lions teaching ground  with vultures all around always pushed and shoved  too scared to look above gazelles run and hide 
My skin
O’er the marrows apparent lust, inevitable like auburn rust. Alas I long to see the gold beneath the brown-red crust.
 Lady in blue was in a tightly woven structure made with malace whereas others envied her palace, she craved their freedom shading her from the outside, where she cant see them,
When you look at the night sky and inhale the cold airOf a cold night in the great city...You feel refreshedFrom sitting in that small apartment all dayCluttered full of your brothers and sisters
It doesn’t really matter where you came from, who you know, none of it.  They try to teach you that in school, possibilism, don’t let your background determine your future you stupid social Darwinists, how dare you corrupt the lives of our preciou
Crattled little baby Not enough to change diapers The list goes on, luckily it was hyper Eagerly to jump to oppurtunities were their was none elevated from the oppresion that it have won 
I hear men on top of cliffs roaring their names with all their pride. Looking down upon me like they’re expecting a parade. While the lioness are out hunting for their prey
I was planted to grow In thick soil like the others  I was planted to grow As beautiful as the others  I was planted to grow With thorns as my protection 
When I find the time for introspection. Toward enlightened contemplation or even just reflection. Empty your mind, relax your body, inner stillness. Yet somethin' bout it still feel irreverend
My mind is afloat with many ideas, Thoughts are ignited inside the eye of things which cannot be erased. Can this path of life lead to the place that I can call home,
It's been said before by many and few but among them this quote reigns true it's me against the world and the world is winning, it's become so cold no one has the strength to be bold, it's a world where people are told what not to be and what not
For a house without a single mirror Is a house without a roof or a door The perspective here is so much clearer When you realize this is a metaphor  
Labels. They can make you feel like you’re soaring above the clouds, Surrounded by birds of feather, whom together they flock, The breeze whisking through your plumage,
Under one nation What is one nation We fight a war for peace Please Its all an excuse To hide from the truth We are never satisfied We live a life smothered in lies.
On my serene stroll in the green lawn Just before the sparkling crack of dawn Cuddled by the gentle singing breeze And magpie chirping along with ease I gazed with awe at the horizon high
The blood that runs through my veins is the courage I feel when I arise each morning.  
Oh say can you see, the state of our great country We claim to be the land of the free and the home of the brave But our behavior is abysmal and disgraces our Flags proud wave
Land of the free built off of my people the enslaved Home of the brave though we don’t help those who need to be saved It’s a melting pot but oil and water don’t mix
Looking from the sea far away A place with unlimited possibilities, the promised land. I dream of being there one day, To be able to make a stand.  
My Love By: Anthony Kirk Taxation without true representation, used to pay
O' Great America; She said, "They never know what they got" But you still take it away. What you do? Throw it away and, getting away? I cant go to your bank without running away.  
It is not the Land of the Free but the Land of Opportunity. Our Speech, unhinged, becomes our Pride And we leave no problems to hide.   We praise the Phoenix and the Lotus That lie amongst the Land
I am meA human being, he made me beIn this world I play the game of lifeNot as easy as the board game, but that's alright 
Liberty and Justice for A L L All. You and me. Now when we say this is it what we truly mean? All of a group or all of a nation? Does my melanin-enriched skin, My wooly hair,
I stare at myself in the mirror wondering “how did I get this low” I stare at myself with fear wondering “how did I get here?” I tell myself “Why aren't things crystal clear,”
They see me just a brown woman, they fear those blessed and melanin infused with strong pigment and color, A true badge of honor,
Dark and WhiteWhy is dark wrong and light right? You see dark and you think dangerYou see white and you think angelYou see dark and you think evilYou see white and you think goodI see dark and I think complexity I see white and I think emptyI see
Have you ever felt like you’re staring at a black canvas? This canvas represents your life.
America, Americathe land of the freeAmerica the beautifulbuilt on bravery   But are we as boundlessas we claim to be?  
Toffee mocha? My Caramel sizzling over a white supremacy Fade away my caramel into the ethnic beneath the white bean bullet.
Skip down a road clothed in simple innocence Where wiser men strolled in their youthful exuberance Take a share in our heritage  And grow from a seed planted with the experience
I remember a story about a man who's raised by a shewolf who swore that he'll never hurt his mother, he didn't trained by the wildest beast in his homeland Claws against claws Fangs over fangs
  There are times When speaking out is important. There are times When being heard can change the world. There are times When being different means everything.  
We the people We the people divided We the people alienated We the varied We the broken.   We who break each other down and hide behind the pieces. We who have bled,
every year for as long as i can remember my mom has tried to grow a rose bush. key word tried.
Streets of gold Buildings made with pearls Oh what a wonderful country thy are! Thy has fed me the sweetest of berries  Thy has maintained my hands purified Thy has shown me the variety of colors around me
I love sleep. From daydreams to nightmares, I could live in my dreams forever. No matter how vivid those other worlds appear to be, Nor how terrifying the chases are,
America who claims to be the one to set you free will only lock you up in invisible chains. These are chains that no one can see except the ones who go through misery. With the chains it comes with hate that will burn through your skull.
She is a land mass like no other, She is the Nation of Power, She embraced this misfit foreigner, Like a caring Mother She molded me...  molded me to pursue The American Dream.
  ************A Ryan E Mot-Hag Poem********************************* *Inverted Ambiguïté (Rouge, Hyacinthum, et Blanc) di America*  See there?  
There was once a dream That sought to grow in the minds of evey human being as a lilly flourishes in the spring but we are neglecting that lilly  and to me it seems awfully silly 
He arises from what could potentially be his muddy grave, knowing it has already consumed many greater than he.  He asks himself what he has done to be spared from the bombs bursting in air. Luck, supposedly?
The Canvas By Amanda P A blank canvas sits upon an easel No color, no words, no expectations
I am part of a lost generation. And I refuse to believe that I can rebuild the world. I realzed this may be a shock but " Determination is deep within" Is a lie, and "Fame  will make me shine"
Dreams built on backs of hope Cascading the minds of youth.    Openness blocked by boundaries of the mind and soul; And of the pocket of one newly born.    A flag hangs with no wind. 
Fought so long and hard that I've forgotten who I am, Breathed the dust of angels and choked on the sand, Wrestled with the devil and bled scarlet, heavy red, On the other side of Paradise, where I lay almost dead.
I walk around my little suburban town with hope tucked away in my heart. But this hope is tested by the deconstruction of Art Galleries for Valeros.
As we silently sat and waited for you to arrive, Decades passed with your resistance. We all eagerly listened and wondered if you were alive,
America Home of free and brave Everyone 'loves' America But why are we so divided?   If America is beautiful, why do we pollute? If America is great, why do we hate?
I rest in darkness and despairYet dawn cuts through blackHope floods in, answer to prayerAll systems go: we seem on track
People talk how great we are But do our actions live up to par? We preach freedom But just how true is our kingdom    We have the reputation of being the best  Standing out from the rest of the crowd
Make America Great Again? Sorry, I don't believe the vision. America has potential to improve. Trying to be great again means we were great once. When was that? What exactly are we striving to when you say "Let's Make America Great AGAIN".
The ocean and world powers, Two very distinct yet powerful elements dwelling in the planet Where their limit and potential are endless leading humanity
The ocean and world powers, Two very distinct yet powerful elements dwelling in the planet Where their limit and potential are endless leading humanity
America= my guitar out of tune issues with instrument and player pegs are nubs strings are worn down & tired from hearing all this jargon the player when he creates music, it comes out dead or
We are living in the index of a history book yet to come.  
Death is my only friend Silence is a means to an end Down the river we flow Target tattooed on my back The lions ready to attack There is no where else to go I've got nothing but scars
never ever will i write a poem that i need to put away and get out later i like the flow of the sink and the faucet of my thoughts that at the granite of my pencil, the faucet can churn a powerful stream of water
Mother She protects houses nourishes All forms of life Yet we do not do the same We kill We torture We laugh at others pain
I know about love I've seen its cold slobbering nose pressed against the window Waiting for me to come home I know about love I've felt it's warm soft tongue Erasing the tears From my cheeks
p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Like the dying dwindling fire The embers rekindle Life As the dog left All alone Still protects his bone   Like the burnt out Mother
The woman on the left Lives like Proverbs' thirty-one. She bakes her bread each day With the rising of the sun. She knows what her tasks are, And how to get them done. She never is too serious,
Slipping fast on a winding road All your years of experience driving All the years of our country thriving Fall fast away When a patch of ice is hit When all you have is a stoney grip on a useless wheel
My back hurts it stings. I'm a miniscule part of my society, but everytime I see them fall I ache -- I seethe.
Decades of depression, in America We have been preyed upon, With the slashes of whips on Our backs, stripped Of our human and civil rights
My son is my best bud. He knows the song my heart plays.Knows my voice, my stregth in emotions.I'm his protection.His warm dry towel. His recognition.He's my inspiration. My light.
America— The wonder of the West. The country when, at its worst, is the best. America, everyone’s dream destination, Tell me, what is destined for our nation?   The American Dream has become a nightmare.
How could you do this? Destroy the bonds we built This land was our land
Breaking news! This is the story of the year, a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see an indomitable empire torn at the seams Two armies facing off in a ballot box battle
It was a pleasure to see things blackened and change in the world the blood pounded in his head, his hands were playing all of the blazing and burning tatters and charcoal ruins of history.  
My nose becomes a leaky faucet whenever I eat soup. The bed must be remade each day because I sleep so wildly. My breasts are a treasure trove
We wove a tapestry together and I thought it was beautiful We were in the center and we were holding hands and all was good. It wasn’t until after you left that I realised that
They fear us because we're different We don't fit into their perfect colony Bees buzzing all around Swarming in every diection with an over whelming sound   We are many bu they are more
Oh, say, can you see What you believe, you may achieve By the dawn's early light Every morning, an opportunity What so proudly we hailed Together, a prideful nation At the twilights last gleaming?
Oh, say, can you see What you believe, you may achieve By the dawn's early light Every morning, an opportunity What so proudly we hailed Together, a prideful nation At the twilights last gleaming?
Dear America, It’s taken me 17 years to compose this letter To figure out what to say Maybe that’s how long it takes to gain the courage To confront the face of one’s oppressor
America is, The land of the free… But not for me at least. Yeah, I know it can be really great. No I'm not trying to instigate, It's just…
The scene unfolds on a president prepares to send the country to a war they cannot win. The world becomes a wall and everything is either on One side or the other. Democrat or republican. Real or fake.
White Dove by Gabrielle Tigner 20 days after the New Year
So every person I am drawn to For an unwavering spirit  And a heart of gold Is taken or young or nonexistent And though many stars point to them They are unreachable for a Girl stuck on planet earth.
We are husbands, wives, daughters, brothers. We are workers, athletes, videogame enthusiasts, poets, painters. We are eaters, talkers, lovers, sleepers, dreamers.
America is a land of limitless alternatives. But plurality of lies is not progress. Congress won't dig for the answers in the ground. Doubtless or dubitable,
  This venom stung me so deep that all I see is a blurred vision, The random feel of a pain so strong that all I fear is getting burned. You painted the black canvas in a dessert filled with sorrow,
only one I think of some one distinctive to love every joy of anyone all added up to only one three times my heart beats with this intense emotion why must i only have it once with one
a smile and a kiss the kind face of pain The smile is genuine but it masks pain pain and hurt and conflict all masked the same   I hurt to see it it clouds his eyes
A rainbow needs all colors, Brilliant alone, but together they shine. Cowering behind our colors makes us gutless. Your attitude radiates red,
"How are you even here right now?" I got here by myself, my own merits and determination! "Yeah right! You Mexicans are what's wrong with this nation!"
"O say can you see by the dawn's early light" A hero in blue, who's reached the end of his fight, He lies on the ground, his badge a bloody sight,
Shadows are following me home yet, I feel so alone I seek for attentionbut no one sees me I wonder if there are more peoplelike me
Dear America, I stand at the center of your porch ready to knock When you tell me to climb through the doggy door, Knowing my entire body will not fit within its size.
today is the day , you cant say there is no way you are in the game play, dont talk about tomorrow , when today you not made it flow,  
Sometimes she gazes at the world outside her glass cage and reminisces on how insignificant she is  in a world that can only neglect and belittle  
Everyday, I campaign in support  For a good heart, sometimes I win And the others seem not to exist. You don't have to know everything  I want to tell you, but just know Happiness. If the others do come, I give
I am the cave you always see.I am the cave you leave be.When you look at meyou notice danger all around me.An that's all you ever will see Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to be mean.I just want you to see how much looks deceive.If you took a ch
I am like a raindrop full of pain.Falling out of the skybecause my life was just a lie.Spinning to the groundwithout making a sound.I knew my life would never last.So now I think of my pastas life around me goes flying past.In my eyes goes memorie
Amazing to grace! Happy! Very Intersting! I feel down!   Not a very good feeling I should speak. But i don't want to toy with it Nor do I want to break it!  
Knight Hawk grunts as he struggle walks The memories flooding him always The recent past like a nightmare  A never-ending cycle of despair drifting The blood he still feels on his skin seeping
Know Yourself. This life is not so easy, give time a tog to settle down for a reason. Realize it is inevitable to swerve out of place, like your first steps made, hardly to keep in pace.
We are all renters here Living in borrowed space Here and there, far and near For the entire human race
WE are clay clay carved by our beliefes  our surroundings the hills we climb the refusal to crack the things this year that carved my clay  that hacked away My grandpas last day
Underneath the surface Tucked just out of sight There is a dark and dirty place A place of endless night The sun has never risen The moon hides as well Just pay the toll Sell your soul
As days turned to years And faces grew lined  Time grew scarce And harder to find And somewhere between the tick And the tock The face of our God became The face of our clock
I’m from sunlight shining, Birds singing in early afternoon. The fortress beneath sheltering pine trees, Narrow paths I’ve walked a thousand times.  
Bored of being spoon-fed— Despair. I was wasting my youth, And I was aware. Gloomy, gloomy, gloomy, Couldn’t inhale the delight in the air.   Above in the clouds, I touched life again<
I am a wandering rock. Born from a world of fire, graced by beams of bright light, warmed in costal sands, discarded by a mountain,
I am told to enjoy this last year, And to remember every moment Because there would be many I would hold dear. But I became my own opponent.
hey say thats theres an infinite amount of parallel universes created by split second decisions.  this past year ive been thinking up as many as i can
The waves, vicious and mighty and blue, crashed like a storm But that was in the middle of the sea For by the sand's edges they formed a light drizzle, two old friends meeting up for coffee   Just small talk
IT WAS DECLAREDIn a time long archaic,Its dates scribbled over with the imprints of sand and eons,That a child was given light. On that day, IT WAS DECLARED That the child had the following rights and duties:1.
January is worrysome February is tiring March is depression April is abuse May is leaving June is smiling July is laughing August is awesome September is growing October is love
Perfume wore brave faces damp with worry. During familiar hugs she cried. Years of cologne waved
With college approaching My sanity needs coaxing Musing my future- A dry, beguiled form of humor   Waiting. Debating. Suffocating.   It's the epitome of a plight They say is only finite
A year is the blink of an eye That sheds a tear, That makes things clear. A lot can change, And stay the same.   As the eye opens And sees the light What once was a blur
Times have changed and I’m aboard the timeless train. The clock goes tick tock and I watch dimensions pass me by ...In attempt to hold onto past circumstances,
My future awaits atop this wall, With slithering serpents and the highest of falls. I look to see; it’s a thousand feet high, And all I could say is “I’m going to die.”
Roll her up in the sheets of the night before. Light her up, watch her dance round your lips. She can’t be good to me, they say. Then why so sweet to my lungs?
The night is growing on meAnd the deprivation of sleep overwhelms meMy confusion is worseningThe sorrow is returningAnd my smile is fadingI've lost hope
hardships, ups and downs, you can't let them see you frown. can't groan and complain because it'll cause momma a big 'ole strain. romanticizing illness and unfavorable demise, who thought this up ?
Gentle little thingFragile as can beThe smallest bird you will ever seeThe bird is molting Oh how can it beThe green little feathers Lay on the ground all scattered aroundShe could have lived longerAnd with me Gentle little thing Fighting I pleedT
Two eyes staring back as IRoutinely do as I'm told.Persuasion I have none, ButMy influence will becomeMore evident as you get old. I am worshiped more than God,Looked at more than passing time.I can see your true colors When we are together, butI
I consistently identified comfort and company only with Solitude amongst the ashen and crimson stone walls of my home.   Years I spent, a myriad of mornings marveling
I anticipate one day, Someone might understand. That wishes I made, Would be your's to take.   The more I think, the more I care.
