The Paradox

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 21:41 -- Jemma1


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United States
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I am a Patriot.
My American flag flows freely and presides prestigiously over my front lawn.
I am a Patriot.
An African American who loves her country and hopes that one day she’ll see that love reciprocated.
I am a Patriot.
For me the constitution is the solution to all questions regarding our justice system.
So I am a Patriot.
But segregation and discrimination are destroying my county’s reputation and I won’t have it.
I am a Patriot.
Unjust laws and societal flaws are the cause of this corruption and you continue to allow it.
But you are a Patriot?
You stand by as my people cry out for equal rights in a country that our forefathers predestined.
But you are a Patriot?
I commit these so called “crimes” in these unjust times to protest the injustices that take place.
So you say I’m not a Patriot.
I take my punishment willingly. I don’t fight back while you smack and shackle me
And yet you say I’m not a Patriot?
My utter respect for the law mixed with you sheer neglect to see its flaw
Sparked my journey to correct this problem
So I am a Patriot.
You hold us back from innovation; you decline my invitation to bring America into a new age of cooperation!
Are you sure that you’re a Patriot?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the title speaks for itself in this descriptive piece
there are many contradictions and unjust that continues to occur in this country
stand up for what you believe in and keep fighting-i agree with this poem 100%
continue to write


I genuinely appreciate the encouragement


There are those who just don't know better.

I'd say, wait for it.

They'll learn.

But you're braver than I could ever be.

You teach them yourself.

I admire you for it.


Pretty good except where is there still social injustice based on ethnicity? Oh yeah, Deming New Mexico, where being an anglo-american is hell.


Oh btw my dad, who is a ginger-white guy, got screwed over by the justice system completely and utterly. The justice system is broken, but not for the reason you suppose. There is social discrimination, but the discrimination is not based on skin tone, but wealth.


Very good poem


Great read.

The first  few lines really reeled me in.

thumbs up!


Well written poem.I am  very sympathetic

to the meaning of this poem.



Very well written poem.I am very sympathetic to the meaning of this poem,

Jan Wienen

It is not what a person thinks he is, but the way but the way he lives moment to moment.

It is not what you say or think, but how you love your fellowcitizens.

I love this country because of all its people.

Thanks for your insight and reminder ...