I will be vegan

Not because it is a trend on social media

Not because i think its some fad diet

But because i know the horrors of our world,

Even when media won't show us

Because my religion finds cattle sacred, i refuse to consume any part of them

Because i know what happens in commercial animal farms

Because there is no such thing as a humane way to kill

No matter what any one says

Because our ancestors originally ate plant based diets

Because to be as strong as an ox i don't forget where they get their nutrients, 

So i will get mine at the same place

Because our planet is dying, 

I refuse to make my carbon footprint any larger than it is

Because i care about more than animals as a vegan

I care about our water,

You know the diminishing fresh water polluted by corporations

I care about world hunger,

Because we produce enough grain and vegetables to feed everyone, but it's being fed to livestock that will die in a few days

I am not saying that animals have less value, but i think the starving children need the food more than the overabundance of meat for your table

I care about the rainforests, 

Because most of the time they are being cut down for commercial ranches, not for homes

Because in order for people to have their beloved bacon cheeseburgers, other species lose their habitats

I am compassionate, even when people don't deserve it

Because no matter how ignorant mankind is to our world's problems, i still refuse to hate

I care about the wildlife

Because they should be free like we are, they should have their natural habitats

And they should have their family units

Because for once we should heal our ecosystems instead of destroying them

I care about our health as a species, and even more i care about my own health

Because my risk for heart disease went down, my risk for cancer, my weight decreased, i am healthier than i have ever been

I care about peace,

Because our wars are over nothing, natural resources, greed, corporate corruption

Because my country has elected a racist, child-like, celebrity, chauvinist pig as president

Because i can feel a large war coming because of our decision, he is not my president

I care about rights,

Yes i am a feminist, i believe no one should be less than another

I stand with black lives matter

I will stand with my brothers and my sisters until we win

I will stand until i cannot stand any longer, and even then i will stand 

I will protest for LGBT+ rights because it is my community as well

I will stand for animal rights

And for any movement that is morally right

I care about our planet,

Because i live on it

Because it is still beautiful, but i want to help it become even better

I am a vegan

I will be one until i die

I will not consume the products made by animals

I will not consume products that are manufactured in places that are unfair or unethical

I will not stand idly by as my planet dies

I will uphold my religion, and my beliefs

Because i am a vegan and i will not change

Not for anyone

I will not force you into my ways, 

I will not force you to listen to the facts

I will not force you from your ignorance

I will stand for my cause, for my beliefs

Even if i stand alone

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world