I was not the only flame beating I had another which gave me warmth We grew from each other yet became distant I grew faint and dim, I couldn't keep living like this The other vanished frommy life and I felt cold
Last Year, I was Drowning   Collegiate stress, Financial worry, Severe depression
To break free A suffocating bubble of pretense and fakeness I stepped away from friends who were foes, not an ounce of care they gave from my sudden apathy towards their happiness.
One year later I am no longer in the wings of her nest. I have learned how to fly, and currently on my own doing my best. Last year I was being fed worms underneath her beak, But now having to hunt for what I have to eat.
The Broken Hinged Door By Zoe Pierson   It’s seen the good, the battered, the blessings, and scorn.  The late nights of sneaking out, the arrivals of long gone people, the past, the present, 
There  once  was  a  little  bird Who    just    wanted    to    fly “Spread your wings and leap,” The   other   birds   told    her,
A Year is the Ocean  Each Day the next Wave  A Test, a Crest we must Breach  Every Moment we are Swimming   Highschool is a Challenge, a surge of Waves, an Assesment Its a towering Whitecap of a Trial 
The chains weighed me down, binding me to the Earth, not allowing me to fly. My wings clipped, my voice muted, and my song gone; my spirit broken. He, all the while, prolonged my pain saying he did it out of love, then left taking to the skies.
When an older boy approaches a young soul His intentions aren't always pure  His inviting charm doesn't always mean he has a kind heart   This is one of many life lessons I learned in the span of a year  
Divorce is no friend of man. Divorce is a monster that engorges homes and never finishes it never leaves no matter how much you beg, no matter how much you plead.  it will never leave.
I used to have this car People thought it was a sweet ride, But there was a flip side They didn’t realize the controls were all behind me The pedals, the radio, the side mirrors See, I had a backseat driver
No one ever stays the same And I’m no exception; Constantly growing, Changing, living, breathing.   Every year a little older, wiser No longer a child, Maturity has bloomed from a
Sheltered I have lived Eyes opened and guilt revealed Children empty sans home   A place I traveled Three thousand miles from my home To true poverty   Forever grateful 
ain't I suppose to be special?I'm too "alpha male" to be a ladyAnd not man enough to blackSo, is this what a contradiction looks like?but ain't I supposed to be specialain't I a woman
She lies, And she does it so easily, She hides, And she does it so sneakily, She rips apart hearts,
Bubbles are dangerous- now, let me explain. Not the nostalgic solution, Innocence and iridescence Cherished in childhood Loved by young and old alike.   No- these bubbles divide Leaving behind
Shrouded in fear and anxiety she walks through life hoping to be unnoticed. Head down....walking without feeling....not to be heard. Hoping that someday, somehow, she'll be... okay. Not happy, but okay. 3...2...1
Tides of Change Drifting Shifting Divided our peoples Like seagulls Flying in the wind The lighthouse of hope Flickering and fading As sorrow seeps Into the masses
Like a shadow in the sun,  I followed. I conformed to what others told me I should be. Following the social norm, I was content with fitting in. I could be easily swayed one way or the other;
It all started with a rabbit. It’s soft snowy fur waving at me from a distance. My vision blurring, you spoke to me softly making my cheeks moisten, my heart pounding threatening to jump out.
Each breath brings about A life enslaved in shadows Long days of one And time in scattered pieces   Afternoons hunched over
    Today, it finally hit me; that moment of realization. I remember the days in my life that were so horrible and low. I remembered the moment, but not the feeling.
ACT I The thing that shaped my year?   Well…it was not a what,   or a when, or a where,   or even a why…   It was a who.   But who…was this who?
Snowflakes are one-of-a-kind, And so are humans, At least, That's what they tell us. But,  We have this imaginary scale That we all measure up to.   Sometimes,
As a little kid I dreamt of being an architect, my imagination built buildings of various shapes, sizes, and styles so stupendous some people might make it their phone screensaver and call it art, my eyes created cities so colorful and iconic that
Stabbed in the ear by ten different tounges That made me work for silver one. You are neglectful of my own neglect Now I am sitting tall, purched over the blind Calling me weak made me bench weights so I can bench you
The excessive beeping shot through my ears That of a cellphone Rather than the alarm that brought me tears The controlling boyfriend is what I feared   His voice shot through the phone
We have a father in the sky but on earth we are orphans, in lands where contraband and illusions are important. Not I though - my eyes glows with spiritual enlightenment,
Life is unpredictable but purposeful The pearl of the house was painful But at the illuminating sunshine, she became a gem I love her more now than then
I fell in love with his tragedy the way summer comes The retreat of the sun only breeding vulnerability coercing me, importuning me, to surmise my sole worth in this wretched world was to be enough for him
A troubled soul mine has been, For the past year much has conflicted within, I was left wandering in a foreign land, My steady life shattered and shifted into one unplanned,
Life is a bitch. It is either a bitch to you, Or it is your bitch. This year it was my bitch.
Days in, days out, Drifting on.Yesterday becoming todayToday becoming tomorrowAll waiting
Life revolves around it. It controls with its icy gaze; Or perhaps, with its summer haze. It comes at once, one single hit.  
How can a place so cold put on such a warm face? Gemini’s would even be surprised by the two-facedness. When will we come together as one and free ourselves from the races?
This year was like running in the country. Running up the tallest hill Just to trip and fall on the way down Laying in the dirt wanting to give up You get up anyways, walking home just to come back the next day
"She is not the one". Words, like swords cut people deep. Her love died, bleeding.
a tree swaying  in the wind above my head Learning  Maori  Hakas in New Zealand on the  mountainsides with newly made kiwi friends building upon prior knowledge
Love is a Rose red wildfire, which many people yearn. But, can leave you severely burned.   Perseverance is a artic blue iceberg
My priorities, now; have changed and stopped. Eventually change is inevitable. Textbooks and teachers control my life. Answering correctly, has become a blight.
Ripples of a Third World Heartbreak My eyes will open And I will see the vibrant yellow paint that has coated the walls of my room
The two of you stand there awaiting the results. Palms sweating  And legs trembling As you hear a name that doesn't resemble your own. You smile and clap while you are slightly disappointed.
She began as a bud,  Burning in the hot sun,  Crying silent tears as everyone bloomed around her.  But then she began to think,  No more tears.  And she straightened her stem,  Stretching toward the sun.  She drank of nutrients,  Feeding on the go
A year ago,  I had no idea that I was gay I couldn't be I liked a boy named Sam in second grade My first kiss was a boy who I was convinced I was in love with
Dear me a year ago... I would like to imagine to myself as though I were a boy trapped in his own mind that somehow this letter would greet you with a remeniscent face, but I know such a thing won't happen.
Palm trees are the epitome of peace Sights like these create a life worth living In preparation for our God’s decease Palm trees are like gifts that keep on giving  
Handwritten They ask me my opinion I raise my hand but regret my decision I sit there and replay the question but instead I pick up my pencil and write my recollection  
When you speak, your voice is a sigh Everything you say sounds like a ghost And when you take a breath I can hear you wondering how you died and if this is heaven
I'm tired.Tired of speaking self deprecatingly. Tired of telling other people that they are lovely.I want-No.
January of last year I thought the idea of loving myself was inconceivable. I was in a black hole, consumed by the hatred I brought upon myself.
Twenty. It’s not a hard burden to bear. But bent steel is never the same. Be it from six years ago or six days ago, bent steel is never the same. The fear from the robber’s machete…
You pay the bills Relieve me when I have the chills I appreciate everything you do, Without you, I wouldn’t being wearing at least one shoe.  
When you strike first, you know you can take the lead. When I look at you with blank eyes, I know you’re bound to win. When you strike again, you know you’re bound to be the winner.
Pollution corrupted the systems and the computers all died. All of the feigned wisdoms suffocated the love with pride.  
I’ve never had stitches.Though my efforts to scratch my itching bones
Then Darkness, uncertainty Unmaskable pain that pumped from my heart and through my veins; a throbbing reminder of my grief with every heart beat
A frozen heart I had, until you shined a light towards my reach On the day of eclipse, a motionless heart was harden The warmth of your breath, waves through my frozen beach
Tuesday, August 19 2015 I see the walls falling down Fire and tests for which we'll be bound Losing our life over one another Forgetting that we have a heavenly father
There are many ways you can see things, for me is through my eyes or through my heart. In the end you dicied the way you want to see this poem, through your eyes or through your heart.
There are many ways you can see things, for me is through my eyes or through my heart. In the end you dicied the way you want to see this poem, through your eyes or through your heart.
How strange it is When a bright soul goes dark A fire put out by the hose of insecurity and depression Facing this world While feeling alone But is there beauty in the struggle?
From the heavenly gates appears the ice crystal, Journeying as if but a delicate angel. The jewel appears from the clamorous clouds,
J Cole had the right idea i mean she had a vibe i was digging it Whole situation started off innocent But little did i know i was sucked in Going down into a vortex
I'm like a bird who tries to soar, but can't be able to fly anymore.  Fighter of this clan who needs to make a stand. I struggle to break free, with a world of possibilities to admire from up close.
Light of my lamp Shines too bright Waiting for darkness Waiting for night I wait in the morning I wait in the day The wait seems forever From October to May I love the stars in darkness
Holding onto A storm is impossible When lightning stings, Drops falls, Clouds roll, And it hurts to hold on To the rain storm.  
Knocked down You told me I wasn’t popular enough, That I wasn’t cool. You told me I was worthless, Because I wasn’t like you.   Knocked down
The Amerikkkan flag with its colors so vibrant Red for the billions of victims they silenced Blue as the oceans we crosed And as white as the policemen's skin responsible for the people I lost
Look me in my eyes Do you see the pain? The pain I hide  Look at my smile Do you see the pain? The pain that I hide Im guessing you don't Because I am the clown of the circus
It was slow and calm Then it was fast and crazy Now I long for end
John 14:14 here;Got no reason to fear;Because if my God is near;Then we always have a reason to cheer.Mr. Smiff irritatin’, his spirit fadedHis lyrics jaded, his fear is makeshift,
From seeing the world in black and white to seeing it in colors. I've become a scholar. Everyday being stage fright times ten, but all I had to do was find my zen.
Oh, dear girl How you will grow up into a strong woman Who doesn’t know the definition of the word “fake” You grew a bit too fast
In the dark I was lost. In the dark who was I? Hollow like an open shell. Needy for a soul to cling to. Then you whispered softly, "I am who you seek." Hands stretched wide you craddled me.
Rollin is a Genre That I Crafted, Since I started out as a singer in Church, then turn rapper, then singing-rapper, then realized that I wasn't a Rapper but could be Classified as One, in reality I AM a Psalmist,Zamar, Choruses, the originality of
I don't know why you're so upset Do you need some attention? Maybe you want some affection because your mind is conficted with thoughts that can go on for distance. I don't know why you don't think you're beautiful
I once thought, being asleep was a nice thing. I could dream, stay afloat in a world of my own, my eyes and ears closed
As children, the world seemed so endless.  Envious of its depth we ran to see it all- our oversized hearts didn’t know how to fall, so we took leap after leap of faith. We raced,
Yeah… the story begins inside of a black hole. The exit is clear but you can’t seem let go. You feel rooted down to the bottom of the pit, There’s nothing here, so why haven’t you let go?
  Road trips and family vacation made me nervous.   It gave me anxiety to be far away from my home.   I used to hate leaving and swore that I wasn't going far.  
I used to be free However, now I do see The chains bound to me
According to the Food and Drug Administration, caffeine is a highly addictive substance You may not see it that way because its effects lurk in our coffee cups
The dove gliding across the red sea of mornings light Landing in a forest of pine and oak The trees sprouting skyward from left to right
My life is an unfinished book I blow in the wind unstable  I have tear stains on the pages  Some of my edges are ripped and torn My end is yet to be written  Some of the words are smudged 
Whoever said image is everything wasnt mistaken. Regardless how you call the shots run the shows  What ever the case you jus gotta stay focused, Coz no one is gonna do it for you.
Sixteen years of Age Life is flying Page by page. Each month a new Chapter, each day a new Page. Each page brings   A new sting To my arm; It's covered in
What matters most is getting comfortable in my own skin.
Denying my strong suits every aspiration strong enough to motivate two young arms and a heart clutching for success In a world so full of pressure all fallen on my chest. Each lungful of desperation
There is something to be said About the color Orange. He is our president now, and As realization sets in, we begin to Dread. But dread will get us nowhere, and
A new year meant a new start. The beginning was a blast,  and when that clock struck midnight everything was in the past.   When spring came around,  things began to change.
From here I see a world, A place I can touch and feel, But at times I'm uncertain if it's real.   Apart from the people, Puppets with thoughts and dreams, I wonder if it's all that it seems.   
Can you picture this? Can you? The way the wind blows and makes the trees sway in a musical pattern. Can you hear the music?
I was a soldier whose name was not knownI walked onto the battlefield, where no man roamed.I looked out to see what else existed.And I saw another who
Love is the essence of finding another, like no other One who does not complete you But accepts you completely. Love will accept shortcomings equal and all the same
Seventeen years of life experience and I'm still not qualified for the job, because everyone thinks I'm either too young or too dumb. Pressured by society to look thin and tan, but we can hardly face each other man to man.
Martain Luther King  once said that I had a dream  that we would all be together and free but that dream was burned alive  in front of our eyes when our only crime was surviving
Rainy Daze  
Clockwise. The time ticks away, Fast yet slow. Minutes ticking by, Second trudging along. Time moves clockwise, It seems. You slip into old mistakes As time continues to tick.
This year all typed out can be one word. catastrophic . It can be book title. Xavier Vs 2016. It can be a mission.
Tears streaming, I impart The pain in my heart As my mouth goes silent, My mind gets violent Heavy as lead Is the storm in my head
This time last year, I was love torn Love sick "Sick" isn't even strong enough- I was dying of consumption  And what was eating me was  Misguided affection Blind devotion to a boy 
He fell in love with the game 'Cause he was making that Dinero After that he's never been the same Now to him I'm an absolute zero The money kept coming And like a drug addict he wouldn't stop
He rests encaged his heart entangled as the Little Red Raven has done. The school children shout, they jeer, and laugh, as they say: Aye! It’s you who got pecked by the Little Red Raven  
From conception, we spend the next nine months wrapped in a cocoon of our mother's protection.   Our cells come together to form
The morning rises upon her ocean eyesShe's not ready to put on her disguiseRevolted by the sight of the lies day and nightdown the stairs her ecstatic runmeans nothing more than a painful shunShe reminds herself of the voices, choices she'll have
Padded locks lining the door frame, Keeping the monsters outside at bay. Attempting constantly to have monsters tamed,
Anyone who's been on a roller coaster can tell you, there are ups and downs and loops and twists. For the thrill-seekers, it's a rush but for the fearful, the worst part is knowing that
Toy Soldier. Silent line. Strength in numbers, not in mind.   Shallow thought, intelligence bought. Matter, no matter if silence is taught.   Tame the soul.
Lost in the forest an oak reaches for a star The sun smiles
Up am to pm Trying to figure out who I am Living life recklessly relentless The drugs got me tripping sipping Am to pm ran splash into the dam Damn can't think straight In a court room ready to debate
It’s common sense to understand that no one can be the same person they were a year ago, I mean, it is possible, but highly unlikely. But myself, I am basic.
Enveloped in a world of adventure, left to relinquish control and trust our own glorious instinct, leaving our monotonous lives behind to discover a literal path,  a path in which we can let our minds explore. 
I feel restless As the lullaby of screams and agony Gently puts us to sleep in bodybags While the gentle rain of atom bombs Erodes away our humanity  
I have fire in my mind Ice in my heart Light in my eyes Darkness in my soul My demons consumed me And spit me whole I found the truth In loss of control
Such ambitions flow like seas of oceans, Flourishing like Beebalm's temptation. Degrading the captor with held potions, Lathering it with constant damnation. It's slowly sufficationg its airways, 
Up there you sit and mock me,  And your rhythm, Oh it haunts me, You resound within my skull Like a rock against a hull While I lay in bed at night You remind me of your might And I swear I'll take no more Cause you shake me to the core So I'll ri
One can only hope for freedom
The art of music quite defines The social spectrum that’s divine. Our broken world has suffered pain That Eco friendlies can’t contain. Desire needs for others help But Humans wont prevail at all
How did this come to be? Like the bird that forgets to fly, I am grounded, without purpose. I shout below, why? To know again,
I still hear the children playing, They have their own homes now. I still hear the horses running, They have passed away now. I still hear the rain falling,
gentleness does not come easy to me.tendernessnever sprung spontaneouslyinto my wildfire soul.  
