The Invisible Cinderella

Miss Cinderella, the invisible girl

Had a tragic curse that makes you whirl.

It happened when a witch came

and became jealous of her fame.

Then, laid upon her a curse and

Misfortune that won’t ever be braked.


She lived in a house with a mean mom and sisters

Who bully her until she blisters.

So, all she did was sit in her room

With a long list of chores to do.

Except there is a flaw yet to be seen

That only appears when there are more chores to clean.

Then when they are done, she isn’t seen.

Sure, just leave the chores and be free.

But the witch had more evil in the curse for the girl

Because there was a forcefield and a twirl

That only appeared when she was done with her chores

So, she could never leave her bores

And be forever left in that house with more chores.


Her mom or sisters won’t even remember the little bean.

So, she sat and cried.

All she could do was whine

And pray one day she would be seen.

It is sad because she was beautiful and sweet

Who dreamed and dreamed to be seen.

Until one day, she left her room

And went out to the city to buy a broom.

Then, a handsome man came to her and spoke.

He said she was the one and to later elope.

They planned to meet at her house to leave

Which left Cinderella happy as she can be

Until all her chores were cleaned.


She left in a hurry with a smile on her face

Ready to leave the tragedy in that place.

However, she goes to meet the man

And there was sadness in the land

For the man forgot her and never showed

And Miss Cinderella was upset and forever moaned.

For this was the most upset she could be and later left

to her miserable room to sweep.


Bergenoute Abbott

I just love this poem.

they should put this out

on social media to help prevent bullying.


Thank you! It means a lot.