Life is Evitable

What if I am mortal?  What if life is inevitable?


My spirit is me.  Man is trash.  I, however, am

not rubbish.  I am not man.  I am spirit.

But what if death is unavoidable?  Is life unavoidable?

Death could be just around the corner, and life

could be a thousand miles away, but it can’t be the

other way around.  Death isn’t a choice, but a destiny,

one we are all destined with.  Life isn’t an option,

living is. Then, what is the alternative?  That’s the issue.

Death is inevitable and living is a choice but how we

die and how we choose to live is ours.  Our decisions.  

Our preferences.  

I shall fall in love passionately and endlessly until it ends.

I shall live until I die and my insides leave me, just as those

of my past relatives.

Although it may sound paradoxical, or even

ignorant, I shall live my life forever or die trying.


This poem is about: 
Our world