We’ve all felt that pain, It Never seems to go away And we’ll just hide In our suffering Cause no one cares We’re suffocating
You are my sunshine, My grandmother’s voice is hushed by the foam of the waves. Her fingers delicately reposition a ringlet of hazelnut behind my ear.
I was so scared Because I liked you, I didnt want to. I didnt want to get back on the rollercoaster that had put me so deep underground, but it happened. Now we're together
It has been a really long year. Hate nearly covered what was good Sadness covered everything I have one thing to say It is not the end, dear I have survived this torment And made my life wonderful
When I was a year younger, I did not know how to float. I sunk into a deep ocean of heavy sadness. I unknowingly drowned myself there. I changed. When I was a year younger, I did not know how to swim.
Sprinkled and clumped like coffee cake,  Tiny tufts of beige create the mix of soft and coarse against my skin That makes the carpet tickle My cold, bare feet.  In a corner, spread like constellations:
you say it's such pretty hair i am concealed from the person i want to be one day i must be myself it's a feeling i have deeply within me   hide every aspect of yourself
    I've got ice in my veins Fire in my heart My head begging for a reason   Fuck these thoughts The childish weakness breeding doubt like rabbits  
My thoughts look better on paper. I write fields of daisies, But I speak an endless desert. A hurricane comes from my pen, But my voice has never seen rain.
The Last Leaf of Winter I Am The Last Leaf of Winter, Still Clinging to My Branch; Though All Through The Autumn, The Wind Howled, You Haven’t a Chance.
I am The pitter patter of raindrops On a window pane.   Where days pass Like drops of rain In a storm.  
Raging bells blow up my ears. Just 5 minutes more. The bells roar at me again. Maybe I can squeeze in 5 more hours of sleep In 5 minutes.   But then the stars command me To wake up.
I am a lens for I see the world in a different way I am a field of blank spaces where my ideas lay I am a thought that you are trying to read I am an answer to questions you need.
You don’t know me. I don’t expect you to get to know me much better by the time I’m finished, but There are often days where I see no reason to get up, And no reason to get dressed, With no reason to greet the day.
I hear people asking what the secret of happiness is   and I can't help but try to answer the question.   They say happiness is fortune... Isn't the love of money the root of all kinds of evil?  
All my life I’ve been hiding Behind a face that’s not my own. 4.0 Perfect The face of genius Who never trips or stumbles because
It can’t be bought,  So it can’t be sold.   It can be felt,  But it’s not to be held.   It’s something true  and never dies down.   It makes you wonder 
The rain slides down the window, A surface on which water may cling, perhaps, But gravity dictates that water must go down.  For water has no true foothold.   So, the rain slides, Quickly or slowly,
Learning optimism is learning a language you don't speak. It takes trial and error. It takes effort and focus. It takes acceptance and hope.   Stopping and smelling the roses- That's what I need to do.
My bed is soft My pillows are clouds But time is a-ticking, And I must go.   Why? You may ask. Stay. You may say. But time is a-ticking, And I must go.   The sun is shining
I scurry through this fridged night  Of darkness and eerie cold  Until I saw the strangest sight A lonesome candle, worn and old.   I swish a match under my chin and bring the stick to life
They lined the station like tchotchkes placed in careful disarray, Here between F and 13th, Red cheeked and frosted breath, Bare porcelain angels waiting on the shelf of a Goodwill.
I put the inanimate over my head, to protect my mind from gathering more unwanted thoughts These thoughts fuel my eyelids as they become triggers my lashes ever so slightly pull
The tale of a secret place, harken to none.  An unknown area,  exclusive to one. The journey there can be quite hilly, moreover, when I reach the summit, it gets rather silly.  
There are smiles in the skyLook closely, For the stars align and send messages to ones eyesThe beautiful landscape that a mere picture can not captureAnd somehow you, You make it feasible .Your beauty resembles that of the night skyShining brighte
They say that  Soul mates  Share the same wounds, Well, I'm sorry, My Love, For all the scars I've given you. 
The blend of word and sound 
Your bones are the bars  encaging your heart Your scars are the ink tattooed on your skin         Markings to remember         Markings to forget Somewhere inside the prison of flesh
Human minds are silly little models The birth children of originality And the forcibly adopted stepchildren of Society Cousins of melancholy
you are the sun behind the clouds,  the rainbow behind the sun,  and the galaxy behind the rainbow.    you make me feel beautiful.  you make me feel complete. 
I don't know what I don't know.That is why I never asked questions. All I ever wanted to do is "go with the flow",But then all at once I learned. About you and him,And you and that night,About you and everything I don't agree with.That day felt li
The racing of our imaginations --you argue, perhaps, that is our incentive?Lives without incentives are insane,and insanity with incentive is life.And how can we know what is beyond our mountains,
When I was young anxiety took a hold of me It asked if it could stay, And even though I said no it made a home in me It's deadly like cancer
When I first wake, wake from perfect slumber I dread that soon to be number The time to get up From the soft, warm, and inviting To the sky outside igniting.
The mornings are not my strong point School however is my main point. I wake up ready to learn I wake up thinking of a better life for there on. My view could be negative at some points,
You're beauty is like starlight, but more like the spaces in betweenBecause you're so much more than just a pretty faceYou're so much more than the precious pearls you hide behind
Moving Forward Yes, life can be hard And the world can be cold. At times you have nothing, Not a hand to hold. But we must look to the future, And the past behind.
The foreigner makes his way as the snow falls.   His feet, unaccustomed, are awkward and crude, and leave a crooked muddied trail in a vast and white field.
Let us talk about what makes me feel good. But this time, I won't share it on my therapist's green couch or my psychiatrist's wooden chair or to myself when I feel myself slowly start to slip.
I could tell you that the amber sunset Is enough for my eyes to pry themselves awake Every morning, Could tell you that the saccharine coos of birds stretching their wings
...And oh, he's pretty.   But he's pretty the way sunsets are pretty  because the thing that makes them so pretty is the very pollution that fills your lungs with poison,
It is very dark inside Sadness came and covered my eyes She covers my teary eyes, and muted my ugly cries Whenever I tried to fight back, she told be "Hush, dear" Wandering in the forest  A broken antler deer
What energizes one in early morning?             The favorite song drifting through the air             The symbol that the day is not for mourning,             But the beginning of the new, awakened by the music blare
Her love waits for her across the Nile, Where there linger a crocodile. Her eyes swollen and wet, Her heart is heavy with regret, She thinks about a goddess,
I greet the day still sleepy in a way waving towards the bright sun. While others sog, and slouch out of bed  I greet the moring determind to get ahead. Nine to five with no end in sight is what others do.
She saw the waves crash a storm against cheeksCracking hurricanes into men's eyesDroplets of rain trickled endlessly into puddles of veinsCreating a reserve of rainy day puddles to look back on.
Long Ago Days   The Chirp of the Sparrow, the Sound of the Thrush; Strike Me as Not having the Time, for Our Work a Day Rush.
I I’m a forest tree, not a loner T I share with many kits and kinds, Of manifold shapes, shades and shares, And with tongues differing in thongs That sing songs of chirpy beauty,
The lights on in a walmart on a saturday night flicker that bulbs about to burn out much like people the lights turn on when were born and flicker in the Hardest moments in life replace the bulb start again fresh bright new the lights dim during d
The first time I met the sun,He was about 5 feet and 9 inches tall.His smile was always so radiant,that I would squint when I looked up to him
To declare release from subjectivity, To place an accent on my creativity, Several Issues remain a fight for change, expressed through only one thing. I rise to visit priorities, but to reside with this passion.
Happiness, the underestimated spark of an interest or a comfort,  the faint light  of the stars warming up our eyes and with that our souls.  For me,  this is  words on a page. 
She's a god among many With her swift toungue Her independent success Give you the vibe she was stung Her low self esteem Fueled by her curly serpents Assimalation causes her to perm
Everyday wont go as planned  But still I got to keep my head up When i'm down I grab a piece of paper and go and pick my pen up I just wanna smile I just wanna smile I just wanna smile 
I've seen many sunsets and sunrises. All unique and truly breathtaking. Each one was a blessing to my eyes.
Dawn Approaches   Bells shrill ringing alerts me to the approaching dawn. To lift the weary head off a pillow throwing off blankets that offer warmth.
Hope. It is the generator for accomplishments. Although, these might not be completely made. I wake up free of negative sentiments. Knowing that the sun rises above the shade.
Telling me to express myself that’s like telling me to wreck myself How can I expect you to help me and you can’t even help yourself I don’t even think I should call the police because they might think it was me
Telling me to express myself that’s like telling me to wreck myself How can I expect you to help me and you can’t even help yourself I don’t even think I should call the police because they might think it was me
Happiness is a reward, A thing we shouldn't ignored. But happiness is not easy and life isn't all that breezy. Happiness is working hard  Even if your playing the right card.
I was just a girl looking at a guy He was just... A guy. I knew that I could love him But he thought love was not meant to be. The truth was He believed in love, He just didn't want it from me.
 The Light outside a window vibrant, appreciatedA new day, this novel Light. A fiery presence so often exploited,A constant so plentiful-A guiding brilliance.
I'm feeling light, yet I'm sour and sweet at the same timelike a lemon lime this night, I'm not alright, but have the might to continue to fight.I won't lie, life is fine, but sometimes it makes me so unkind when Iwrite these lyrics and when I'm b
Patiently Waiting For A Radioactive Insect to Bite Me
I am a balloon, the kind that children love to play with. The bigger the better, the more air the more fun; But the more air I contain, and the more I swell just like a strained balloon I will pop.
Bones tremble from thunder Eyes blinded, burned by lightning Blood electrocuted Hair raised, heart pounding When the storm clears Rain down my own tears As the music goes too.
i breathe. my throat is tight from too much singing and the anxiety that follows my audition -the look in my teacher's eyes is not responsive when the last note resonates 
Waking up is never my choice I would prefer to stay in my dreams Where you are with me  and not miles away   I wake to the ding of my phone But I know it brings traces of you
We spend days on end trying to be enough.What is enough?Growing up we learn that enough is being attractive, intelligent, confident.Enough is being independent.We try to be everything our parents want us to be.
it takes a mere instant, only to explore the unending opportunities to be happy through all this chaos of hate and madness   if you ask me what happiness is I am full of words full of moments
The thunder in her eyes clapped the applause of a full house. The rain in her laugh showered my hands with the warmth of oceans across the world. The sunshine in her smile shone through the clouds of her checks.
Ringing and Dinging,            an alarm of cacophonous singing, stinging                   my ears with discords that mirror that dreadful feeling when I wake.   I wish to go to bed, but little time is left
There is a room And in this room there are two boxes One box is big and the other box is small, Impossibly small, And you take a step forward To look at these boxes.
Is it looking into your past? Is it comparing your past with your present? Looking into your past is not the issue. Looking is living your past again.
I come home in despair To a world that doesn’t care I open my laptop to a world that does And shop.
to me poetry is a way to express yourself without feeling judgment poetry means being able to come home after a long day and write out all your stress and be able to sleep soundly that night
"Here, Raheem, take my guitar. You can be great." I've only known of Jimi Hendrix, and I was no Jimi Hendrix. I took the guitar that was given to me. I had no knowledge of this six string instrument. Mysterious, yet the brown wood was inviting.
wake up! its 6:30! oh no im late! I've got to get to church!  Its a drag to read the bible so early..... But.. i know i am learning Every day i grow closer and closer  learning and listing im waking up
i once met a goddess on a lonely road Knots of gold adorning her crown shining jewels as green as a toad Diverted all the way down   roses flourished in her cheeks As she continued to stare
The slight lilt of the piano played out Then the rumble of drums The thrum of the guitar And the tap of my fingers Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. A breath in... Air cascading down my throat
I am a sailboat. A sailboat without a sail. Without any wind to guide me. My life is the ocean, Angry and fierce and unpredictable. It tosses me from side to side, The water pouring in,
I sing about my pain without ever breathing a word The melody carried by the pen in my hand The paper holding my lyrics and heartache in a crisp white shell 
The world is a garden Where the positives and negatives dwell. Where beautiful things can happen; where caterpillars morph into precious butterflies,
Some days are hard The buzzing gets louder My heart pounds faster In one instant The world caves in on me Drowning in the abbess of my brain I can't ask to be saved
A massive thermonuclear fusion reaction  Unloading a consistent energy payload  Bombarding those who revolve around  The skeptics say it's bound to explode 
“Excuse Her. She’s Young.”   I get to experience heart breaks I get to experience failure I get to experience what I think is love
Contrived and vibrant, the garden of flora blooms.   It is His hand, coated in thorns, and His thumb glowing Red. It was joy that He found, directly or indirectly,
Tired of sleepless nightsAnd endless fightsAgainst time Against hateTired of fighting these wars
Is it spoken word for me?
Poetry and I met in freshman English, and I hated her instantly. Neither of us were popular, but she at least had a reputation while I was still stuck on potential.
She walked up on stage. Her chin up, Back straight, Body leaned into the microphone.   A deep breath,
Shut up, Shut up, Was all that she could hear. The thoughts scratching and scraping trying to get through. They screamed begging for emancipation,
Strings of me are what girls want. White, pure, and ound. Though as I lay upon your neck, I never utter a sound. I come in many sizes, Pulled away from the sea. From an oyster shell to a jeweler,
I've fallen  I've fallen really deep  So if you can hear me please don't let me sleep Because there's something down here that's a creep  I'm not asking not to please  But please don't leave 
She asks me, Quieres café? And I respond you are too sweet. Too sweet to the point that I don’t have to take a sip from this Colombian coffee Because you helped me rise when I fell deep and saw nothing but fake images.
It's been a whilesince demons have last made a home in mine,since I've last drowned in a sea of wordsseeing so many race across my eyes,but being unable to grab the right ones.Every time it happens, I'm afraidI always sink.  It's been a while sinc
To other people, poetry would just be words that rhyme, but to me,  poetry is a diary, a book full of memorie and a novel of my stories it have tales that I had never told to anyone
 Like rubbing salt in an open woundI forget how to feel becauseYou tell me you love me and I love you too. But I can't help but feel that these pressuring texts will soon turn to actions.  I'm lost in an abyss And it feels like you are the Fire to
You sleep in a bedI sleep in the streetsI'm your shadow You eat at restaurants I eat from garbage cansI'm your shadow You're treated with respect and careI'm left in the streets, helpless for others to stareI'm your shadow I'm human just like you,
Shattered windows and slammed doors consumed my brain I was drowning in a dried up sea my heart was so dark like an abandoned train I screamed into the dark of my locked up soul to see if someone can throw me a key
I have a page, Confessional Slam, where people can send me anonymous confessions and I turn them into poetry.  Here is the poem I wrote for the confession, "Everyone thinks I know everything about anything and ask me questions.
Started out as a germ then grew into a seed, Slowly the world began to breed, Grew into a flower and you start to see, the beauty in the world and hu-man-i-ty. We prosper and prosper until they bleed
She writes sonnets with her kiss,  Shakespeare doesn't compare to her lips.  Beautiful love poems erupt from the warmth of her breath,  elaborate stories fly from the cage in her chest.
Fighter for our country, his life, and his family.Vietnam War Veteran with scars of all the lives he saved, the struggles he's endured, and what comes with age.The protector of the family.
The life you live may not be the life you seek. For the life you live may be the life you reek. To better understand how to live first you must know how to survive and no matter how hard you try
The origins of it's presence have long become blurred throughout time However one thing's for certain, While my actions have spoken volumes Nothings has compared to the piercing cry my pen has produced
Hi there. It's me, your father/mentor/master-plumber/older-self. If it's all right with you, I'd like to drop some knowledge on your head. At the time of writing this I'm 18 years old.
Hi there. It's me, your father/mentor/master-plumber/older-self. If it's all right with you, I'd like to drop some knowledge on your head. At the time of writing this I'm 18 years old.
