Relationships and What They Should Be

Fri, 09/22/2017 - 21:26 -- jservin

They come and go too often

Especially in these years

So people far and wide should know

What they should hold dear


They should talk and be thoughtful

And lighthearted and fun

They should think and dream

And walk and run


Love is patient and kind

Not kind of patient

Every moment, every thought

Should be stationed


With the intention of furthering

Mutual goals and hopes

And desires to be fulfilled

Not to hold together with thin ropes


Made of pity and greed

And selfishness, no

Everyone should agree

That those feeling need to go




Control, power

These are a danger

To those of us who believe

that we mean more than some stranger


Distrust, envy

Ego and hate

Power hungry

Will never sedate


The anger, the rage

The self-debridement not so vague

The carelessness, the overthinking

Not necessarily, but sometimes drinking


No one needs this

Only they can stop it

No one deserves this

Only you can help it


Help them to see

What life and love can truly be

Because I love you,

I’m not asking you to be with me


I’m asking you to take a look

And ask yourself if you want a crook

Or a bully, a cheat or anyone else

Other than someone that helps you better yourself