Outer Looks


college station, tx
800 marion pugh,1606
United States
30° 35' 43.1556" N, 96° 20' 18.0204" W

Once upon a time people lived in peace

And everybody's sadness came to cease

But now all of this is gone because now

People judge you for being who you’re

They don't even know you, they judge you from far

They start giving you this weird special look

They judge by what they hear maybe by what they read in a book

They ask you who you’re, what are you doing here?

They put some space, they don’t want you to be near

Why do they think, that you want to be away

Leaving the only place you know, where you learned all your ways

You make a wish every day to be back where you were

Where your real home at, where people really care

Miles and miles of ocean separating you and who you’re

Where you can truly be yourself, where nothing’s bizarre

Surrounded only by people you truly love

Where people know that God is always above

Stop judging people from how you see them


Maybe they will have a better person than you think within


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