Innocence has such pureness  that no one will be able to reconcile who he is.  No matter how many times  he walks by me , I see no sin or  flaw.  He doesn't  know what other people know 
Poetry is a tuning fork, it vibrates at an everlasting frequency.    Open the cork allow the emotions to flow with leniency.   2016 in New York  a young girl reads appreciably,  
I grew up in the unfenced yard so I had to be the homecoming queen and he the starting quarterback. Make straight A’s and never sleep,
Through perilous times, Despite hunters' desires It rises above
From the first day i set my eyes on you; little did I kown how important you will be to me  I thought you were just another person passing through  but now i know that you are a God - sent to rescue me
She was a small child of seven, loved learning and writting A smart child for being in second grade She wrote about Autumn while her parents were fighting She thought she had it made  
You’re not a poet And for that I’m glad But still your words drip like honey Your lie sings like a promise And like a musician
Broken glass Empty rooms Nothing left but open wounds.   Fleeting colors Hazy dreams Cannot know what anything means.   Blaring sirens Slamming door
Poetry found me by my bedside table, heart contained within a dimly lit mind, I could not find the light switch.   Poetry found a foolish girl, one with storybook hands,
Who knew the sins of the past, would resurface in the future? Might I ask, What would you do if you made
I am from Egypt With The Pyramids I am Kept Where the fresh air is let And that is it  
Come dearest, watching the walking flash My blue sky becomes a silvery ash Your sonorous taste of your way get brilliant As a lamp over Jesus is now touch become a garment of the resilient  
On my way out the door, I tiptoe Making certain the only sounds to be heard Are the low hum of the crickets And the faint buffeting of the wind over soft grass
The morning after always brings more satisfaction than the previous night. Feeling like gods as the sunlight illuminates our copper skin Air, thick with content
I am a poet. My pen is my sword The ancestors and God fuel my every word Flowing out of this trident is ink from the depths of the ocean
I think of how the universe is made of theories—                assumptions and mathematical calculations attempting to shut down the human paradox and close Pandora’s Box,
I let you kill me. I let you destroy me. I let you stab me in the heart. And for what? To let you walk away with no words. And because of my stupidity... I'm bleeding out.
Dear sailor, how bright were the stars last night? Did you watch them dance like embers  in their everlasting fight against the darkness? Or were your eyes focused below
Shivering alone in this cave of mineLost, without a planCursing, who I amThen suddenly your whispers playI hear promise of a wonderlandI gently reach for your  
Palms drenched in sweat andA little bit of anxiety, it's naturalIt's your heart, boy, she's making you feel a certain way  
I held you on a pedestal Your title was irreplaceable You were a muse left for ones confused like me Who didn’t know what a man should be   I came to you with my tears
May I, by the power vested in me by the love I have for you,  Place this ruby ring on your quivering finger, Or will you slap it away?   May I, by the faith I have in God 
They were terrified of his knowledge and astonished at his rage. How hard it is to see a man fall So hard, So far, So fast It’s like how you think you’re alone
[The Fall - A Focal Point] Enter the breeze, the cool air... the mystifying flow of perfection as the leaves change color for the last time. One time, one focus, the magic of the allure
in the pages of this dusted book I find myself gutted as particles of the obstacle articles find flight into air.
For Cindy   She is the mysterious mesmerizing moon Sitting silently in sorrowful solitude She is encased in darkness
I heard the reflection of an iceberg is you when you renew your vision Tell me how to get clarity with my wrong decisions I guess my heart is a toy, did i fail to mention
I am the early bird Leaving my nest on the daily to catch my worm But I am not your usual early bird, For I just never catch the worm. The early bird that’s always unlucky.
I am drowning in tribulations yet I laugh. I laugh at you, I laugh at me. I laugh at all of us whose lives are tough. He watches us with much glee, Seeing how he fooled us once more.
Dear America, Look past your built in pools, There are kids lonely and afraid beyond them, They have seen life sized doll pieces scattered on their lush green lawns, They have been taught to walk like soldiers,
The more dirt you throw on top of a forgotten beauty, The more difficult it becomes to find. Because then it gradually changes, Disguised by the rotting filth that scuffs out it's light,
In this garden aren't we all beautiful Why should it matter if I am a tulip Or a rose, a dandelion, sunflower Why should landscapers be able to choose what flower to prune
The American Dream May not be a dream at all Is being born wrapped into the star spangled banner with a red hole in it. To live in a world known to be free
For an amber lady beetle, it’s a challenge to be heard. My hum blends in with the usual buzz of the urban wild. My voice hides beneath blankets of blaring conversation.
I wonder how long we hold feud To what is red and what is blue Yet our eight legged branch can't walk On a single file ant line to the booth For the new insect order say to be behind the head
AS THE RACE OF MAN We lust after big words. We pine for the diction, calculativeness, creativity,
The world is cold. Made up of blocks of ice. You become frozen in place, unable to change. Nothing feels right. There isn't any light. It's cold and dark. No one knows where you are.
I would like to tell you that I had an amazing disaster, or that there was an awful issue and that writing became my outlet. But, you see, if I told you that great tale, I would simply be telling you someone else's story.
The words come from a dark place, on a normal day they do not come. The only place I can be is in darkness. Why do words only come from my dark place? Why can I not bring them from happiness?
More often than not The thoughts that revolve, my mind would block Time perseveres along with my ideas that never stopped The blockade, the obstacle, it was within me
Because there’s nothing else to do.  Because my brain is a horse and needs regular walking or else it overheats, dies. Words are sponges, blue and holey,  neat swiveled foams
On March 19th I went to a party accompanied by my first love; my soul getter I trusted him This man I equated as an angel on earth   So when I drank too much
A god sits before his world, created by his own hand. He thinks something is missing and casts his great tool down to add to his world The missing item takes shape according to how he has envisioned it.
One time when I was on the team I slapped into the net. I felt so bad I could have cried I knew I should have set.   But when the game was on the line My inner strength came out.
There was once a man with a penniless soul, Who was looking for women to make him whole. So he wandered into my undiscovered land, Where he dug a whole with his filthy hand.
The journey began Merely a spray from a sink Not of joy did I think When poetry came to mind   A nuisance it was To rhyme words and words Just like the screeching of birds
Everyone has habits good, bad, beautiful, ugly Defining Failure vs Success Which is best?   I have a habit that won’t seem to shake
Golden sunset lemons, twinkly sliced unlike the first time I ran my pen, and eyes, dry. Puckers and sighs against a luminescent sky-- only dreams back then, something to imagine.
She painted the world In shades of blue, Violet, and green.
Fifteen years old, You finally can fill a training bra.   The boy behind you in class whispers,
Outside, Pristine Joyful laughter and witty comments are her body hair shines with intelligence, sole thick with confidence. She knows her world and the one before her
The color Ebony has become an abundance of negative spirit. Though the antiquity of the pigment speaks for it's achieving deeds, so does its' internal exertions.
  It was at the tender age of 11, In which I entered this place called Poetry Heaven. I had a little taste of Shakespeare,Dickinson, Angelou and Hughes,
You were a pen Long, slender, and sleek A sharp tip aching to cut through ink and paper   I was an inkwell Dark, mysterious, and opaque
I used to feel nothing but yellowThough lately I've been undividedly blueI write it all down on paperSo I can remember you
I can tell you anything with a Buzz feed article, the twitch of my fingers, and twist of my tongue. I can recite the history of Namibia, essays behind the Bolivian revolution, the place and time of the death of Alexander Hamilton.
Too cold to swim in But perfect for your stares   She is the glistening white Of the snow Blanketing the warm sand Of her soul
She is a city, of great lights Great hopes, And internal fights.   She is a city Cluttered with pain From those who’ve done the wrong things.
She is peace. The peace of my mind The peace of my heart The peace of our time She is peace.   Lord Keep pain from her.
Oh, Poetry! If you were a woman, you'd be my wife How I'd hold your hand and walk with you at night Oh, Poetry!   I'd stay up until morning Telling you secrets and pains
Oh, but the more I wrote about youthe easier it got, mouthfuls of poemsfilled up like my anxiety flowing out.I hope you catch the crown fire  in your mouth because before it
Poetry abuses me, Flirts with me one minute and Abandons me the next. She gives me palaces And then she burns them to the ground.   Poetry taunts me, Hands me jewels and fills
Wind was hard and coldly bitten; Sun fails, but still, golden, glimmers. Water’s haughty and so frothing;
Inability to communicate To Elaborate To Speak It is quite a terrible fate  One which should not be cursed Even upon those that you hate Yet here I was  Crying
We are the leaves upon the tree    We grow weary and die Only to be born anew We prepare We guard ourselves We turn dark and brittle Then we are scattered We lose our way And all that we have known We are filled with ice and pain We lay dormant We
A cocoon of black and brown Bleached white bones beneath The soil is a gaping maw Reclaiming its own  Maggots become your mother And your father Your flesh turns to dust  Everything you ever were Every smell, every freckle Every ugly face you’ve e
To me, she is a she, and she is as powerful as a woman can be. She eases me like a mother does, settles me down from my bouts of madness,
After you destroyed me I wanted to cut off your hands Rip your fingers to shreds Tear your lips off of your face Gouge your blue eyes from their sockets Slice your legs to bits  
It has come today! The colors of the rainbow have escaped into the world. Red's at the deli across the street. Orange is jogging in the park Yellow's talking to everyone. It's been done today!
4th row, dead center. Hush, hush, hush - he's coming. The silence erupts. Not-quite-a-man folds the shattered pieces in his hand, In a way I suspect he could catch nothing else, And then he opens his mouth.
Dear Fear- I apologize for the silly rhyme, But it’s time we had a talk. You see, I've been meaning to write this for a while
As I touched the powdery texture of its skin.   My hands could not resist the urge to pick the thin ball point with dark black ink.   As my hand and the ink touch its skin it felt as if we were made for each other.
  As I touched the powdery texture of its skin. My hands could not resist the urge to pick the thin ball point with dark black ink.   As my hand and the ink touch its skin it felt as if we were made for one another.
I remember being lost; In a dark, ominous realm. There were random faceless beings surrounding me. They all began to speak simultaneously, Telling me their problems at a constant rate.
At the age of fifteen I lost myself in the cold of a crowded highschool. I didn't know what was cool, I didn't follow those that ruled. Halfway through my freezing freshman year I discovered I wasn't truly lost,
A silenced voice, with thoughts that are screaming My pen bringing fire to a forrest that's been bleached I never thought much of my outlet for writing I'd pullen the plug so many times
What if we exchanged bags instead of handshakes? Objects instead of greetings? To piece someone together, would we need to use the brakes? Could we not delve into their bag and forgo any meetings?
I mold shapes into  sounds, visions, concepts, phantoms with that intimate touch  of the soul kneading words.    I began with bulky building blocks under the guidence of a sixth grade teacher.
I gaze blankly into the sky and the Tears are dry. Maybe it’s just my uterus Talking—the smooth, Smug woman’s voice on the ad tells
All my life people told me I could never be a somebody,  As a child I was simply the fat blonde in the back of the room,  and as a teen I was suddenly a wreck in all the worst ways, 
Her body throbs from within. Helplessness swells in her being. He is in her, over and over and over. Heart is waning, body aching. Mind is wan from tribulation.
  What if I told you that poets were overrated? Someone who can only write when they’re sad, Or in love or in bliss or in need of desperate rent money, Is like a flower that only drinks from a tsunami.
It’s timely timing that tries- ties my tongue To solidify the simplest speeches that seems to be sung. Why did God place me as a mute? For when I was four,
From a young age, we female-bodied people are taught many things:   That our worth will not depend on who we are inside, but instead on The size of our waists,
Look to your surroundings. See the comparisons in store. Who does the most things? Who makes more?  Feeling ahead of the race, Only to walk into a slamming door. Why bother with the race?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 I am with no limitations We met Played at the swings I didnt want to leave. 8, 9, 10, 11 We kissed not turning back I was in his grip 12, 13, 14, 15
I once was told I was never to succeed, Because of my skin color and the way that I breathe. Although I am not privileged, Nor do I have eyes deep as ocean blues, I am human and I refuse to lose.
She only reads books that start with the letters K, I, or C. She doesn’t know why But she thinks it’s because they spell kick And she often wants to kick herself in the face. (She drowns herself in a lake)
Her touch saves And her heart cries Though she'll silence it For their sake She doesn't chase the wake Emotions fragile like a kid Squinting for the trip wire Closes her eyes till it goes away
Welcomed, unwelcomed, in the shadows waiting lies, Death in it's beauty.   Glorious diamonds, are the souls of the living. Missed, unmissed,   Eternally go.
She is your sun.
Not all that is magic comes out of a black top hat Because stars burn above in pitch black. It's a clump of gas that can hardly contain itself But that doesn't stop us from looking up And spilling our hearts out.
Her sophisticated though subtle softness soothed me Her staggered _movements stunned me and with her simple sentiments I became sentimental. Her shashay of her hip then
I am red,like an ambitious flame,angry and risingand my voice echoesloudly,demanding to beheard over theendless whispers andincessant criesthat fill the void in my mind.I am fire,
I was simply in it for the thrill I was nimbly in it with a quill Every time i had chills Every rhyme had skill Honey I would dream at times Of a pocket full of money and a heart full of dimes
Tick Tok Rise and Set You’ll never know Who you just met   Pinch yourself, wake up You won’t escape us It’s what forms us
I am still just a shadow.I am still just star dust.I am still part of a Universe I never quite knewbut I'm homesick for. I bleed only to pull the stars out by their edges.
Oh society how dare you Promoting skinny as beautifulAnd fat is insecureBut at the same timeFat should love their curves And skinny should eat a hamburger You create these controversiesThat being single sucksAnd to strive for relationships But who
Silk veils surround the Earth Veils not of protection Rather veils of danger Veils of destruction Veils of insecurity Ripping through the souls of
Blindness is the most common disease, When others are around you only see what you want, Hush child don’t speak, they aren’t like us, Blindness is the most common disease.  
The other side The one you thought was real You thought it wouldn't hurt you But that is not the case   The case is that it hurt you it abused you throughout many years
The first time I danced   I didn’t comprehend    As the steps got monotonous   And the dance sluggish I was engulfed In an agonizing frenzy   My dance   Extravagant My feet
Whether we dying in prison or we dying in the street we misgoverned but government's that want us six feet deep Terrorist threat or Americas concept to set your mind make you confused and upset
I know a girl with 'perfect' written on her wrist, and I think it’s funny because it isn’t perfect at all. When I say perfect, I mean it literally -
Some days, it feels as though I have an identity And others, it feels like I’m faking. I am not a fake or a liar Am I? What does it mean, the word identity? I have always struggled to find the meaning
The tree clings to my skull, Gradually shattering it. The roots dig into my brain, Forming a robust shell around it. I am captured. My thoughts stay in the invincible barrier,
   I was once a Mo(u)rning tide, Lifeless due to the moon's Departure. And so I'd push back into the Sea and hide, because my purpose was unsure.  
Little Raccoon. I think you were born too late. You entered this world on the wrong date. I feel Scared , Sad, and Angry for you. You're entering the world that will forever judge you.
You may be wondering How your pain goes unnoticed. Feeling like you're screaming, And nobody is even looking in your direction. How is it possible That nobody hears?  
Your love was a bouquet of roses, deep scarlet, like your proclaimed adoration for me.   The storm, immense with grief, truly impossible to escape.  
Oh Sun Why do you shine so bright? In the morning Even in the night Oh Sun Will you display your radiance only on me? You are a star Such an admiration from afar
It is here again! This big and black beast Glaring at me with red eyes Standing in front of me I know it smells my fear No matter how far It’s not something I can escape from
Hold your tears in We may depart, But this is not the end, It is the very start; Save me a spot reserved for when that special day comes. I will have my ears open,
You continued to hold on this long For some years, some months, and some weeks You are getting close to your last song Your rusty metal shrieks You just don't have that glistening color anymore
I saw her from a distance her sillhoutte as elusive as ever. she came to me at a time when darkness enveloped me. I was at my lowest and she whispered use me in the gentlest of ways.
Darkness envelops me from that speck of light that I aimed to reach for Parents didn't believe in my depression and marked it off as "wants for attention"
In the land of everlasting night The Sun and Earth twirl and sway Spinning aroung in fantastic flight   The Earth basking in his glorious light In a dance so graceful and gay
He whispers to the moon, Have you really seen it all? The wars and the terror and the art Seen the righteous killed and the sadists born
Bury me with flowers So when I become indistinguishable from the soil  The roses can sink into my skin  And decompose with me  We would become one  Become all You would feel me under your bare feet 
We conquered and we conquered with ideals of manifest destiny ringing in our ears thoughts of salvation we brought with ourselves only to leave behind cries of devastation and fear,
When I was 13, a boy told me this is how you kiss, that gifts show affection, and that this is love.    I started laying bricks down.  
