We live in this world and aim to survive,
We think selfishly and live through our pride.
Money is something on everyone's mind,
We want money, but we never have time.
We go to college working with blood and a sob,
We get the job done, yet we don't get a job.
Test are taken only with words and a choice.
We are determined by score, but not by our voice.
Experience should be gained, but not with a book,
We should practice our major, not by by text but with a look.
It's not enough to be the smart one anymore,
The more people you know, the more you score.
You maintain the best grades and you hope and hope.
You choke on a test score and you fall off that rope.
We then go on our lives and your look is what matters.
We've become vain, when other people are much sadder.
They walk hours and hours just to find a drink,
Oh but we have it bad, that's what everyone thinks.
We have the basic needs to survive and that is all we need.
We have it all to plant that seed.
We are never in deep thirst or in deep hunger.
Like those people who have to search longer and longer.
For things that are easily accessible to us.
For them, walking miles taking hours is a must.
Oh when they get what they need they know what true happiness is.
They never take anything for granted and just barely live.
For we get mad when things don't go our way,
But that's how it is for them every single day.
The world is in ruins and it needs to be fixed.
We cannot avoid these problems and have them dismissed.
Every problem has a solution and it is up to us.
If we rise and take action, this world will be better, I trust.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

go on and preach

you spoke your mind with full sincerity and truth

we all go through struggles-it's what we do that will give us that drive to achieve greater

excellent poem-keep writing

Lizbeth Anahi Ibarra

Very well written!
Keep writing !!




So very true. Wise words, well written.


Very true!! This touched my heart.