New president, New change

New, President New Change

Donald Trump is not a Scum, he did not become a president to have some fun.

He is a man of faith,yet also ridiculed for his honesty,

He believes in American Exceptionalism, but also committed to education.

The Liberals have been known for there un- participation, but that's OK!

because there plans will be under termination.

Yes across the mexican border he's building a wall,

to keep Illegal Immigrants from drug Trafficking, No Drugs?, No High Crime Rates?

so build a wall up, it will be better for us all. 

You ask me what america needs to be Improved on?

I think America is coming through Strong, In your Opinion you May think I'm wrong,

But with our New President, and New change it won't be long to keep out country

Great, Beautiful, and Strong.

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My country
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