Before I could detect it, the roe-underdeveloped-grew. Like a virus implanted within a safe home, Between swain and Lady lover late at night, it spreads so easily with the joint of intimacy. It is an it
Blood and tears pour from my tiny body. Bike behind me, I run into your comforting arms. I let you tend my wounds, both real and fake, Watching your calloused hands dance as you worked.  
The vine calls to me, The thorns fall apart, the roses shrivel up and the buds fall down, So I follow   Through the heart of the vine lies an insane fellow,  and suicidal children,
seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours hours turn into days, days turn into weeks weeks turn into months, months turn into years and years turn into an eternity
Winding, narrow paths. Tears streaming down her sad face. Lost in the thick trees.
Brainwaves whir from corner to corner of my cranium,Causing me to think in a different key.
Her skin illuminated like a new Lamborghini under a spotlight, every curve displayed with exotic, breathtaking beauty.
Arthritis makes a comfortable home within the crevices of my mother’s bones, cheeks stay on fleek though, skin stay on fleek though, what are wrinkles to black bodies?
I should be the world's eighth wonder, you see! Look at all of these wild, ferocious troubles that frighten you. Watch me take them all away and tame them with a single swipe of my hand I'll read your palm.
I had choice to make My laptop sat open with  A blank document glaring at me, While a blade sat rested in my  Favorite copy of Jane Eyre on my shelf. 
You. An assimilation of adrenaline-spiked cough syrup into silk thread linen, You. The mutual trench warfare aftermath lying in craters of dystopian closet space.
You need to stop Stop trying to build bridges out of ashesYou spent so much time Setting things a blaze Did you ever consider the reasons You left everything back there And you rebuilt Moved forward 
My mindset is a thunderstorm. In the darkness I am lost and blinded by a storm cloud. There is, however, some hope for this natural disaster.  
My mindset is a thunderstorm. In the darkness I am lost and blinded by a storm cloud. There is, however, some hope for this natural disaster.  
If I was a color, it would be red.  I am silence, Silence that suffocates,  Silence that numbs the ears,  Pure silence. Yet I was born into a blue body.  
Chills running through your spine Leaving you wondering Looking over your shoulder Is someone watching you?   Afraid of the possibilities
for as long as i can remember, i've been scared of surgery. the fear of my life being completely and utterly in someone else's hands, someone else cutting me open to heal a wound inside but leaving one outside.
When I've got a whirlpool in my mind And it's spilling out of my eyes On to creamy paper that tries To soften the splatters of a Melancholy mind   When the Sky,  Weeps its own tears
Dear Friend, I must inform you of an ocurrance most absurd, a long-running line of separatio has ben blurred. Preparing pass the church this morn, the ghostly friar spoke with young Romeo of the Montagues
His intoxicating music controlled the gopis with such force. They danced and Radharani was feeling great rejoice. Until Krishna left with no choice.  
I was born with many words, Better words than I can say; Every time, before I catch them, Those word-birds fly away.   This might be for the best; If one nested in my mind,
I love to walk the beach on cloudy days,Alone in the grey morning.I love the sound of ospreysCalling counterpoint to wavesAs they beat upon the jetties and the shore.The harmony of wind through trees,
What does it mean to be a hero? What are the true colors of strength, When it’s shown as passing through obstacles Without a scratch across the S on your chest? Superman shows all strengths to save the day,
The crimson petals of the past, remind me of the colour of your lips, the rain of your weeping.   Never did you listen, when the angels warned you of my curse, all I touched went toxic,
Nightfall is honest, For when the dawn comes, the sun awakens, I too.   The truth dies with rising gold, a new lie spun for all's eyes.
Someday the time may come, when I, no longer able to distinguish the line between reality and nonentity, will accept the illusions and leave behind this materialistic world. Could you pull me back if I slipped away? Would you catch me if I ever fe
forest flower grows defies devil's weeds and thorns golden in shadows
Anyone who we have ever fearedOr lost,Is seventy-two percent H2O.               Two parts hydrogen.               One part oxygen.And everyone who we have ever loved,As well.               Me -
I'll spread myself across this page. be present a pound the stage . maybe then my memory won't fade. my life no longer a passing phase . try to sketch every piece of me in to eternity 
I'll spread myself across this page. be present a pound the stage . maybe then my memory won't fade. my life no longer a passing phase . try to sketch every piece of me in to eternity 
You are the sun That brings life to the land From which I was gone Now I'm back in your strand   The roses in my heart bloom
You were the death of me Those venomous lips with a sweet toxic taste Your hissing tongue twisting with mine All of this lead to my devastating fate   I was told what a biohazard you were
Flash-lights turn on. She stands center stage, clothed in a smile. The audience is a roaring lion; Its prey makes no attempt to evade. She tames the lion gracefully, and praces away.
Her eyes brighter than fire flies In the night skies But more dangerous than streetlightsOn a school nightYou look pretty strong  Probably turn into stone She could be Medusa's clone Eyes will steal your soul But her face more beautiful than gold 
In a place where we can't trust ourselves can we trust anybody else.
When I peer closely, I can see you there Your tiny head pokes out above the ground Your fight against the world is newly found, As men will question, “How much will you bear?”
An tubig han sapa,May iya iya man nga ganghaan,uusa la an pag-lalagosan.Tipakadto gud pakig-urusaha kabutngaan hiton dagat.
Ominous, Incomprehensible. He impassively grabs Hold of what’s Left.   He leaves behind nothing As he breaks away
                Day is not day without shadows. A sun is not a sun without hellish fires, thrusting with endless hope, as impractical minds tend to do. And life: life is not life without the devil’s attendant.
White as snow, The beautiful rose. So fragile its petal, Hiding the thorns. The thorns that it hates, For it ruins its beauty. It ruins its purity. Among the red roses She belongs not.
1.     He was born on the 10th of June, the year 2015.
We like to pretend that we're the three wise monkeys, We pretend to be blind, We turn a blind eye to evil, We pretend that we're blind and that it never happened,
A thick fog prevents sight This ship is at the hands of God Out of hopelessness there's no flight The vessel was crafted flawed  
  She has fire in her veins, and venom in her heart. She is cool, calm, and collected But when you cross paths with her She can be your nightmare.  
Writing words have played a role A pivotal role in my life when times were dark and cold How it came into my life? Shit, I may never know, but what I do know is that it soothes my soul.
i close my eyes the sounds:     the buzz of a nearby streetlamp   an ambulence calling like a wolf in the distance  
She was in the back of my English class A short girl A girl who had the beauty of the sunrise in a summer morning She looked at me and my heart skipped stones
The deeper I mine The less I find Wasting my time While being kind   The diamonds fly Out of my reach
¡Bienvenidos al ardiente lirio!¡Que surreal! ¡Que genial!
did you know that an atom is a galaxy? the nucleus, dense with balancing neutrons and humming with protons, is an infinitesimal star. and swelling around it, like nebula gasses
Life is a show you don't rehearse. You're the leading role, confused and not sure what to do. You go along with the show, all the twists and the bends that in the end, don't really matter.
The flame, she danced, above the lighter The base: the bishop; the top: the mitre And as she danced, her red eyes saw A beauty, elegance, dropping-jaw So she spread along the floor
To those ready to leave, your coats are being washed It seems something's spilled on them and now you have to stay At least until I'm finished saying what I need to say
I was told to write  my feelings down,  so I inked pain on a piece of torn paper, instead of etching  it onto my skin. I wrote  with ink instead of my blood. So why  did the tears  fall the same? And why did my heart   ache the same?  Thoughts cry
I finally poured the concrete And solidified the past Into neat little paths Of "Remember when..." And "Life was simpler then"
Manipulative and sweet How shall I describe it It lives on a street Or perhaps a tar pit   It seeks happiness
I have been judged about my troubles but do you not care to listen about my struggles that cause a knott in my stomach , an ache in my heart , It might be a heartache; it has been shattered "
Today I am blue, madl, deeply blue depe thathe Marianas Trench, Because that seems to be where my soul has escaped to, the bottom of the ocean. I am blue today,as if I am covered by a cerulean blanket, smothered,
It's like im just pressing rewind, while stuck in the moment of pushing, pushing forward hoping not to get behind, It's like im just pressing rewind, only to feel in my conscious, "i got this don't let up,
Pen or Pencil, to little one stroke, twice was the wave i could not drown had no boat, then came a day, all of sudden seemed as night, pondering my reflection as the water shined so bright,
Finite Distance. That is what lies between us and the edge. Our sanity. Our reasoning. Our being.   Startling Suspicion.
It’s far more than that. The way it has changed has hit me like a baseball bat. I used to be able to walk by and recognize the tile. And now it seems harder and harder to recall the smile. The House.  
For I am a bomb. One day I will go off. The act of me blowing up is inevitable. But I will thrive and continue until I am no able.   For I am a bomb. Everything took a wrong turn.
I walk and walk my legs feeling like a crumbling sand castle I start to feel dizzy seeing the animated birds and stars spinning around my head like a halo  
I absolutely need Love. More than food and air, I thrive on love and attention.  Amare. Upendo. Renmen. It drives me and motivates me to live life in a way that is pleasing to all that know me.
There is nothing more beautiful More beautiful than you The sun is a mere old and rusted penny compared to the glow of your Iris blue   If I could put your sweet voice in a seashell
I am young, impulsive, wide-eyed, and green, a sapling wondering which way to grow. Still needing some support, somewhere to lean, staked to stand tall when the strong winds do blow.
In this hurricane of a lifeI spend my days drowning,standing sideways against the waves.Every time I get back up,The currents get stronger.I gasp for air,Only getting a mouthful of regret.
Asphalt Urban's forte, Stability on a not so solid day, Beautiful black leather , or an experinced grey, Recourse from the mud on a rainy day, skillet in the summer be it may,
There are voices in my head and all around me. The voices talk. The voices scream. The voices cry. They are with me when I sleep and when I wake. But why?
Love is something we carry Love is the thing we cheerish, love  Love is in many shapes , love  For me , love is my grandfathers rosery  Love is symbolic  The rosery of love guides me 
You see, attention does not equal love, but my brain just can't seem to get that.   When I'm not what's in your mouth or hands or eyes, I rot.   I count up
You are my black hole, darling.  Suck me into your  Infinite  Powerful  Indescribable love. Obliterate who I was  or who I pretended to be  and dissolve me so  Completely into your 
Each step is a beat in the rhythm. Each breath is another note on the page of life. The world was birthed through a flurry of music, Creation divined through song.  
Day one  Water and sand No need for someone In this deserted land   I shoot my thoughts  Into the sky Judgment aint here To bring them down   Blank canvas  Day five 
Art lets me release my pent-up feelings, Lets me take out my frustrations, Lets me escape my malicious thoughts.   I need expression to clear my mind.   No other thing could replace the effects that
Life is vertical, not horizontal Everyone spends their day looking around in front of them Looking to the next thing, the next thing the next thing
Boom! You are stuck on an island. No, not the actual island where there is sand surrounded by water, palm trees giving shade, and little critters burrowing themselves in the sand.
If I were lost in the middle of the sea and I don´t have time to plan my trip. There is only one thing that I would like,
You are a child,             and darkness is all you know. All you have in this world are the earth's             teeth that you cling to in your sleep, and a candle on your bedside.
Begin with a blank canvas A piece of paper with no identity And scribble a word or two   Make your memories into a photograph Using only what you know best Words   That is the axis
What would I bring? No I wouldn’t bring a book Or a phone Or a computer Those aren’t important to me I’d bring my journal
To disregard the silhouettes and pain There is one thing that frees my shame The one thing I would die without I need it now, and there's no doubt, Its my family that keeps me strong
Majority of the world is seen in black and white.You look around and see the same consistent colors everywhere, everyday.The one that simultaniously takes my breath away and give me life is the one that comes at the end of every day.
All I need is the silky touch of you, Oh, how I love the texture and length Of your soul. You make my days Brighter, cleaner, whiter.  
All I need is the silky touch of you, Oh, how I love the texture and length Of your soul. You make my days Brighter, cleaner, whiter.  
As it walks down the side walk You invite it into your home It is your best friend so you talk Then you give it all you own  
Oh, when will I see the mountains once more? I want to feel the crisp air on my face. The day I had to leave them my heart tore. At my home there is not such a fast pace.
Today  for once I spoke up in class. And instead of  listening and respecting my views, they told me that's a creative thought! But now, think longer make it better.
I can not survive  Without one thing inside. My body is empty Yet full of envy.    It's full of things I hate So much more than Man could create. Emotions of anger and rage
On the shelf, it stoically sits, patiently waiting for a stranger unknown, to hear the stories of it. Eager, the story teller speaks, silently of the mind of a child, to the strong and the meek.  
On the shelf, it stoically sits, patiently waiting for a stranger unknown, to hear the stories of it. Eager, the story teller speaks, silently of the mind of a child,  to the strong and the meek.  
I am the creation of centuries of women who are likely to tend to their own backs. I am from a line of women Who have established mouths that slow kiss sugar. Smooth after A full body sting
My life, a boat. The shore no longer comforting. As the sun stings my naked back My sweat stings my eyes. Hunger drives me to devour and cough up  Sand Sand that was once the beginning
I stand out in the cornfield, alone among strangers Useless to the farmer who waters and feeds me The plot of land I sit in, is shaded by the accomplishments of those around me   Proud is the farmer
She is the flame that has sparked this world. Her influence has spread across the Earth To erect sculptures from rock.  Beauty from chaos.  
I looked out, past metal obscuring my vision. I looked beyond the cold. I looked past my cage. I lifted my voice as I lifted my head "This needs to be heard, This needs to be said;
You are a child's entertainment. You are my entertainment. They scoff at your gaudy colours, They play you off as too innocent for their rebellious excursions. But I am here waiting with you
I A house Count down the days until she leaves.   Day 200: She stuffs me with her pie recipes Old family photos
We drive on a road, going only one way.My mother takes the wheel, and I sit as the passenger. We drive on a road; for how long, I am unsure.
Your toes sink through the sands of time As you walk along the shores of doubt On the island on your own No telegram or telephone What is it that you think about?
Clean, white linesDirty, mottled, brown and brokenDeep, stark color against skinAll have a meaningAll have a story, a reason  
Silent. Only buzzing above, soft crinkles below. Days roll by The silence, deafening. My words carry out, stretching on for miles and miles Yet no one hears Piece by piece Little by little
There is only one thing that I can't live without The power to imagine To predetermine my own destiny To dream about a unique Traveling, loving, spreading kindness  Projecting Happiness
The One Thing I Cannot Live Without   Like a backbone, they are there for my support Even when we disagree They defend me like a fort
  Growth. He is the rose that Blooms in the hollow of my chest, The desire to improve beyond expectation, To propel forward, arm in arm.  
If I were ever stranded alone All I would need is the thought The idea The mere feeling Of my mother’s embrace
This Rock is My Rock. All I need to feel happy and free. The fascination never ceases, The jubilation never ends. Even on this deserted island, This round, orange Rock is a necessary friend.
It may seem strange, and a little out of range, but my faith remains in my forefront.   I'm not shy to admit -- I'd be lost without it: my faith in my God, who is my Light.  
An institution for my slacked tongue bent back limping through the summer. I can barely enunciate a syllable.   Coming back to school to teach my tongue.
HAPPINESS ITS IS WHERE I would like to be Where mental instability is a rare disease Though I'm not entirely sure what.the word happy means Life is a dead end job
It doesn't make me happy
There is fear and there is comfort, But sometimes comfort is intertwined with fear Challenges Succeeding is the comfort of warm lavender bubbles enveloping your curves
A restless silence fills my bones It breathes and bites and tears at my skin I am but a wounded animal surrounded by wolves Vulnerable as an empty shell, breaking at the slightest touch.
What I would not live without on a deserted island is not a material item nor an ideal, no, it is but a single person. A person who has the possession for everything for life, a mind that bests all tools,
What I would not live without on a deserted island is not a material item nor an ideal, no, it is but a single person. A person who has the possession for everything for life, a mind that bests all tools,
She is my light, my everything. I would of never been able to grow To show how I can change, She came in to rearrange All my views on the world. When I felt helpless and on the edge,
Fall. Everything falls in october the temperature,  the sunset,  the leaves, and maybe i for you.   you're just bones and a beating heart and a pair of average brown eyes just
I remain a silhouette A shadow behind an unrequited love The dweller of the mysterious apartment,Several floors above the cheaters and false loversThis is how they treat the poet
For you,I'd hand the sun over on a silver platterB r i g h t  and  a i r y,Enveloping you in warming rays of goldI'd compliment the way it shaped your face-Silhouetting the bones beneath the surface
My freshman year, my science teacher asked usWhat do we need to survive?A grin on my face, thinking that I knew something they didn’t,Raised my hand a
Rap, game void of reality seen the acuality in  darkness cast, shadows over realism black in past mourn together  blackened path hip-hop path blackened, together mourn
In the already messed up nature of the world, she couldn’t find a Drop Of  life.There was nothing in the pond, Nor on the shelf in her closet. Nothing.She stood alone in silence. Isolated. She never sat, because she had too much to do. Too much to
The Bird inside my soul sings beautiful, powerful, free. She laughs and cries and lives, she is the key to me.   But as the lava burns the voice soon starts to die,  and all I'm left with is
Let the Rain wash away all the pain from yesterday. Let the Sun burn away all the hate from yesterday. Let the Air whisk away all the hurt from yesterday. Let the Earth bury away all the suffering from yesterday.  
Young forever at heart Can never be brought down Will always be there for you from the start, And the first one to adjust our frown. Ready to clean off the tears,  I wish I could have this woman for years.
You are a florescent bulb And the world is a room It is not a dark room But it is dark to you   You must find a socket Discover the grooves And take the twisting the world has done to you
I struggle through that crowd That marches through the day; It’s rambunctious and loud— A chaotic parade.  
They tell us to drive, faster and faster, Everyone is to be a master; Some will forget, so I will now remind, Those who are slow are always left behind.   We’re driving up a never ending hill,
On a desert isle All I want is a close friend Lonliness is death
My little flower, I have watered you from a seed, and soon you will bloom. Such a beauty, my sister. I could not be without my little flower, though, when you were a seedling, I almost was.
It swims within variety, As if it were an ocean, From sorrow to prosperity, The image and emotion,   When the words make me cry,
I’m a kayak.     Paddling down rapids    Crashing against the rocks    Struggling in vain. We’re a canoe.
you were like a dream to me you came and went so easily and when you were here i was drowning in your love and when you were gone i had nothing to hold onto, just a memory.  
Becoming who I thought I’d never be Because everything that’s happening or not happening Is drawing my eyes to this deeper realization
I contemplated this on a cool fall evening.   Through the judgment and criticism Speaking only hateful words I know I will always shine. In the eyes of the people I love
I feel the smell and the color change, heard the sea back then in May,  The sky, The sky so pink in spring, and in summer air so blue, sometimes turns gray, almost black,  but it is still July.  
As a child Of small palms And little qualms I held my tiny house with care   And in it I stored My love My hope My dreams and fears   And as I grew
my heart dances wildly one,two,three a waltz   a cresent on both sides of my face bare my teeth and take on the world  a smile   warm embrace  temporary blanket  a hug
I account what they say is true Since freshman year  you lose people or rather They lost you  I am finding my way I am losing my mind Going to school day to day Teachers grading still unkind
MASK   the door shuts behind me   my truth sticks in my throat    here behind my walls i am real, i am broken, here behind my walls i struggle with feelings unspoken,    
What do  I NEED? NEED is a strong word,  Much stronger than want or wish or desire. NEED is a force that can't be stopped.  NEED is a wave that will not be broken,  cannot be stopped. 
It’s dark and gloomy and I can not see my toes. The sky is pitch black, my stomach feels tight. Where do I turn on this cold black night?
I called you friend. Played XBox and swam in crystal blue pools, we laughed as we splashed We beat summer time heat with movies and card games and cheese quesadillas. I told you about the loneliness I felt
Day One: Through my mind, thoughts race Am I to survive The deserted island I must face? Necessities, staples, necessities, for which I strive, Repeat in my mind while I pace
I don’t live in the light I am consumed by darkness My heart is shattered My mind is fragmented What more can I do?   I can’t save myself The only person who stood with me Has left…
I walk along a dusty path With many places I could turn. He is there to answer questions I ask Because along the way, He wants me to learn.   Now I am at a crossroads With many options I could choose,
I was the one Who broke the vase All its pieces Shattered on the floor   And so I’m sorry That you had to pick them up And sort through the ruins One by one  
The Candle I see the flicker of life before me. The tainted flame burns brightly in my eyes. Yet darkness keeps me from obtaining it.
Big eyes and a slow, sad, smile You made my heart beat with a thousand words a mile Hanging on your lips like a long car ride I read the scars you never tried to hide Strumming my worries like voices without feeling
All I Need is the Sky   There are no golden tickets, no miracles, no blessings, when the sky is truly lost.
when Swimming from thAt broken boat and hoping-- to surVivE froM climbing up upon the shorE and being half alive:   wHen i awake upon thE sand and Lurch uP from my grave
Placed on a wall above troves of books and boxes, A map. Pushpins dotting its colored face, On the lips of Beijing, the nose of Amsterdam, The ears of Cairo, and the cheeks of Athens;
I picked you up only one year ago, had no idea my talent would show. Watched countless videos, eyeing the frets, learning my favorites, made by the vets.    From Zeppelin to the Stones I mastered each song,
Colliding thoughts barrel through my brain. Questions of life, spirit, and pain, love, happiness, and evolution. Theories spill out as if formulated by prophets, and poured from the rolling waves of black sky and neon stars, into my dreams.
Dancing dancing the days go by her shoes now worn in the corner they lie.  She danced until she could no more, through the days, around this floor, she danced and danced for all who knew her, she danced the days, while the music flowed through
Everyone is blind because at night you don't see anything or anybody by your side You struggle on your own therefore you need to catch your pace and know your flow If you don't, you're likely to fall behind
I thought you were like a piece of  gum that stuck to my shoe, when miles away, I opened my mouth, and people asked me, “Where are you from?”
I find my mind will change itself. My body will decay. My thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations turn to low vibrations and whither away. All of these material things that some hold dear to Heart...
  When I think about you there are so many things that make you something I can’t live without.  
Would you like to know what I need? Guess what I need fully, and not even partially? The very thing that keeps blood rushing through my arteries
Walking on the street or tryna keep a beat, All I really need are some shoes on my feet. Preferably Nike, but I ain't picky. Some fresh white converses With red laces. Or maybe some Air Force Ones to keep me fly
Many misty mornings I CAST into the deep sea my net,   Thinking...perhaps, that ALL my efforts might pay my debt.
It saves me. It's noise -  Systematic noise -  Noise so primal that it enters my body And grabs on to me. It latches on and feeds me The connection between it and I 
I turn your words over in my head Like I slowly turn the pages of an interesting book. I hold them delicately in my thoughts As if the word fragile were an understatement To me this is utterly fascinating
With love I survive and grow and thrive For all pursuits need guidance, And my soul was made a contrivance- Meant to collect the love and compact it Into the diamond known as life  
Crystal water and golden sand, sunshine and peace of mind. Such a beautiful paradise, it’s almost easy to ignore the floating wreck
the poem series I wrote but never published - accumulated over about a year and a half.
gasping for air is necessary after long straides alone  with just the piddle paddle of thougths and emotions the world around you overwhelmingly sucking every piece of you it can taste.
We see it living  justifing people destroying one and praising others, offering grief, sorrow, and jubilence It defines an individual for however long its vitality is.
My skin is hot stranded becoming something im not   no one in sight loosing my might loosing my fight   lost   my mother's voice soft and sweet
When I go sleep, all I can think of is her face . Her gleaming smile that lights up the darkness of my room even when it's just a thought.
Bad things, good people, my existential thoughts roam It is probable Unanswered questions attempt to block my path home   He is love, but love does not seem evident It is probable
I'll often sing a pretty song It's deep and sweet and not too long Huntsmen come and huntsmen go But they'll never capture me you know I'll never trust you, I'm out of reach
Standing on the highest cliff, Overlooking the forest, She nods to the caring hawk That wonders what could possibly be wrong With such a perfect creature. She watches over the sleeping cougar,
you are nostalgia, you are oxymorons, an indifferent feeling almost the same as the love I carry for the moon. you are the record player in the corner of the room,
If I am not in an environment that does not make me grow I will unroot myself I must find a place of  Water and Sunshine alike
sleep has become a boring chore,another thing I would rather not do.I'd rather have the moonlight rap me in his dainty arms,then feel the cold lack of presence.but that too is long a distance,
Never houseless but always homeless, Music managed to provide a sanctuary Even if it is temporary. Always hungry but full off of food for thought, music was always nourishing. Cheeks sallow, belly hollow,
A rose is a rose A heart is a heart A mind is a mind A soul is a soul A person is a person And no one can change that. That in its self, is a victory.
Time​is lifeis eternal is all-knowing   Time is the past is the present is the future  
Heads roll, faces spinning before your eyes Death to Louise the thirteenth, They yell Death to the Monarchy, They chant   CHOP.
Sharp angles jump into existence, Fingers tap against a hard surface. The whole world open to our assistance. Movies, pictures, books, music. Purchase! The door to everything in the palm of a hand,
Love, I’ve made a mistake. A graven error Fit to the terrors And tremors befitting the quakes.   For me, the buildings are falling
your skin. my blanket.keeps me warm, and secure no matter howweak or strong the touch. your lips. my lifeproviding me with everything I need to makeit to tomorrow.
My fingers float,  page after page. Waves crash against the boat, they've gotten harder with age. But still I sing. When I'm lost without a map, and the world around me 
An open letter to the first boy I thought I couldn't live without,
I lay in my bed covered in blankets. I feel at home wrapped in them. I feel protected by their warm fibers tickling my cold skin.
I once saw two childs stand face to face & take hold of each other's hands. As one would fall, the other would struggle to keep their balance.
I watch as she says she loves him The way he loves isn't love Why can't she see  He beats her when she does something wrong She says she'll leave him But it's not true
I can't live without chocolate. Chocolate is like the soul to my heart. It makes me happy, like the chimpanzees. The way it melts like butter as the flavor explodes into your mouth.
That first blinding sting of your leather touching seven when I realised. "Why this mistake?" you had groaned "Such a beautiful soul" I had crooned LOVE, a mere sensation to me FEAR, a mere creation by you
She is the puppeteer and my heart the puppet, Manipulating every string with expertise, Plucking away at each string ‘til it gives way to her commands.
I could not make it through the day If my Music was not with me  My earphones are the windows To a world that keeps me sane   Amid the chaos that surrounds me  The crowds The Screams and Shouts
Have you ever been been short of words? You have, whether you took the time To consider the impossible eventuality Carefully lain before you.  Now think, in that moment, in that tiny forever 
I'm alone in this world, of this I'm sure I'm in a play called life, messing up my part knowing there's no encore Things bother me now, that never did before
A Voice, Barely a whisper, But load enough to be heard.   A light, Barely a flicker, But bright enough to be seen.   A shimmer of hope, A flicker of joy, A glimmer of love.
I Heard My Friend Say She Didn't Like Talking To A Girl Because She Acted Like A Oreo
My love,  I loved u then, I love u now, It just happened, I dont know how. But, now to say I cant live, Without you, Would be a fib. You are my life, My love for you is true,
Though this entanglement of bones covered by war-torn skin is the containment of my very being, I suppose an amorphous frame would not alter my passions,  would not fracture my soul,
The one thing I could never live without... 
I sing the rhythm of the night. The possessions I own are shared with those I love, and theirs are also mine.
The enlightenment heightened my slighted psyche, she judges, it’s like the purveyor of our pain and purgatory is a catholic church, no better yet, an oratory.
Insomnia seems to grace me With his presence each night. Loneliness often deafens me With the words he left unspoken. Anxiety holds me hostage, Invoking memories I want to forget.
My face, distorted in the sun under my right eye a deep scar remembers the pain of abuse, and the tears he has left me inside I could not cry under this mask, yet I find another route
suddenly, perception is changed. the fatal flaw it carries becomes visible. but, dear friend, be wary.   for the things we can see are not the things we can be. we must change.
don’t it feel good?  being infatuated by just one individual tell me it don’t perceive affection because i highly oppose    espying such piece of art 
planted / my hands in wet sand / territorial spit passed down lies / hand made amends severed ties turned slips we hang from every dog has its day in traffic city stray since ours happened
"You Motherfucker" She said as she let the darkness within her That she suppressed and kept hidden for so long, awaken. Rendering him powerless  with every word she spoke.
Your soft touch and sweet words keep my dreams alive, Dreams of tomorrow and better days to come, Days where your smile isn't anything more than a kiss away from reality, A kiss away from me.
Our dreams scattered in a ocean of lies disguised as pretty little dandelions  Because with everything beautiful comes its ugly past  Our dreams floating in the wind 
He surrounded her like the ocean She wanted no air, and no land At first she tested the waters out of curiosity Now she dives into the deep end, giving no thought The water was like a riptide
Live music is not a concept. It is not something you can hold in the palm of a sweaty hand until the night has ended and then release like a caged animal when the band has exited the stage
I am who i say i am  I am art I am fashion I am talent  I am the future  I am me  Who are you  And what makes you, you
Empty. Quiet and still on the inside. Everything stuffed inside the closet. Fire ignites, change happens.  His eyes meet mine and the flame gets fanned. The fire rages inside us.
I reached out  And held on to the whispers  Of my past  With time prying away at my Soul  Afraid of letting go  And falling into her Grasp
Picture of the most beautiful women you've ever seen. Taking photos of the city lights. All you can see if her pale skin glowing as she clicks the flash button.
My grievances await atonement, but it never arrives I continue to battle the monsters inside. These macabre beasts from the infernal grave Lash out and unleash unbridled rage.
My family is the woods. My dad is the dirt, giving us a solid foundation to grow in. My mom is the tallest tree, overseeing everything that occurs. My brother is the opposite bank of the creek,
When dark times come I hum a familar tune to ease my nerves My hands are shaking  I am breaking  I am on my knees ready to fade   Music enters my body and I am saved
Somewhere down the road we took a wrong turnWe became curious of our Cheshire cat smilesand we fell down the rabbit holeWe got lost in each other's world of fantasy and illusions
I was born a tortured ship as sea, with rare moments of - lucidity.  
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, and so are you.
It only takes one man They say you canYou try so hard You try to hideBut somehow your worlds collidesThrough time and space You can't escape the placesWith so many empty spaces and
My life was not always this way I use to sit only feeling suffering and pain I'd cry for hours myself to sleep as I feel my soul slowly slip From my body into the dark abyss of the cold world
I need this The thumping language of my chest pumps life into me I remember seeing butterflies flutter, Feel their wings brush my insides with the kisses of innocent love
If I were all alone No one around or a home All I would need is knowledge. To help me understand life and get me through college. I'd need a book. Pages and chapters.
Illuminated by the infinite sublimity Of the seemingly half-real form of this man’s body weighing her down, She sinks beneath His solid shadow,
The wind whispered to me through the pines, I could hear it racing through my mind. It told me its wonderous words, So small it was almost unheard. I wondered how long it had traveled,
baby girl I see you got the finest ass too bad you ain't got no class your lack of education shows desperation you seek for fame instead of self gratification.
Pulling all the strings one by one, the puppeteer controls this town set he has built by himself. Making his creations walk around, keeping their heads held high to show happiness throughout this set.
And the World Ended the cycle is over and will begin anew with differnt players on a differnt stage telling the same story of sorow and of joy endings and begenings  but its alright
Can you imagine living without yourself Living in a world with no light Without a blooming moonshine You would live a life of fright.   Can you imagine awaking to the mundane
ab ove  my bed: natural? ticks we seek what? does not exist- the Concept: comfort I hung on my wall
The Abyss so dark and cold sucks my heart in and almost has my soul. The Abyss traps me inside and people pass by without a word of hope. Some push me in deeper into the Abyss
And like the ocean you were gone again no longer licking at my shoreline with waves covered in admiration or adornment. The tide was low
You scream those hurtful words that cut and bruise my already scarred skin. Burned skin. Burned form the light you never let me see. You see? Seen. Seen but not heard and also not seen.
Some people think my religion is crazy, but, the foundation of my life, I can't live without Because even on a deserted island, my thoughts would always turn to Thee To my Savior I believe, without a doubt
The eyes reveal truth, Hate, passion, where the heart fails The eyes prevail.  
The World we live in contains endless beauty, though it's often obscured from the human eye. Acts of endless violence and unfair judgement result in mutiny, 
Ruby, rose, cinnamon and scarlet paint my body in dancing fragments of light as the sun closes her left eye and hugs boundless mirrors of sea,
how am I supposed to feel, when we live in a world where it's a crime to feel? when I was a little girl I was happy, I was bold, I held freedom, despite what they spoke.
The tide changes twice a day on most beachesA gentle push and pullBeckoned by the moons constant sway.
Here I am Locked in here with my thoughts, My mistakes making fun of me. Slam My memories have now joined the party. They torture me until, I succumb to sleep. The nightmares have more fun,
Tighten your tie my dear.  You're big day awaits.Its time to try outFor the corporate job you hate. Now,slick back you're hair.Put on your  glasses.It's time to cheatAnd lie to the masses.
Being born a drone stings. It stings with a distasteful feeling. Having a destiny that is kindly rolled out for you on a red carpet of despair. At least I know where I'm going.  
I wanna let you in on a little secret, I AM BATMAN, not Bruce Wayne, just one of two faces, Harvey Dent, caped-crusader of the night, dark nights, no sleep,
I claim you all mine, arrogant as Manifest Destiny. —Sandra Cisneros, “You Bring Out the Mexican in Me”   Apostrophe,
Don’t give me a look From the side of your gaze Unless you can smile at me With all of your face   Don’t whisper to others When I am not around  Unless those same words uttered
You...... You men are all the same Get what you come for and than leave And than what am I supposed to do ? How am I supposed to get up and start over? Your all the same Using me and pretending to care
 You're my strength, My weakness, And everything in between. Your look, Your touch, Your kiss, Your gentle whisper. My senses are enveloped in every way. You adorn me as I adore you. Yet your mind is what I crave.
  -Another day, another step,-Another minute, another breath,-She forces herself to push just that much further, -She gets home and locks herself in -Her bedside holds the weight she lets go of, -gripping her locks as if her hands are sinking into
Speak Let it be known Open your mouth  Before its all gone The time is here Pucker up and kiss oppertunity And hold back nothing Using words of nudity Screw what they think
I can't live without it. It's been with me all of my life through every emotion  and feeling. At every stage. On every stage. It lets me express myself  in my own unique way.
Nothing is for sure, yet emotions and affection almost define it all, it is you, to climb and fall, a mountainous path behind your braw, to doors that dance a timeless ball, opening for those your mind has flawed, and help again like binded laws,
I am the queen of what ifs Sitting on throne of could've beens My fears are my loyal subjects Escorting my dreams to the gallows My ambitions are now prisoners To my court of procrastination
Cold blue water at my feet, wading through the waves. Glancing down at my hands, hanging at my waist.
(I would step outside before looking in)   In the end you will find  Only the witness as he stands   Open, bare to the world  Among it, of it, a part   And the whole of each and every
I could live without almost everything  In fact, I could leave whatever you would ask me to, but my mother Cliche I know But she is the one thing I absolutely can not live without
All I need is all we need For I am not separate from the whole I am not detached from the array of pieces.   All I need is a world full of centered souls A world crawling with warmth, radiating with heat.
Let the tumble weeds fly let the Lillie of the field die I cannot move any farther all I need is Him,   as though the pain is not enough my head is swinging because life is tough
I had a dream  It was like Martin's  It was a glorious dream  filled with smiles and cheer  I had a dream  It made me happy  it was better than i thought 
Cracked lines grew from my feet and scoured the grounds. The land was dead, and the skies were unforgivingly black. Like a thief,
I know why the caged bird sings. First comes the panic: An invasion of the heart takes place. Faster it spreads, with each locked door and
A Droplet - A Concoction of BrineFlows from the Foreboding;A Hansel of DistressA Signal of Fear.Swivels and SwervesCreeping and CrawlingClink Clank against each StrandDripping from Down Under;
A million swarming voices,A thundering, roaring crowd,The silent scream of reason,Deafened in the noise.  
If a wilted Lilac smells of Marigold, does it retain its identity? If an Antirrhinum sprays itself with the perfume of an Ivy, is it forever faithful? 
 Judging Eyes,Eyes that pierce the soul,Eyes that take a look into the very being,In which I am. Eyes that look upon me,And mock me.They mock with such impuaty,My eyes begin to weep. Weeping eyes,Eyes that water seeps out of,like a trickling creak
All I am is my music All my music is who I am I don't write it to get famous I write it because I can When I was to afraid to say it It is everything that I've felt It reminds me of the good and bad
The green and blue was once so iconic. The days of love and saftey too soon became chronic. A brown hue rolled in. Only the ones blinded by money continued to grin. Foreknowlegde gave the blurs a clue.
Soft. Quiet. Kind. Loving. She was a little girl. A shy soft spoken child, Scared to speak out. Scared to tell her thoughts. Scared to be herself. She sat alone at lunch.
There's a river I know, in the land of the dead, where many call home, and others may dread. There's a city I know, where the parties are gold, where the liquor is silver,
Somehow I always end up at this road I just keep driving I drive until my soul starts to fold Every time you leave my body is shivering It gets colder than cold And I know it’s not right
 O sweet coffee, I adore thee, Providing energy for tough days, I hope the day never comes when we have to part ways.  
Your words whisp’r allure, They beck’n my retrace. My eyes, how they wander,  Seek solely your gaze   Deep canyons before me, Owned by ripples darting quick Met by a smile wry
We, the humans, a species clothed in grey, Powerful at birth but mundane with age, Forgotten magic, lost in the race, Slaves of our own hunger.   What a prison, this world is,
My mind of youth, days of past so confused so deluded. Unknown grounds rocky roads, departed souls. Entwined in a world of poisonus minds, Life's trap door tryna fade the pain..The pain of life, life's pain plan.
Like Puzzle pieces. They are as precious to the writer as legos to a child.  A concept, some organized nonsense you dreamed up,  brought forth,  given shape. Naive, complex,
I've always been the type of person who insists they don't need anything. Depending on someone or something has always been shameful and embarassing. I have never seen the merit
All I really need is me.   Just me. I am not conceited. I am whole.   If you were to remove me from society
I live in a world full of deaf people With nonsense parents always unaware While their child cries up in their steeple They neither hear nor do they even care   A time of life, a time of truth
I’m the ugly brambly bush I sit in the dead field With all the dead grass I’m surrounded by weeds And no gardener dare tend me  
I am good and kind I am a brother and a son I want to be successful in life I am happy when everyone is happy I am a hardworking student
Weeping Willow, stop your crying, Look up, now the sun is shining. You leaves will turn brown, your sadness will spread. For dark, evil thoughts are stuck in your head. Desire to grow has disappeared
When I Perform My spirit takes the world by storm.  The curtain opens and I ascend up into the clouds. I transform into a beautiful being. Bright and loud. My heart thunders up in front of a crowd.
The stars on your arms Reveal the heart You wear on your sleeve. For if every star is every wish Of which your heart was truly dreaming, Then the constellations upon your body
Image by Moses L. Garcia   Blackness, blackness Swallow me whole The tears have not come yet But they will soon be here   The raw, the hurt In this darkness Dimly lit
It’s hard for me to focus sometimes This ongoing ringing in my head, almost like a chime My mind is going a mile an hour And at the same time trying to have a balance of power It’s hard for me to focus sometimes
I sat silently, both feet on the dash,  The windows let in a  hard breeze and it tickled the tips of my outstretched fingers.  The farmland seemed  to fly by us as if we were the 
Lunch time he is there throwing food at me.Before school he is there stabbing me with a pencil.In the bus he is there choking me with a sit belt.At the park he is there giving me that dirty look  In my dream he is there giving me nightmare In my l
  When I arrived he was gone- my stomach vociferated in harmony with his (hello hello hello) soul I tried to close my eyes and trace the throat of his fingernails and when I arrived, he was gone.  
7:36- my alarm goes off and my eyelids are cement walls that are being pried open by a mother who’s only reasoning for doing so is ‘because i want to’
where did you go? I thought you said you'd always be there I guess "there" was unspecified you forgot to add "at my convenience"   so where did you go? did you find another person to mislead?
6 Feet Up wear a golden, studded, shiny Crown. 6 feet down nothing but Muddy, Stinky, Rotten ground.
I swear that I would never forget Your form quietly returns to space What else can I do besides avenge you?  
Massive extinction of species Are hurting you and me. They call them “Red in the tooth and claw.” This makes a question for the law.
Twelve scores ago  Our Fathers created our home It used to have thirteen rooms, Now it has fifty It was a place where some can be free
A vain bird flying- full of hopes yet flightless In the midst of nowhere in the skies she searches For a life she has to live; For her own kind of air to breath.
The gun fires and instinct takes over as I attack out of the blocks, a mighty grizzly hunting my prey, powerful arms swinging 
Laughter drips from our mouths, like honey, sweetening  the room   The sporadic rise and fall of my chest
I was four when you  first became sad. Mom says that’s why you came to live with us.   The doctors call it depression.
My skin, the cover of my soul’s pages, is soft leather binding, knitted together  by the Expert Craftsman, protecting secrets from            
There is no winning  in this war with myself   Weapons drawn from every direction gun loaded bows ready
I met you on the road of Longing, As you took me hand in hand, My heart burst with love wide open, And so our journey began.-   "My Kings, my life is yours, I have lived to this moment for you,
  Holding silvers and golds into place on your neck, Keeping notes and to-do lists on a refrigerator in check.  
Although things couldn't get any worse, I realized that my fragile heart couldn't resist the harshness of this world any longer. Though the vastness of freedom in the universe was at my reach,
Depression..Do you know what it feels like?Here, let me explain.You're submerged in a deep crepuscular ocean.
Troubled and tired and did not know what to do Confused about religion, pleasures and promises of the world Looked for answers for my dying soul and a place to rest because I felt so blue
nothing ebbs out, nothing surrounds, it does not consume but devours, it is disease, it is darkness, an army of hatred,
The words you have to say The feelings you can't shake Fear will tell you, "Wait," Because Fear is not afraid She does not hold back or quake She does not waver or make mistake Fear knows what she does
Life is stagnant nowMisplaced is how I feelMy heart churning 
Can I speak to you?Can I perhaps pontificate feelings that are stirring in the cavity of my broken upen chest?The center of my soul that has been beaten and torn down by the words and the hurt and the retrospective judgement of my past self.I apol
Like the cool breeze, the years flow. Along with the memories, I watch them go. Day by day, I write in my journal, letting the memories, by pen, show.   My love for the past will never end.
She was beautiful Brighter than the sun And she was precious the boy knew she was the one   Beauty queen, you know her type, big city dreams A girl that is up all night  
Too tall for her age, slightly chubby with a hint of orange Shy words but harsh thoughts “Such a sweet face she has” Stuck in her own bubble of rejected desires
Don't you go fret now hon The kingdom where children go hand in hand Blue glistening oasis in the sun The perfect wonderland   unrealistic hope obscure dreams in the mind
In a graveyard, you’ll find there’s a girl. An angel from another world. She built her walls, she made her stone, the concrete angel had a home-
How do I get rid of the fear and pain,The agonizing, yet numbing shame?I want to feel happiness, not tears,But how do I get there from here? I want to get rid of these stormy clouds,Let loose from the unstoppable doubts.I want to spread love and c
A shot of colors blare into the blackened night The sound of firecrackers blinding us from reality. Once the people from the big star in the sky,
When I use words to explain my depression, I use those of others. I claim to be a writer and yet I become so certain that what I have is too little.
What I am What I have become For eighteen years I have become The product of those who live, Those engineers, unaware of their invention Unaware that every word, every look,
They say it's a time for us to learn how to live in the real world,  But really it's a time for everyone to quarrel,  They say it's a time to get a high school sweetheat
Lace weaves around her limbs like a Black Widow’s web. A serpent in the grass... She watches the funeral procession pass from the church window.  
You trudge through the daily life, budge through to make a life   Try to say goodbye? It doesn't work that way you've come this far just to dig your grave?   You're smart.
Walking down Bryn Mawr, it doesn’t even matter if it’s late at night, the cat calls echo off dents in vans,
Its sitting in the middle Of a rustic forest day by day Dead leaves suround it Hardly no sound comes out of it  
Write your own life story it'll be easy Just write it in under 650 words But don't make it too sad or too happy Make sure there's struggle and triumph Try to include humor
                              We are champions, the battle was won.                                 Victory, victory is going to come.                               Competitions wonder how we did this.
  I do not remember when it happened. I cannot recall the precise moment when I lost interest in coloring books and playing dress up.
As I laid down to sleep I had a nightmare. I was brought to a world that I could not bare. People treated so badly, it truly wasn't fair and the ones who could change things, were the ones who didn't care.
Pain brings the saddest days or the happiest moments Pain of sacrifice is more bueatiful then a childs pain turned into a starlit lotus If you lose pain you lose focus
I am a cannon about to explode A screw about to come out A bullet to the heart A broken shell   I am a stick of TNT lit at both ends
it began with a spark lightning struck and i fell in love  the fire blazed uncontrollably  flames and i danced wildly untaped untrained untamed but free   Then they came
Cu cu cu cu and it is not the clock. It is my head trying to find out who am I. Driving a tractor and plowing the lands. Bringing the fruit of our homeland. Who am I you might ask?
Whenever the clouds Of pain and sadness loomed, Whenever the eyes drowned in tears, Whenever the beating heart got scared, I asked it,
Wonders. That is all we are. Constantly wondering to something new, something wonderful, something different. Something that is not us. We use things to distract us, music, writing, the tapping of a pen, but I cannot distract myself.
We are our own suns. Wait, I take it back. You are mine.   Your mind casts a light upon mine, so that my vision is spotted. it puts me at ease, yet it tortures me all the same.
I’m afraid I live without seeing What I see is only white noise White noise, a rooted ceiling The ceiling trusses will be destroyed
Let the grind begin, There seems to be no way to win. From school, to sports, to homework, Their parents are hiding the knives and forks.
People body shame people. Why do they do it? Do they have other things to be worried about? This world is full of mindless delinquents
Maybe it wont last that long, Or maybe our reationship will stay strong. I'm guessing you feel the same, But don't worry,you are not to blame. This is just the start,
I hear a sound of little tiny feet although said foot is not yet setthese decisions I've yet to regret the clock tics forward unrelenting in speedthe people grow furious driven with need
Light of my life, Light in the dark, I wish that were true. You would never let me look up, But now I have
As I sit in front of my computer watching some short animation,it occurs to me that for days, weeks, or some longer duration,my mind and with it, conscious thought, had been on vacation;
I asked you, my friend, to meet me at night And hoped against hope that we'd be alright. On that day I stopped watching myself fall; Despite what you think, I remember it all.
Lost I am a lost soul, a helpless child. Depression controls me, while death waits for me. Every second I dream of my demise. I die in silence because my screams hide behind my laughter.
Suicide. Fake smile. Dry eyes. Scratched Wrists. Bruised thighs. White pills. Rope tied. Gun loaded. Suicide. They say it’s a permanent solution, to a temporary problem.
I called a thousand times last night But you were never there I wore my voice out crying But I know that you don't care What happened to the kingdom We built from blood and ash
The cannons resound.Their deafening ringing smothers my voiceSilences my questioning thoughtsLeaves only the orders I was given.  
I am a person. I am a person who has come so far. I have fought in a war that involved no weapons Only thoughts. I have battled against evils that only existed in my mind. And I know that I am not alone.
Independence is. Independence is finding a place. Independence, is losing hold of what reality existed before. You’re hiding inside a tight locked case. And why? Because you want more. More approval,
A statue of metallic human shape, posessing life and tongue of silver shine. Adept and witty speech of gilded shine, observant voice that no one could escape. For praise, it sings of glory sans mistake.
I am the silence that you do not notice When noise fills the room I am the one who listens and watches As where others would act I am the observer who decides what Action is needed and what is not
My life is like a multi-colored retractable pen, and the multiple colors represent different types of moments that once they happen, they’ll be written into my memories.
Under surveillance I polish the way I move Try to look busy in order to be ignored Approaching me anyway He sits very close to me
 I am Clay And though all clay starts the same: Muddy, shapeless, lame, From the ground I have been formed into Me.   I always wanted to be happy So I changed my shape sometimes
  When darkness clouds in, my faith is deterred, Fog and despair surround me, my vision blurred, Turning to and fro, finding nothing in the night,
I am not one or even ten things I am not the flesh that stands before you Or the span of my wings I am no answer to the question “who”  
I am malleable every "stern hand" that's hit, left a dent, but never broke the skin   My tissue is made of copper and my bones are steal. I may be
I Am Dancing By: Mads   I am dancing. I am captured by the tango. Dark red lit shadows conceal my face. I am ballroom grace
I am the breath of a whistle: the soft pitter-patter of a drizzle. I am the tears that flow in night, the laughter in early morning bright.   I am crumpled ideas thrown under beds:
Never can a sentence be clear and honest, Without punctuation. Punctuation is the guide of the sentence, the reader’s compass. It reveals the writer’s plan, aiding communication.  
how long do you leave a soul outand let it go coldbefore you throw it away? food for thought people for food 
                                                   I am... Elizabeth /[əˈlizəbəTH / n.                                             A female with sky blue eyes, full of the
I am an ocean. I am far deeper than I myself know.   Even the best words will never be sufficient to describe the swells that I feel within myself, the swells and currents beneath my surface,
I am a Kindergartner Listening to words Singing songs Learning my colors Happy with the world I am a kindergarten   I am a third grader Meeting new people Playing Pokemon
Pages Pages of a story Is what I am. I am the crisp sound of paper sliding from one page to another. I am the smell of the book as it slowly ages And smells like vanilla. 26 letters unafraid,
Fumbling Through Who I Am   Sometimes I wonder "Who am I" Am I just a person hiding behind a mask Pretending to be someone I am not Am I playing a dire game by doing so 
I Am:   Aqua. Sentient, Tranquil, Yet a storm on the inside; Raging under moonlit waves- Sometimes,
"Would you consider yourself to be a fighter?" A fiesty, runty, redhead I was. From the day hair sprouted on the top of my head to the day I shook my principal's hand and recieved my diploma.
When I was a little kid I was afraid of the dark. I dreaded bed time everynight and when finally forced to turn off the lights , it took me two steps to get from the light switch, all to the way to my bed.
When I look in the mirror Everything becomes clearer  Knowing that my flaws couldn't be nearer I try my best to look past them But I am no gem Trying to compare myself to others
Muscles                                                                     2 weeks is how long it takes for me to give up on my workout plan 1st, I’d take “before” pictures,
I remember the first time I got angry I ran from the kitchen table through the living room and to the foyer where I tackled my sister. One time, I bit her because she was annoying me.  
I am a stripper! Or at least that's what I will be, Spending hours breaking my feet. Working all night just wanting to sleep. Dancing around for society to see. It was all because you defined me.
Jazsmin jaz - man     noun      f  1. A blossoming flower that will always keep growing She silently developes within the faith of her blooms
I am a lover of communication, But I am fearful of how it may seem. I am a fan of old fashioned oration, These things are important to me.  
Brighten as the stars shall my mask be In a dark room is the other me Humble but yet tumble Fighting through my soul to be strong Letting all my emotions through a song Behind a mask shall I be
  I am a seed I am planted and nurtured, carefully tended as I grow, there is no knowledge of what I will become, a beginning awaiting I am a flower
I love me,I want them,I love her,I want him,I love fire,I want ice,I love naughty,I want nice,I love you,I want us,I love love,I want lust,I love he,I want she,
Smoke fills  the sky Abandonment is the definition of city Can we all find a way to forget depression If we don't It'll eat us alive Trapping all of us inside What happened to the sunny days
In the silent night The streetlights shine so bright Beautiful shades of red and orange ,glisten in the water More fiery than a lighter. It defines how I'm a writer.
Life is short and my time will soon be up, Death was approaching and my next breath could have been my very last, The mountain seemed too steep to climb, But the time was now, the time to persevere,and the time to strive.
School, Where you have the right to fail but criticized, School, Where the pressure builds up like clogged water pipes, School, Where you’re labeled and segregated from other individuals,
Mind floating through the cosmos The allure of the unknown entices me below the surface with my eyes closed wondering why does my mind feel what my eyes can't see coal under pressure is what created me
Mile marker seventeen passes without word, as all the others have. (and as all the rest will).   To any outside observer I am a point on this dark highway a flash of light into the black
I Am Me.  Not one word defines me,  not one simplicity of the words man has made defines who I am. I am a Hispanic American citizen.
She was as beautiful as a red rose in the wind. When she twirled around and spinned. I would see her walking in the hall, too nervous to ask her to the ball. But, one day I manned up, I asked her too a movie and she said, "yup."
For many years I was "crazy" Labeled by ignorant adolescents Who interpret sadness as insanity. But how thoughtful they were  To inform me of my worth. They were so goddamn funny,
She walk into the room head high smiling On the inside her head is curled like a turtle. She walks prideful shoulders back, chin up To keep the tears from falling. She’s often complimented
I'm losing count of how Many days it's been. He's happy, I'm happy, Or I was. He sickens me. He darkens me. He's hardened me. Tossed aside for lack of change But he has changed me.
Needless to say,  I am a two-way mirror,  Dappled and smudged  But I couldn't be clearer.    My mind is a puzzle  Locked in a dark room,  Assembling itself  So that it might bloom. 
I am the layer of ice over the lake that keeps me amphibious. I am the frown that I can feel on my face. I am the gnawing sadness inside the space between my brain and my skull.  
Hard to hate when he’s liked: A million reasons to keep fighting but he justs sits. Thoughts that scream in his mind but stay mute to the one he claims he loves. Why does he do this?
School, an institution that focussees more on tolerance than intlligence. A monetary sinkhole which provides a service to the growing youth. Many claim that education is instilled; however, the youth stare blankly. 
I Am... the face of my city.. I am... a visonary. I am.. the novel of my people.  Each page, represents my people.
I am not Chad I am jaob Fox I once thought i was chad I was not chad I always looked up to him as a dad He was more academc than my dad   Turns out he had He had a fad for engineeing
The ache I have for you starts in my finger tips, 
And it rattles my bones,
I have made you my home.  Oh, what a move that was made that September night,
I never would’ve guessed,
That it could lead to this. Maybe we’re the moon and the ocean,
She dances through the sky,with the sun shining bright. Glorious and Graceful and much like a kite. She sways in the wind to her own tune
Don’t tell me you know me, you do not I’m not part of a stupid stereotype I’m a person, the same as you So kiss my ass you’re not my type  
I  am discilpine and determined  I wonder how successful I'll be in life  I hear the beauitful birds singing along with me  I see the amazing sunsets almost before my bed time 
Naked newborn Crying in pain Nothing's the same I don't know where I am All I know is the sting  
Here in this lime lined, green field A battle is to be fought without mercy, without yield. Two platoons of a baker’s dozen each.
I am the blood I am the sweat I am the heart beating The heart breaking The earth shaking… That’s me.   See who else could be there? Standing like an ovation
Boxes of wood and iron Each crate tells its tale Some wrapped in red, others draped in blue Some set upon sail, others to fly  
Watching a mammoth glacier As it moved slowly across the blue and red seas A ship made of gold and myrrh Set adrift to follow the breeze.   Its body was pure snow
The once was a lovely maiden Whose face shined like steel and silver She was just a hallow shell seen by many men Iron thorns cover the inside of her.  
I cannot be (eventually you will tell the world the secret of how you started as an angel but as you realized how beautiful sin appeared
I got you but I even tripping on it, stopped the swper ro swiping go and call me dora the explorer firefox motorolla I lov you cause you go an take me over cloud 9
There once were three mice Summers, Simon and Tice And all day long, they would hunt for quail Through fog and rain, snow and hail.   In a straight line, they marched as one Up and down the marshy run
No longer a clean blank sheet, Scribbled on by everyone. Reckless hands crumpled my page And tossed it into oblivion.   No longer a treasured book, Branded nonessential.
April. I am April. You will probably never meet me. You will probably never see me. I am just a rose petal in your world of 7. billion people. A rose petal. I am a rose petal that has ambition. I am a rose petal that has strength.
Year after year, the same leaves don't die. The same people never stay but their memories remain.
I awoke to the sounds of laughter and rushing steel To the smells of baking sweet To the feel of lacquered wood To the taste of candied cherry wheat   But when I opened my eyes
I could pass an hour telling youwhat’s wrong with me, delving into every nook of my weaknesses, every cranny between my ribs. I could pass a day, if
I am a dreamer. My mind is a playing field My goals are the starters, As my oppositions take the bench. But sometimes they get up No longer rooted They get a chance to take part in something
I am a piece of Art not a piece of beauty not piece of meat not a second guess  Art is I molded and formed for nine long months
There was once a little girl who was queen, And lived in a world where the sky was pink and the moon was made of cheese! There was no concerns for that little girl who was queen,
I Am…. Human Female A twin A single organism broken up by my DNA. Hundreds of tiny cells each creating my image.
The mirror only knows how to say "You're unique," in the worst way, The fairy tale bodies of crinkled magazine covers always implied a happy ending, But this, is
You were the ray of sun that shone through my window with the early light of dawn and I merely the speck of dust drifting by caught in your luminescence Illuminated by your glow, feebly dancing to catch your attention
I am my variation of being, solidifies my vessel:  breaking boundaries of self indulgence. Fixating on false beliefs. Trapped within words never spoken, but so clearly understood.
I am the cosmos Projected through blood, bone, grit Sweat, tears Love, pain   I am abyss The darkness Emanating from light Absorbing peace, order   I am flight  
I am poems are a thing of the past, right? We did these poems the first Friday of seventh grade back in 2010. It seemed so childish to write things about our lives when no one would really listen anyways.
Who Am I I am a turtle Who's quiet and shy I am a dictionary Who knows every answer Who am I I am a mighty lion Strong and brave I am a great friend Here I am here to save the day
My name is Daniele, spelled with one “L” instead of two because I was born weighing one pound, eleven ounces, and my parents decided to select a unique name for a unique baby.
Fiery, never a follower  Fiery, never a follower -Always LEAD with your WHOLE HEART -Anything worth doing Is worth being the BEST Don’t look down on all 4’11’’ of me because I
I grew up in a very sheltered home. My parents were protective, caring, and loving.
did you think to say "free my brother" while he was doing his dirt gang banging,drug slanging,and selling that work you never thought to say  "free my brother" of the chains he's bound with
Some days I'm happy and bouncing off the walls. Some days I'm sad and don't want to leave my bed. Some days I wish my emotions would let me be. Leave me alone. Go away.
I Am Me By Nereida Reyes  I am a lovable person, a brown skinned Mexican of an independent family, an adolescent girl that is honored.
I am Loud, I am the sound of a bolt of lightning on a stormy day I am the sound of an internal conversation about fireflies and the endless questions of the universe
I am caught From the moment the sun is set ablaze And the twilight skies blush pastel The smell is unmistakable, As smoke dissipates through frigid air We burn passionately,
People are like rain, but I'm only a rain drop. He's a hurricane.
Life is a traveling circus, new experiences all around. People may look strange, or come off a little odd. It might seem scary to try different things. But joining that circus,
Before you make that face Let me bring you in You know articulate? Hopefully I gave you that feeling
He noticed me and picked up a brush; he is his canvas. He was missing a few stripes and wanted to fill them in. Black streaks fly across the painting; the strokes looked almost skin like.
Love is a burning red flame. It sounds like snow falling, and tastes like sweet chocolate. It smells like a million roses; it looks like a wild child with a wide grin.
What potter molded your clay? You stand so tall and mighty. Your roots run deep, and your colors change as the seasons do. You battle storms. No matter how much you sway, you always stay.
Sick world
Sick world
You could define me in many ways Artist, basket case, dreamer, hypocrite, athlete, student, introvert, curious, a mystery. I am none of these completely, but I am all of these to an extent.
I'm a soldier back on the battlefield today As I rub my fingers together I feel the callouses from my weapon That carried me so far, gave me a name Because that's all I am here, a name
I am the mind inside the body that you see I am one human in 2015 I am one animal on planet Earth I am one with the universe I am two eyes looking out into space
I feel like I'm drowning in acid, But while I'm melting for you I still try to smile. During this metaphysical breakdown, all of our memories I try to compile, To extract from the quicksand of my mind
YOU   You are the one that my mind will not stay off of; you are the one whose smile pimples cheeks nose eyes I cannot stop staring at; when our eyes
Seventeen: Ten thousand voices grab me and swing me through the Autumn air as I try to figure out how I got to this college campus.
From birth, life was a rocky sea, Full of waves: ups and downs,
I’ve got more than enough under my belt, So why do I have to keep adding notches? What I consume for profit, Shouldn’t make me broke. Or make my stomach implode. Should It?
I sat outside my house, to avoid its inside        and be alone to think. I like to think        you see. I like to understand.  The clouds decide to join me, to be part 
Pause.  Let me say how I feel and I will resume with a smile on my face 
I am coal, gritty and black,put under thousands of pounds of pressure- a mind that decidedthat happiness would be too easy, a parent that decidedloving me was too hard,
You who touched my heart and now gone Made me crave and for you yearn when I was fear-manacled and did mourn. Sprinkled on me your love, yea My prize and all I hold dear The reality of my dreams
 I am the waves hitting the sand, When the sun has come to its end And the stars and moon are the only light, Calling out for the suns warmth again    I am the one who holds life that is unkown
A soul painted, painted in many layers.
I am not a normal girl They tell me it not real I am not a normal girl I know how I am feeling I am not a normal girl They told me its just a faze I dont unndestand I am not a normal girl
                                          Waking up to the sound of nothing
I am The Ballad A song that must be heard A voice that must be discovered An unforgiving tale of woe With soft beginnings Happy, quiet beginnings That shines upon the world
Younger me, was full of life, my future stuck in a bag, in my hand lay the knife. I stabbed and I poked, I tried only to find, that the knife lay dull and life was why. Sharp objects I searched for,
The pump squeezes more of the fluid Crimson in appearance It is a soft thing The heart beats soft But a machine is a machine And a heart grows cold without a soul
I do not know where I am going The people around me say I should stop But I'd rather die on the way to my goal Than on the side smelling roses.
I am me. I am crazy. I am quiet. I am loud. I am not popular. I am content.   I am me. I am my playlist. I am my grades. I am small mind. I am a great mind.
What am I? asked the rabbit, nimble and swift,
I am an essay. I am a delicately carved, yet actively changing piece of work. Hours I spend carefully synthesizing ideas to create a perfect blend. I need help. I need peer edits,
I am a flame. A silent thing. I can keep you warm, or destroy your whole world.   I am a piano key. A little thing. I can help you create beautiful music, or throw the whole thing off.
Who am I? Well to answer your question I must first answer the question of what I am not
Even though the shattered mirrors reflect a broken person scattered and young,
...I awaken with death sloshing in my mind...   I am washed up again on a liminal shore Where gloaming and dawn converge To wage their perennial war  
It's inside us all lurking in our shadows. It's an unidentified monster  and it's coming for you. With its claws and fangs it's ripping you apart  from inside out. 
I am strong -er than I was before Curled up, shaking, on the floor. Panic attacks that would make me weak.
Recalling my first biology lesson  it smells of the sawdust that dries out their skin
Lightning illuminates the night sky Her husband answers in his thunderous voice Two lovers old as time Fighting once more
She's beautiful yet destructive, confused with what her purpose is. 
The color of intensity Running through our veins   Deep beneath the surface The emotion sill remains   Passion is emerging Burning fire you can’t hide   Roses begin to blossom
  I Am. I am misunderstood, forgotten, and broken. But still a beautiful spirit waiting to be awoken.
She had a mouth full of metal Spent her nights running from horses and riding her days after dreams
My beautiful bird.
Poetry is about making your audience feel.
It's not easy 
All colors fade to grey.
Caramel-toffee mixture,
  Are we really free? Is everything meant to be? All these questions and no answers No definite answers only indefinite prayers. Thoughts running longer than fathoms Explicit and hard to fathom
I used to be terrified  Of what others used to think.  I used to be terrified  That I was meant to sink.  I was scared to swim Against the familiar waves. If I floated with them,
            I am what I am. I am the climber who digs in when the slopes get steep. I am the guide who chooses this rough course. I am the hot sun beating down upon the mountainside.
The story of my life Told over and over
I have a pair of foreign shoes
And you ask me: "Who I am?"...
I am not defined by the box i check,  I am not 'that girl'  I am not defined by the curves of my hips Or the rhythm that rides my lips.  I am the mountains I've climbed, 
Her words were as sweet as honey, And her smile was even sweeter. She would always help those around her, No matter who or what the situation was. She always praised others,
All my frustrations, they leave me feeling numb.
The Truth is that im fire , a hot breath in my own desires ,i am my worst enemy a knife that cuts deeper than any sword , the truth is that i am power a burning need to surpass my own limitations,but in realialtyi stare at a blank canva and see a
BY GWENDOLYN BROOKS And if sun comes
Unless you're at the zoo, the elephant in the room is a metaphor.
You can be very quintessential, very superficial, and very temperamental; but, I love you and the way you look tonight.
Time is the wind in this storm A storm for both my body and mind My life is frozen, but time still runs Unliving, but faithful Unconscious, but consistent
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